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  • Gary Holton died of a drug overdose during filming. He's still in the final scene in Spain on the ferry because he had filmed all of the Spanish exteriors but died in Britain during the filming of the interiors during the episode titled Hasta La Vista. Subsequently, certain things had to be re-written at the last minute. For instance, initially Wayne was supposed to get with Vicki instead of Oz.

  • Writers Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement never intended to do more than one series but the first series was so popular that the public wanted to see the characters return. After reuniting for the second series, it was planned from the outset that there would be a third series too, which would start with the gang working in Tangiers, and then go on to doing some work in Russia. But after Gary Holton's death, no one felt it was right to continue doing any more. But then years later, in 2000, Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy, and Kevin Whately reunited on stage in Newcastle for a charity concert in their roles of Oz, Dennis and Neville, and it was such a success that they all decided to revive it.


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