Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
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Why This Is My Favorite Star Wars Film:

Author: Ethan from United States
27 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In preparation for the release of the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I took the opportunity to re-watch the Original Trilogy and refresh my memory. After going through the trilogy, I've decided that Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars film. Why? How could it be? The Empire Strikes Back was a masterpiece! Here's why: This film brings a spectacular finale to the Star Wars saga as we knew it (It wasn't going to be for another 30 years until we were going to expect any cinematic continuation of this storyline.). To simply put it, this film was a great ending.

This film contains the best dialogue in any Star Wars film I've ever seen. The scene I am referring to specifically is the one when Luke surrenders himself to Darth Vader and urges to him, as his son, to try to reach for the light side of the Force that he once possessed. Prior to this scene, all we had known about Vader was that he is the father of Luke and is a former Jedi who turned to the Dark Side of the Force to spread his reign of evil and power over the entire galaxy. That's all we knew so far. This scene captured the tragic character that is Darth Vader. It added depth and so much character history to the man behind the mask in one simple interaction. It spelled out the (dreaded) prequel trilogy backstory of Anakin Skywalker in few words.

Should I mention the lightsaber fight? Like Empire Strikes Back, the film's cinematography was beautiful; the contrast of the bright, colored lightsabers to the shadowed, black silhouettes of our heroes and villains always gives me chills of excitement. I'll always remember the moving camera shot that heightened Luke's enraged domination over Vader; that fight was the most intense of the Original Trilogy.

I don't understand the hate on the Ewoks; I love them. The point of the story was that the heroes were to befriend the local population of Endor (it could have been any alien species that just so happened to live on that planet) to help them finally defeat the huge organization known as the Empire. Any alien population, so why not make them look like ugly, cute, bipedal shih tzus? I wasn't bothered by Ewoks at all.

Overall, Return of the Jedi provided beautiful closure for a saga to be remembered for decades, and perhaps for all of human history.

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A fitting end to a wonderful trilogy

Author: Dario Vaccaro from Italia
25 January 2016

Every movie addict loves the original "Star Wars" trilogy and many of them consider it the perfect three-film experience. I'm totally okay with that, although I can't say that "Episode VI" is as good as its predecessors, which is fine considering how good the previous films are. "Return of the Jedi" is one hell of an entertaining experience, but I think it lost some of the genius in the writing to deliver a politically correct ending to an overall family friendly saga. Awkwardly enough in this movie there are some of my favorite scenes in the trilogy (the revelation of how Luke and Leia are connected; the showdown with Jabba's crew; the epic fight between Luke, Vader and the Emperor) and some of the worst (the introduction to Jabba's palace; the Ewoks), and still every scene feels like it needs to be there and (just like its two predecessors) like it is essential sci-fi adventure film. For all the cheesiness and plot-holes that can be there, "Star Wars" is one of those cinematic miracles that you love no matter what rationality induces you to think, because art works exactly that way, more on an emotional level that on a cerebral one. So, I can't rate "Return of the Jedi" as high as the other two films, but with the note that I love it just as well.

Despite its flaws, "Episode VI" gets you just as well. 8/10

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The most emotional and powerful, but also the weakest and silliest.

Author: bscrivener-50810 from United Kingdom
23 January 2016

Return of the Jedi is a 1983 epic space opera/space fantasy film directed by George Lucas and is the third and final film of the original Star Wars trilogy. Return of the Jedi once again takes us back into the amazing world of Star Wars and continues the journey of the franchise's beloved characters. However, unlike the previous two which are considered two of the greatest films of all time, Return of the Jedi has a few flaws which unfortunately hold it back from continuing this impressive trend. While it does have arguably some of the most powerful and emotional moments of the original trilogy it also has both the weakest and at times even silliest, the main target for this are the infamous Ewoks which has divided fans, as a personal preference I find they add little depth too the story and at times are the cause for scenes to feel unimportant, unnecessary and often stall the movie, as well as the far fetched third act battle which adds my disdain for them. Another of Return of the Jedi's flaws is the inclusion of a second Death Star, which never seems to have the same weight, intensity and fear that the first injected in the Rebels and viewers alike, and primarily serves as the Empire's base rather than an actual powered battle station. However, many aspects in Return of the Jedi do succeed for instance the film once again expands the beautiful and fascinating galaxy of Star Wars also the hugely powerful final confrontation between father and son and finally the jaw-dropping battle sequences in the third act. The first act also shines through with a brilliant conclusion to the cliffhanger at the end of Empire. Many of the same brilliant and iconic shots and scores are continued in Return of the Jedi. However, again unlike the original and Empire a few shots and special affects do nowadays seem dated. Overall, Return of the Jedi is a brilliant and emotional end to the original trilogy-but not hugely satisfying due to the more immature nature of the Ewoks and the stalled pacing of the second act as a whole. Certain aspects and exposition of the disappointing future prequels did seem to seep into Return of the Jedi at times, but generally they do not hold back the movie and is still a thrilling adventure to be viewed by all. 7/10

