Airwolf (TV Series 1984–1986) Poster



Dominic Santini: Why can't we hover like regular helicopter people?

Dominic Santini: [after they've flown Airwolf into the Upper Atmosphere] Now, would mind telling me why the hell we did that?

Stringfellow Hawke: I just wanted to see if it could be done.

Michael 'Archangel' Coldsmith Briggs III: I may not be accurate about your location, but I can sure make an educated guess as to your destination. Can I assist?

Stringfellow Hawke: Yeah, you can feed my dog!

Michael 'Archangel' Coldsmith Briggs III: How'd you know I was - Sometimes, Hawke, you amaze even me. Good luck!

Dominic Santini: How come Archangel's "good luck" always sounds like "goodbye?"

Dominic Santini: Amazing! Behind that impeccable white suit beats a heart... of recyclable plastic!

Dominic Santini: Whatever happened to that flyin'-by-the-seat-of-your-pants stuff?

Stringfellow Hawke: Oh, that went out when designers started writin' their names on your behind!

Stringfellow Hawke: [to Nhi Huong, as he figures out the "American name" she plans to give her son] Stringfellow's no name for a kid like that!

Michael 'Archangel' Coldsmith Briggs III: Oh, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll just go stare at the lake.

Le Van 'Half-Pint' Hawke: I was so scared for you.

Stringfellow Hawke: They were no match for the Lady.

Michael Archangel: Come 'on Marlene; there must be something out here that desperately needs our attention.

Stringfellow Hawke: You know Half-Pint, How about coming and living with me? I'll make you part of the family, like Caitlan and Dom.

Le Van 'Half-Pint' Hawke: But what if your brother comes back, and it turns out he's not my dad?

Stringfellow Hawke: I'll be your dad.

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Dominic Santini: Why not let those people mow their own lawns, huh?

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