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Season 1

3 Oct. 1984
Charles has his hands full as he tries to entertain his dream girl Gwendolyn who has come over for a date while also maintaining order in the house.
10 Oct. 1984
Extracurricular Activity
Charles encourages Lila to join the cheerleading squad and Douglas to join to soccer team and needs to boost their spirits when they do not succeed.
17 Oct. 1984
Another Saturday Night
Charles feels like he has to choose between Buddy and Gwendoline when they get into an argument about how Charles should spend his Saturday night.
24 Oct. 1984
Mrs. Pembrooke sets Charles up to show a cute girl who is interested in child care a day in the life of taking care of the kids. The same day, Douglas and Jason decide to have a war.
7 Nov. 1984
Cousin Elliot
When the kids' 'fun' cousin shows up, Charles feels threatened and has difficulty keeping control of the cousin's irresponsible ways.
14 Nov. 1984
Slumber Party
After a fight with Gwendolyn, Charles decides to take a night off from women because he can't understand them. Unfortunately for him, Lila is having a slumber party at the house the same night.
21 Nov. 1984
Douglas gets an "F" on his book report and Charles has to go to the school to talk to the teacher. He is in for a surprise when she turns out to be young, smart, and very pretty.
28 Nov. 1984
Trick or Treat
It's Halloween and Charles helps the kids prepare for the night. He also helps out Buddy who is lacking confidence over a date and wants Charles to 'accidentally' run into the girl and learn what she likes.
5 Dec. 1984
A Date with Enid
Douglas discovers love when he meets a strange friend of Lila's named Enid. He likes her the way she is and gets upset when Lila tries to give her a makeover.
12 Dec. 1984
Friends & Lovers
In an attempt to improve their relationship, Charles and Gwendolyn decide to see other people. This arrangement works well until Gwendolyn gets a date and Charles finds himself jealous.
19 Dec. 1984
Home for the Holidays
Charles plans to go home for Christmas are canceled so he stays at the Pembroke house where he has to deal with a jealous grandmother. Meanwhile, Lila gets asked out on her first date.
26 Dec. 1984
Accidental Puppy
Charles finds himself in a bind when he wins two tickets for a Bruce Springsteen concert and both Buddy and Gwendolyn want to go with him. He also has to deal with doing the right thing with a dog that the boys brought home.
2 Jan. 1985
The Commotion
Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke are fighting and Charles needs to get a term paper done by the next morning while avoiding the many distractions that the house provides.
16 Jan. 1985
Mr. President
The Pembrokes' irresponsible cousin Elliot has decided to run for student body president on campus. With Gwendolyn's urging, Charles runs against him in an effort to do the responsible thing.
23 Jan. 1985
Jill's Decision
Mrs. Pembroke gets a promotion at work leaving less time to spend time at home with the children and more responsibility for Charles who has a date.
30 Jan. 1985
Pressure from Grandma
Grandma Irene comes to the house while Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke go out of town and she tries to convince Charles to work for her in the lucrative business of selling pizza.
6 Feb. 1985
Snowed In
The Pembroke house is snowed in while Mr. & Mrs. Pembroke are at the movies. Things go from bad to worse for Charles when the furnace goes off and he has to deal with the kids as well as a group of Lila's friends.
13 Feb. 1985
Charles 'R' Us
Charles and Buddy join forces to start a new business venture that will have them screen potential live-in house helpers to be trained by Charles himself. Not all candidates are quite up to their standards.
20 Feb. 1985
Charles' Spring Break
Charles, Buddy, and Gwendolyn head to Florida with some friends for spring break but things get complicated when they are all stuck in one room and then Charles and Buddy are arrested.
27 Feb. 1985
The Wrong Guy
Lila is asked out on a date by a guy that her parents do not approve of and she must decide whether to go on the date and betray the trust of her parents and Charles.
13 Mar. 1985
Mr. Brilliant
Charles invites an old friend of Mrs. Pembroke's to the house for dinner but regrets what he has done when the guest turns out to be a condescending jerk.
3 Apr. 1985
Meet Grandpa
Charles and Buddy prepare to leave town for summer jobs while Douglas tries to figure out which summer camp to attend. An appearance from the kids' grandfather surprises everybody.

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