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Mad mix of genres is a classic turn your brain off and enjoy film
dbborroughs20 September 2006
This film is not high art. This film was never intended to be high art. Its a popcorn movie and as such its scores at the top of the charts.

The plot of this gem has a bunch of women with various criminal skills thrown into prison during World War 2. They escape and proceed to head off to destroy a chemical lab in a well fortified valley.

What begins as a crime film, slips into a women behind film, then to a prison escape film, then a World War 2 secret mission film, onward into a western; there are ghosts, a James Bond spoof and everything you can think of except a musical number. This film almost (literally) has it all. And its all just serious enough to be interesting and silly enough to be enjoyable.

And whats a great film without some mind bending moments: the Japanese (I guess) villains all wear Nazi SS uniforms; the women all sport sunglasses and hair styles from the early 1980's, the prison guard tower spotlights are theatrical spotlights, the English dub has one of the girls a Southern belle and several of the men as dundering idiots. There's more, but I'll leave you to find it out.

This is the perfect film for those nights when you're not sure what type of movie you want to see. Its a low brow action film thats just meant to entertain, and thats what it does.

If you like exploitation style action films this is an absolute must see.

(A "sequel" is Pink Force Commandos)
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Laughed Till I Cried
Thespian-211 September 1998
One of the best worse movie I've ever seen.....didn't stop laughing once.It was like a cross between "The Dirty Dozen" (except it is with seven women) and "Enter the Dragon". The translation into English is what made it so great.
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Pure Genius
captainky19 May 2003
The dubbing of this film deserves an honarary Oscar. From the terrible choices of English words to the insults and even the odd accents, this film has it all. The kommandant of the prison steals the show with his fearsome speeches including berating the prisoners ferociously as "all-time losers!". Add to this 7 hot Asian babes all with their own special skill and a requisite Fat guy and... voila a cinematic tour de force. Lately this movie has been packaged as a Jackie Chan movie. This is a shameless sales pitch as Chan only has a small part in it. Nevertheless a true work of genius to be savoured.
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A cool and entertaining actionsploitation flick.
MonsterVision9918 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Golden Queens Commando" it's a very entertaining and charming actionsploitation flick, its a "Dirty Dozen" rip-off but made in Taiwan, produced by Joseph Lai and directed by Yen-Ping Chu, with Godfrey Ho and Li Fu as writers, this film was as entertaining and action packed as you would have thought a movie with those names attached to it could be, it's superior to most of Godfrey Ho's work, which this film its often compared to.

The best part of the film are the action scenes, they are fun, cheesy and crazy, quite bloody and memorable, but that doesn't mean that the action scenes are the only good part about the movie, it has a very good soundtrack, sure, the music its taken from other movies, but they use it very well here in a memorable and riveting way.

The characters are very interesting and set this movie apart from your average exploitation film, the film has a sense of humor to it as well, something kinda of rare in these movies.

I would recommend this one for those who are looking for a crazy and entertaining actionsploitation film, lots of cool scenes and funny moments that will have you entertained.
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Great fun! Fast Action! I laughed and laughed....
pooh-1511 September 1998
One of the most humorous movies I have viewed for sometime. The pace was just right to keep the laughs coming.......the translation was great.
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