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  • Whether or not Clark & Jimmy's trip to Smallville would be a business expense is not explained in the film, that is, in light of the fact that Clark mentions he's doing a story on his high school reunion.

    However, if they'd flown then Clark wouldn't have been on hand to stop the chemical fire they encounter. On a plane, it would've been much more difficult for Clark to suddenly leave (he'd probably detect the fire somehow, say super-smell or his super-vision) the plane w/out anyone noticing.

    Then again, Jimmy & Clark might have flown to a major city near Smallville first & then boarded a bus from the airport to Smallville itself.

    In Superman IV, the new owner, David Warfield asks Clark why there were no travel expenses for him and he responds that he gets airsick which I assume he has said before since you never actually see "Clark" fly.

  • Not really. When Gus gets the composition readings from the satellite's scan of a kryptonite meteorite, there's an element that doesn't correspond to anything in Earth's periodic table of elements & therefore couldn't be reproduced in the lab. So Gus, probably thinking he'd be scolded by Webster, entered "tar" as the unknown compound. When the completed compound was given to Gus after being manufactured in the lab, it turned out to be "fake" kryptonite which didn't have the total effect on Superman they'd intended. Instead of killing him it altered his personality, which did have it's benefits, allowing Webster to begin his plan to control the United States' oil supply.

    As well, although this is not true Kryptonite, its effects are similar to that of Red Kryptonite. Red Kryptonite has numerous different effects on Superman. At times, in the comics and in the CW show Smallville, Red Kryptonite has altered Superman's personality in numerous ways.

  • It is either a continuity issue, or a different power, which it could be as we never see the actual beam going from his eyes.

    Also, Zod only had his powers for a brief time, he may have only had control to send concentrated beams of heat that were easily deflected. Superman had much more experience and control over his powers, at the bar he was angry and almost showing off by melting the mirror. In the bar, it looked more like big round heat waves hitting the mirror instead of the typical red laser beams.


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