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7 Jan. 1989
Christmas Puddings
To prevent the Germans from getting it, the resistance will bring 1,000 kilo of explosives to René, disguised as 500 Christmas puddings.
14 Jan. 1989
Mines Away!
Herr Flick knows where the land mines are and, with Von Smallhausen, hides in them to arrest resistance members when they pick the mines up.
21 Jan. 1989
All Aboard
After hearing yet another absurd plan of Michelle, René has had it and plans to take the train to Switzerland with Yvette and the paintings.
28 Jan. 1989
The Geneva Express
Many mishaps on the Geneva Express where Edith, Mimi and Yvette want René and the Germans and the Gestapo want the paintings.
4 Feb. 1989
René and his personnel have to impersonate the Excelsior Quartet at the château.
11 Feb. 1989
Renewing the Vows
Monsieur Alphonse has proposed to Edith and René is scared he'll lose the café and the gold in the cuckoo's clock, so he decides to marry Edith.
18 Feb. 1989
The Big Flush
Michelle gives René the Enigma machine and tells him to put it in a wine barrel and throw it in the sewer where a British submarine awaits it.
25 Feb. 1989
Enigma's End
Because they have been unable to get the Enigma machine to England, the Resistance has thought up a plan to get some British Intelligence people to Nouvion.
2 Sep. 1989
Desperate Doings in the Graveyard
The Resistance is building a communication center in the empty grave of René's twin brother and madame Fanny announces she's going to marry Ernest Leclerc.
9 Sep. 1989
The Gestapo for the High Jump
The Gestapo wants to find the headquarters of the Resistance by pretending to be shot-down British airmen.
16 Sep. 1989
The Nouvion Oars
Von Klinkerhoffen doesn't trust the Gestapo at all and orders Helga to marry Herr Flick so she can keep an eye on him.
23 Sep. 1989
The Nicked Airmen
The British airmen have been captured by the Germans. Michelle has a plan to get them. So does the Gestapo.
30 Sep. 1989
The Airmen De-Nicked
Flick and Von Smallhausen are interrogated by the general for impersonating army officers but released on the orders of Himmler - thanks to Helga. A party of intelligence officers are visiting and the Resistance plan to hi-jack their car,steal their uniforms and that way infiltrate the chateau to get the airmen out. Rene and Edith are the reluctant 'intelligence officers' but the plan works fairly well until the couple find themselves handcuffed to the airmen whilst the key to unlock them is in Berlin.
7 Oct. 1989
The Crooked Fences
Herr Flick wants the painting to sell it to obtain money so he can flee. So do the German officers.
14 Oct. 1989
Crabtree's Podgeon Pist
The wedding of Ernest and madame Fanny is a cover for the plan to get the British airmen to England by barrage balloon.
21 Oct. 1989
Rising to the Occasion
Von Strohm, Gruber, Helga and Bertorelli call General Von Flockenstoffen to deal with a mad General Von Klinkerhoffen, who wants to blow up the town.

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