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4 Jan. 1987
Charles comes back after his summer trip to find that the Pembrokes are gone and that a new family named the Powells is now occupying the house.
10 Jan. 1987
The Naked Truth
Charles is surprised when a friend poses nude for an art class.
17 Jan. 1987
Feud for Thought
When Adam gets bullied by a neighbor, Charles and Mr. Powell have different ideas on how he should retaliate.
24 Jan. 1987
The Egg and Us
Charles helps the Powell kids with a school project; Walter dates Buddy's grandmother.
31 Jan. 1987
The Loan Arranger
Charles fears that his future is in doubt when he gets a letter in the mail saying that his student loans might be canceled.
7 Feb. 1987
American Teen
Sarah's writing is accepted by the judges in an American Teen contest.
14 Feb. 1987
Buddy Comes to Dinner
Buddy's visit to the Powell home turns into an extended stay when he twists his ankle.
21 Feb. 1987
A Fox in the Henhouse
Cmdr. Powell's old shipmate hopes to win Ellen's affection.
28 Feb. 1987
Pizza Parlor Protest
Charles attempts to save his favorite pizza parlor from the wrecker's ball.
7 Mar. 1987
Trade Off
Charles uses the principles of bartering to solve a growing family crisis.
14 Mar. 1987
Ellen won't let Jamie attend a movie with a boy.
21 Mar. 1987
Music, Music, Mayhem
Mayhem erupts when Buddy sells Charles a broken cassette player.
28 Mar. 1987
Buddy in Charge
While Charles is away, Buddy takes over his duties at the Powell house. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
2 May 1987
Isn't That What's Her Face?
Charles helps out a famous movie star who wants privacy when she attends college.
9 May 1987
A Date from Heck
Overprotective parents cast a cloud over Charles' date with an attractive girl.
16 May 1987
Mama Mia
Charles' mother takes the Powell children to a violent movie that Walter had forbidden the kids to see.
23 May 1987
Weekend Weary
Mrs. Powell orders Charles to have a relaxing weekend even though she's holding a yard sale.
18 Jul. 1987
The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery
Sarah accuses Adam of killing her pet turtle.
22 Aug. 1987
U. F. Oh No!
The Powell house is turned upside down when the kids and Charles believe that they've seen UFOs.
26 Sep. 1987
Twice Upon a Time: Part 1
Charles proposes to his former girlfriend, who is about to marry another man. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
3 Oct. 1987
Twice Upon a Time: Part 2
Charles' former girlfriend has second thoughts after she accepts his marriage proposal. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
10 Oct. 1987
A Job from Heck
Charles, already tired of having no time away from the Powell kids, is upset when Jamie starts working as a waitress at Sid's Pizza, his off-work hangout.
17 Oct. 1987
Baby Doll
Charles plans a party to introduce the new chef at Sid's Pizza Parlor.
24 Oct. 1987
Lillian Putts Around
Charles becomes ill when his mother dates a golf pro.
31 Oct. 1987
Her Brother's Keeper
Buddy and Charles teach a shy boy the finer points of a social life.
7 Nov. 1987
The Undergraduate
Ellen's married cousin (Kay Lenz) makes a pass at Charles.

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