Sudden Impact (1983) Poster


Plot Keywords

dirty harry criminal
rape victim police
revenge rape
press heart attack
magnum handgun serial killer
vigilante 1980s
elevator love
disarming someone fistfight
car chase showdown
shotgun machine gun
quick draw wisecrack humor
brutality blood splatter
blood vigilante justice
catch phrase maverick cop
brutal cop tough cop
tough guy one against many
one man army action hero
hero woman shot in the forehead
bar pet dog
sex fairground
mob hit physician
wedding banquet flashback
assailant hospital
siren wedding
reporter bride
gunfight lawyer
shot to death police car
judge armed robbery
cafe courtroom
revolver homicide
prostitute hostage
pot smoking panties
beating fish market
bare breasts nudity
las vegas nevada police investigation
target practice marijuana
foot chase fishing
police officer woman kills woman
shootout psychopath
murder of a police officer man punching a woman
golden gate bridge female psychopath
falling from height diner
corpse cold blooded murder
coffee chase
catatonic state car falls into water
beer bank robber
animal abuse ambush
urination woman shot
abusive boyfriend irish american
wedding reception uzi
unicorn sister sister relationship
santa cruz california painter
pacific ocean mobster
lesbian sex justice
hardware store greenhouse
garbage can gangster
gang rape college student
cadillac bulldog
boardwalk asylum
submachine gun .44 magnum
shot in the crotch female nudity
crotch grab female killer
irish american cop directed by star
san francisco california blockbuster
psychotronic cult film
cult director anti hero
famous line gay slur
lesbian shot in the head
limousine sequel
shot in the forehead post traumatic stress
roller coaster carousel
molotov cocktail art gallery
amusement park kneed in the groin
throat slitting detective
murder dog
artist hitman
organized crime merry go round
quadriplegic neo noir
post traumatic stress disorder crime boss
impalement violence
hit in the crotch surprise ending

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