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Big-budget flick good for a few thrills.
Hermit C-229 April 1999
Made when Marilyn Chambers had some real star power in the adult film world, this was an ambitious movie with a big budget. But many a porn auteur had tried to make that great flick that will stand up to the legitimate films and failed in the attempt. This one doesn't make it either. In the end, fans will judge it as usual, on the sex action.

Marilyn plays an aspiring country singer willing to work hard to make it big. She's not averse to sleeping her way to the top, since as far as she's concerned, that's doing it on her own terms. Her scenes with Herschel Savage and with Tom Byron and another guy are personal favorites.

From the acting standpoint, the show is stolen by Lisa De Leeuw, who by this point in her career was one of porn's best thespians. She plays a boozing, over-the hill singer, and sadly, she was beginning to look the part a little. But it made for a good performance and she could sing better than Marilyn as well.

This movie was shown in its uncut version, in one intended for the Playboy Channel and such, and even a tamer version for networks like Showtime. Guess which one I'd recommend.
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Very GOOD!
hamptony2k28 November 2004
I really enjoyed this movie from the concept that you can take out the porn parts and enjoy a good movie. Naturally we see Marilyn's "Ivory Snow" soap box in the laundromat! Lisa Delaeu was also very good as the washed up singer. I just really enjoyed this movie. Very good scene with John Holmes at the end! This really is a pretty accurate movie of how music singers COULD sleep their way to the top. I don't know if it is a popular thing, but I'm sure it could happen.

For being a movie in the "Golden Age" it really does stack up well against the videos of today. No fake tits, but the acting makes up for it very well... I give this movie a 10!
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Worth Watching for Chambers
Michael_Elliott2 December 2016
Up 'n' Coming (1983)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Cassie Harland (Marilyn Chambers) is trying to break into the country music scene so she's sent out to open up for the legendary Althea Anderson (Lisa De Leeuw) who is now an alcoholic. Along the way there are plenty of men wanting Cassie and other ways for her to try and make it to the top.

UP 'N COMING is considered one of the better porno films from this era, although it certainly doesn't reach the same level as INSATIABLE. For the most part if you're a fan of the genre then I'm sure you will enjoy this, although there's actually a lot more plot, singing and that type of thing than sex. Now, don't think that Mrs. Chambers isn't involved in sex scenes because that's certainly not the case but some should be prepared for a lot of plot.

With that being said, this is certainly an entertaining movie thanks in large part to Chambers. I'm not going to sit here and say she gave what we'd considering a good performance but at the same time you can believe her in the part and as usual she's quite animated during the sex scenes. The one and only John Holmes shows up at the end so I'm sure you can imagine how things go.
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