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Action packed, snazzy end to the trilogy

Author: hoxjennifer from Canada
22 January 2016

An action packed end to the original Star Wars trilogy. The gang attempts to rescue Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, who also takes Leia prisoner as his personal slave. Luke Skywalker then confronts Darth Vader in a final battle, with an ominous warning from Obi-Wan to keep his feelings in check lest he be vulnerable to the pull of the dark side of the Force. The fight scenes, acrobatics, visual effects and Princess Leia's outfits all step up their game in this last instalment of the original Star Wars saga. Little furry Eworks native to the moon of Endor steal the show as adorable little fuzzy teddy bear- like creatures that hilariously worship C-3PO and attempt to roast Han Solo & Luke on an open pit. The last instalment is a lot of fun, dramatic to watch and provides a fitting end to the original saga.

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a good ending to the franchise

Author: harvey evans from Australia
20 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie provides a fitting ending to the trilogy.

I know a lot of people complained about the ewoks but I was a kid when I first saw them and I really liked them. I still like them.

I like Han's transformation to a responsible leader and someone who's prepared to risk it all for his friends (although he always did come back when his friends needed him). This time he officially joins the rebellion.

The redemption of Vader is definitely one of the highlights of the movie although I do prefer it without Hayden Christiansen added in at the end.

I prefer the original version of this to the remastered one. I don't like some of the changes they added in after but it still a better offering than what is at the cinema's at the moment.

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Probably one of the best movie of all time!

Author: Jose Fraticelli from United States
20 January 2016

In my opinion, best of all Star Wars movies so far, including Episode VII, which was very good, but would not consider it better than Episode VI, which goes par with Episode V. It's really hard to compare any other movie that can contain action scenes, drama, and unexpected turns better than this movie. I have watched it multiple times to the point where I know every line in the movie (also with episodes IV and V). Can't say the same for Episodes I - III, quite honestly they fall behind any of these 3, and also Episode VII, which felt like a remake of Episode IV for a new generation. Not bad at all, although was expecting a bit more original story.

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Not A Perfect Finale But Not A Disaster Either!

Author: CinemaClown from India
20 January 2016

The third & final instalment of the original Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi may not be as impressive as its revolutionary predecessors which at least had an interesting storyline at its core to fall back on once its visual encapsulation deteriorated in quality, as is the case at present, but it manages to cross the finish line before running out of fuel and is a satisfactory conclusion to the saga set in a galaxy far far away.

Set one year after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi finds Luke Skywalker & his friends teaming up to free Han Solo from Jabba's captivity following which they learn of another Death Star being under construction by the Galactic Empire, this time under the supervision of the Emperor himself. With an opportunity to end the battle once & for all, the Rebel Alliance launches an all-out attack against the Empire while Luke & Vader confront for the final time.

Directed by Richard Marquand, Return of the Jedi picks up the story from where the previous instalment signed off but takes its time to get moving. The whole sequence at Jabba's palace is overstretched & is at times cringeworthy. Being the final chapter, the film still finds time to meander on moments that should've ended up on the editing room floor. However, there is some solace in the fact that the arc of every character is brought to a satisfying conclusion, even if it takes a longer route to get there.

The set pieces put forth by the production design team are more extravagant but the upgrades from one chapter to another isn't that big a leap, or at least it doesn't appear so. Cinematography continues to leave a positive impression with its inventiveness and the camera movements are a bit more energetic this time. Editing could've trimmed a few more moments to give its story a more compact structure & swifter pacing while John Williams once again delivers a fitting score that slightly enhances every moment.

Coming to the performances, the cast of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams & others return for one last adventure and exhibit greater comfort with the roles they'd been playing for a while. The input by Hamill, Ford & Fisher is in tune with what's expected from them while the character of Darth Vader continues to amaze, and the finale is a fitting resolution to his arc. The first half lacks the sort of excitement that was prevalent in the previous instalment but the film does make few amends in the next half to finish on a fine note.

On an overall scale, Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi neither has the freshness of A New Hope nor has the shocking appeal of The Empire Strikes Back and is definitely the weakest instalment of the three. A more coherent & tightly packed narrative in addition to a better pace would've resulted in a more enjoyable experience but despite all its shortcomings, it isn't entirely the disaster it was turning out to be in the first half. A scattered final piece that has its share of positives & negatives, Return of the Jedi may not be the perfect finale but it still bows out with its head in tact.

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Camp, Silly, but everything a fan wants :)

Author: Matthew Gamble from United Kingdom
13 January 2016

It may be the weakest out of the Original Trilogy and I'm afraid I have to agree, but I still liked some parts. Like the final battle between Luke and his Father, the Speeder Bike chase scene and the Starfighter scene, not to mention Leia in a gold bikini (Wow, what a body). But everything else, bleh… Boba Fett was wasted in this Movie, he say look cool and bad-ass, he was just rubbish in battle and was defeated much too easily without even trying.

