Superman III (1983) Poster


Plot Keywords

kryptonite computer
high school smallville
villain high school reunion
fighting with one's self actor returns playing different character
redhead newspaper man
newspaper staff child's birthday
mime pie in the face
rescue from drowning scene before opening credits
scene during opening credits yelling for help
earth viewed from space newspaper photographer
newspaper reporter new job
penthouse apartment roman numeral in title
two word title roman numbered sequel
numbered sequel boy in danger
drinking shots drinking at bar
falling from height pulling tablecloth and dishes off table
tablecloth character appears on magazine cover
time magazine 1980s
supernatural power single parent
photo booth hot air balloon
ship automobile junkyard
olympic flame olympic torch
olympics pisa italy
telephone call wedding
check boy
field rainbow
blind man blindness
office hot dog vendor
german shepherd seeing eye dog
super computer secretary
diamond coal mine
coal miner coal
train subway
power outage punched in the face
axe artificial intelligence
missile rocket
jersey product placement
donkey lifting someone into the air
flying balloon
helicopter cave
golf club golf ball
redemption super speed
fight answering machine
acid burning junkyard
chrysler building manhattan new york city world trade center manhattan new york city
cafeteria hotel
diner gas station
oil leak map
oil field oil
ship captain bridge
disguise military uniform
pay phone celebration
fan mayor
convenience store fake drunkenness
drunkenness security guard
car accident snow
cabin rooftop
ski slope wedding ceremony
coffee church
heavy rain weather manipulation
convertible revolving door
accountant elevator
penthouse megalomaniac
megalomaniac businessman brother sister relationship
old friends reunited fight to the death
bar alcoholic
piano frozen water
lake firefighter
exploding truck explosion
fire ambulance
fire truck combine harvester
child in peril cornfield
paycheck small town
bingo police car
pistol photographer
taxi bus
dog typewriter
fax machine embezzlement
bank hot dog stand
roller skating phone booth
umbrella police officer
yo yo unemployment
man with glasses diamond ring
canyon alter ego
oil tanker olympic games
stock footage italy
leaning tower of pisa skiing
news broadcast colombia
computer hacker bowling
fraud chemical plant
newspaper owner computer class
welfare office flying man
subway train statue of liberty new york city
new york city kansas
grand canyon bowling alley
arizona reference to immanuel kant
perry white slapstick comedy
buddy comedy x ray vision
tragic hero tornado
robot woman picnic
laser beam falling from the sky
car crash bully
bank robber explosive
human versus computer third part
superhero based on comic book
childhood sweetheart weather
robot sequel
dc comics adapted score
mother son relationship acid
computer operator satellite
computer cracker motor car crusher
human alien millionaire
character name in title surprise ending

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