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Season 2

26 Sep. 1985
First Day of School
The school season starts again and each one of the children faces it with different emotions. Cliff and Clair, however, are enthusiastic at getting the house back to themselves during the daytime.
3 Oct. 1985
The Juicer
Cliff warns Rudy not to play with his new juicer, but the machine's fancy gadgetry eventually proves to be too much of a temptation for Rudy and her friend, Peter. Cliff finds out and suspects that Rudy is responsible. After Clair prods Rudy's conscience, she admits the truth and is assigned to help Vanessa - punished for not keeping an eye on Rudy, as she had been told to - clean the resulting mess.
10 Oct. 1985
Happy Anniversary
It's Russell and Anna Huxtable's 49th anniversary, and the Huxtables observe the occasion with a classic impression of Ray Charles' "Night Time is the Right Time."
17 Oct. 1985
Cliff in Love
Sondra and Elvin break up, again, and Cliff and Clair tell Sondra to consider calling a boy that her friends say would be a good boyfriend to her. When the boy comes to the house, Cliff interviews him and falls in love with the guy.
24 Oct. 1985
Theo and the Older Woman
Denise's friend Susanne comes over to write a report on what a large family deals with, but Theo uses the occasion to try and impress her but ends up making a fool of himself.
31 Oct. 1985
Vanessa has a boy/girl Halloween party at home. Cliff takes Rudy and her friends trick or treating.
7 Nov. 1985
Rudy Suits Up
Rudy enters into pee-wee football and despite Clair's fears she will get hurt, leads her team to victory after being nicknamed Sweet Feet.
14 Nov. 1985
Denise Drives
Denise earns her driver's license and finds a car that she loves and plans to plunge into her bank account and clean it out just to buy the car.
21 Nov. 1985
Clair's Sister
Clair's young sister arrives with news of her finally becoming engaged. Clair lets her know that married life won't be as simple as she thinks.
5 Dec. 1985
Clair's Toe
Cliff and Clair challenge each other to a "smooth" contest to see who'll be the best-dressed for a function. Clair has to find how to win when she breaks one of her toes.
12 Dec. 1985
Denise's Friend
A friend of Denise's comes to see Cliff about a personal problem she's had for a month and hasn't told her parents about. Cliff and Clair test the kids to find out if they would come to their parents if they had a problem.
2 Jan. 1986
Mrs. Westlake
Theo's math teacher, Mrs. Westlake, comes to the Huxtable house after Theo takes a math test, so naturally, he thinks he "blew it."
9 Jan. 1986
The Auction
Clair discovers that a painting by her late great-uncle is going to be auctioned off. She decides to bid on it and make it the family's again at all costs.
16 Jan. 1986
Vanessa's Bad Grade
Vanessa tries to hide the fact that she got a D on her report card from her parents. Denise and Vanessa get into a battle royale because Vanessa took one of Denise's sweaters.
30 Jan. 1986
Theo and Cockroach
Theo and his friend Walter decide to listen to a recording of "Macbeth" instead of reading the actual play. Cliff picks a snowball fight with some neighborhood children.
6 Feb. 1986
The Dentist
Peter has a toothache but is afraid to go to the dentist so Rudy goes with him. Meanwhile, Cliff tries to hide the newspaper from Clair because she won't let him sleep when she reads it in bed.
13 Feb. 1986
Play It Again, Russell
After an example of not so great trombone playing at a Jazz club gig, Russell needs to get it together quick because the next time is his career finale.
20 Feb. 1986
A Touch of Wonder
While driving in her car with Theo, Denise has a fender bender with Motown legend Stevie Wonder's chauffeured limousine.
27 Feb. 1986
Full House
Cliff finds it almost impossible to have a quiet day off at home with the kids and their friends in almost every room of the house.
13 Mar. 1986
Close to Home
Cliff's associate Dr. Morgan stops by to help plan a fundraiser but, behind his smile, he is harboring the pain of a serious family issue.
20 Mar. 1986
An Early Spring
Theo's math teacher goes into labor early, causing an important Math test to be postponed, much to the delight of Theo and "Cockroach". Rudy learns to ride a bike.
3 Apr. 1986
Theo's Holiday
Theo's confident when he's 18 and moves out on his own, he'll be able to get a job as a model and make a lot of money; the family puts him to a test to see how well he'd make it in the real world.
10 Apr. 1986
The Card Game
Cliff's Pinochle partner cancels on him, so Cliff asks former Hillman professor to sit in and help finally beat his father and his buddy who cheat. Meanwhile, Theo buys his girl a ring.
8 May 1986
Off to the Races
Cliff's invited a former college rival "Tail-Wind Turner" to be on his team at the Penn Relays for charity. Cliff accepts, but is in for a surprise at the event.
15 May 1986
Denise's Decision
Denise keeps the family, and several potential colleges, waiting for her to finally choose a school to attend.

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