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Season 5

30 Dec. 1989
Summer Together, Fall Apart
Charles allows the children to make their own rules.
6 Jan. 1990
Get Thee to a Nuttery
After a near-death experience, Buddy considers becoming a priest. Sarah tries to become a cheerleader so she can be popular like Jamie.
13 Jan. 1990
Three Dates & A Walnut
Walter winds up with three dates in one night. Ruta Lee, Marcia Wallace, and Marlyn Mason guest star.
20 Jan. 1990
Out with the in Crowd
Jamie befriends a conceited girl with hopes of getting into a popular group.
27 Jan. 1990
There's a Girl in My Ficus
Charles' girlfriend (guest star Tiffani Amber Thiessen) tries to ruin his friendship with Buddy. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
3 Feb. 1990
Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded
Charles judges a beauty pageant in which his two girlfriends are participating. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
10 Feb. 1990
Baby Bummer
Buddy winds up baby-sitting a 3-year-old girl. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
17 Feb. 1990
Paper Covers Rock
Charles falls in love with a rock star (gust star Samantha Fox). Directed by series star Scott Baio.
24 Feb. 1990
Child Hoods
When Charles' obnoxious childhood friends come to visit, Charles begins to neglect the kids and Buddy to hang out with them.
3 Mar. 1990
Advice and Contempt
Jamie gets upset with Charles when she feels that he is trying to interfere too much with her life.
28 Apr. 1990
Daffy Doc
When Charles drives Buddy to a psychiatric hospital to do research, they hold him for observation and Charles must find a way to get him out.
5 May 1990
Buddy Flips a Disc
Charles gets revenge when a city inspector blackmails Lillian.
12 May 1990
Brain Man
When Charles and Buddy get tested for ESP, it is determined that Buddy may have it. Soon, he starts making predictions about what will happen in Charles's life.
19 May 1990
Don't Rock the Vote
Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Sarah (Josie Davis) run for student body president.
26 May 1990
Let's Quake a Deal
Charles (Scott Baio) takes on the task of teaching the children about earthquake safety.
2 Jun. 1990
Up Your I.Q.
Jamie gets upset when her boyfriend dumps her because she is shallow. So Charles does her a "favor" by allowing her to follow his sophisticated girlfriend around in hopes of getting him back.
9 Jun. 1990
All That Chaz
Charles (Scott Baio) takes on a whole new personality after he accidentally bumps his head.
25 Aug. 1990
Frankie and Mommy
Lillian (Ellen Travolta) considers marrying an old boyfriend.
1 Sep. 1990
Lost Resort
Buddy's identical cousin (Willie Aames in a duo role) lands a job at a Hawaiian resort.
8 Sep. 1990
Dead Puck Society
When Charles substitute teaches one of Sarah's classes, he gives them a project where he assigns her the cutest guy in class, who uses Sarah to do all his homework.
15 Sep. 1990
La Cage Aux Fools
Charles (Scott Baio) and Buddy (Willie Aames) wind up locked in a cage. Ben Stein guest stars. Directed by series star Scott Baio.
22 Sep. 1990
Teacher's Pest
Walter (James Callahan) takes a history class that is taught by Charles (Scott Baio). With Pamela Anderson.
20 Oct. 1990
Almost Family
Charles' aunt (Ellen Travolta in a dual role) may lose her business when she cannot pay her lease. With Scott Baio.
27 Oct. 1990
Seeing Is Believing
While picking up a cake for Mrs. Powell's birthday, Charles gets stuck in an elevator with an attractive woman. He is initially excited about a possible romance with her until he finds out that she is blind.
3 Nov. 1990
Fair Exchange
Sarah (Josie Davis) tries to help her relatives communicate with each other.
10 Nov. 1990
Charles Be DeMille
Charles faces a tough choice when he must decide whether to help the Powell children by directing their fund-raising play or to study for a test that will get him into graduate school at Princeton.

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