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Season 2

21 Oct. 1985
Six Big Boobies
Rene is annoyed when the airmen return and sends them away dressed as nuns with instructions to hide in the local convent. Edith,officially a widow,finds Rene's will,naming her as sole beneficiary,and sets out to spend his money on a new hat to attract other suitors. Flick gets Gruber,who once worked in an art gallery,to identify the original painting whilst the 'nuns' return and end up hiding in the piano.
28 Oct. 1985
The Wooing of Widow Artois
Because Hitler wants the painting, Herr Flick orders René to hide the painting, that's concealed in a sausage, in his kitchen.
4 Nov. 1985
The Poloceman Cometh
Dressed as a pantomime cow the two airmen narrowly avoid being milked before going to a landing field to pick up their plane home. Unfortunately all the plane does is drop by parachute an intelligence officer called Crabtree,who poses as a gendarme and mangles every attempt at the language. Von Stahm and Rene meanwhile have to stop the train from reaching Berlin as it is carrying the sausage which does not contain the painting. They plan to blow it up and blame the Resistance but fail to do so and the train passes them by.
11 Nov. 1985
Swiftly and with Style
Flick comes across Michelle by the roadside,lying in wait for an ammunition lorry which she plans to blow up with a detonator disguised as a bicycle pump - however Flick mistakes it for a genuine cycle pump and blows his car up. Another escape attempt is to be made for the airmen,this time in a balloon and silk knickers are vanishing from the village washing lines to provide the material. Rene explains that the knickers are actually providing the material for Edith's wedding dress,as she has agreed to re-marry him. Monsieur Alphonse,who is already wooing Edith, is ...
18 Nov. 1985
The Duel
Whilst the balloon is ready for the off the cowardly Rene tries to duck out of the duel. Gruber,who is in love with him,offers to take his place,whilst Von Strohm and Geering plan to kill Alphonse before the duel can take place. However the plan is thwarted when Hitler,having discovered that there was no painting on the train,orders Flick to arrest the culprits, whom Flick knows to be the German officers. Rene,therefore,is forced to take part in the duel.
25 Nov. 1985
Herr Flick's Revenge
Michelle saves René's skin and his reputation by telling Alphonse that he is an heroic member of the Resistance. Alphonse thus has too much respect for him to kill him. However Rene is in drag, which gets him more attention from Gruber. Flick has imprisoned Von Strahm and Geering and also captures Rene, planning to torture them to reveal what happened to the painting. Fortunately Von Klinkerhoffen stops him as he has more influential connections than Flick in the German high command. The airmen are taken to the balloon dressed as mourners in a fake funeral for Madame ...
26 Dec. 1985
The Gateau from the Chateau
The balloon crashes and the airmen end up back at the cafe,disguised by moose heads. General Von Klinkerhoffen assumes control of the whole area, thereby making many enemies. The Resistance hate him for obvious reasons but Von Strohm,Geering and Flick also feel undermined by his presence. Therefore,at a party he is organizing to mark the Kaiser's birthday,plans are made to kill him,involving poison - in the pill by the till in the jug with the drug - and dynamite hidden in a birthday cake - the candle with the handle in the gateau from the chateau. The poison actually...

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