The Emperor's acting was corny in a funny way, but went way too panto at some points and the fact that the Empire was overthrown by a tribe of Ewoks? What?!?!?! You mean, the Empire say Stormtroopers Armour that couldn't protect them from sticks and pebbles? Bullshit!

But Anakin redeeming himself was a tearjerker, even when we finally got to see him unmasked. Also, I think I can imagine how stupid Luke must have felt after realizing Leia was his sister..."STAR WARS! THE ONLY UNIVERSE WHERE INCEST IS LEGAL!! 8D"...Eww...

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The Best of the Series

Author: caseynicholson from United States
10 January 2016

As tends to be the case with a lot of movies for me, I disagree about the majority opinion of "Return of the Jedi". This movie tends to be looked down on as the worst of the original trilogy of Star Wars films. I find it to be just the opposite. This is my favorite movie of the franchise. IMDb ranks "The Empire Strikes Back" above "A New Hope", with "Jedi" coming in a distant third. I'd go in reverse order, arguing "Jedi" and "Hope" are better than "Empire", which to me just feels like an interlude between the two main films in the series.

That little bit of polemics aside, what I love about this film is that unlike "A New Hope", "Jedi" has a lot going on--the story is comparatively complex and fast paced. To me it stands out as the funnest of the three films, and also the best storyline.

But the real thing to love about this movie is the climax--Luke's confrontation with both Darth Vader and the Emperor. That showdown brings the entire six movies into harmony--and dare I say, the Force finally finds the balance that the prophecy foretold of (just through Luke rather than through Anakin--although perhaps Anakin did bring the could have quite the nerdy discussion about that).

I also like the spaceship battle scene in this movie. It's arguably the best of the original trilogy. And the Ewoks! I know they get criticized, but I think they're cool.

All that said, my scores for the first five Star Wars movies (having watched them all now, in preparation for "The Force Awakens) are: 7, 8, 9, 10, and 7. And, finally, for "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", I give a perfect 10. It and "A New Hope" are the best. I like them all (although, honestly, seeing those scores, I think I'd even put "Phantom Menace" above "Empire"), but "Return of the Jedi" takes the cake. Bravo, Mr. Lucas. Bravo.

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A great way to end the original trilogy!

Author: Prolox from Canada
9 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Travelling to Tattooine to save Han Solo who is being held in some kind of cryogenic suspension by the diabolical Jabba The Hutt, Luke Skywalker is accompanied by Chewbacca, Princess Leia, R2D2, C-3PO & some droids. After engaging in a battle to take down Hutt & his group, they return home only to learn from the rebels that the Death Star is being re-constructed with plans to make it more deadlier than it ever was before. Luke & Princess Leia then discover that they are actually brother & sister & that Darth Vader really is their father. In an effort to stop the dark forces, they travel to the forest located on Endor, where they attempt to destroy the force field around the Death Star that will allow the Rebels inside to destroy it, while Luke comes up with a plan to face his father Darth Vader in order to try & convince him to leave the dark side & help him try to take down the evil Emperor at the same time. Meanwhile Leia & Han seek the help of Endors prisoners, a group of fuzzy creatures known only as Ewok's to help take down the imperial forces.

STAR WARS: EPISODE VI - RETURN OF THE JEDI is a film that was met with somewhat mixed reactions from fans (at the time of the release & still today) after two really good movies that preceded it. While it is (arguably) not as good was the first two films, RETURN OF THE JEDI definitely does not miss by too much. In fact there is plenty here to satisfy fans of the series, especially for those who are first time viewers of the series. The film answers all the questions left unanswered that fans of the series had after the first couple of films were finished. The revelation of the other is finally revealed here, plus Darth Vader finally realizes the error of his ways at the climax & saves Luke by killing the very man who caused his downfall (The Emperor) & getting a chance to apologize & share his one & only father/son moment with Luke at the climax before he dies, in what I thought was a rather touching scene. The Ewok's while hated by many fans of the series, were pretty adorable creatures I thought, I didn't mind seeing them here & the acting is pretty solid & the direction by the late RICHARD MARQUAND is really good here as he is able to keep the whole story moving at a pretty fast pace & manages to keep plenty of interest with well thought out & well choreographed action set pieces & light sabre duals, there's plenty of action on hand here, everything from explosions, to physical battles & shoot outs, not to mention speeder bike chase sequences are all amped up to ten here. The Emperor is such a good villain here, that he is easily in the top ten greatest movie villains of all time, the guy is just pure evil! The Jabba The Hut creature is a really fascinating & well put together monster & will redefine the word "gross" for you & of course Darth Vader himself who is as menacing as ever.

That out of the way, I will admit there were some things I felt weighed this film down from the first two, the film really doesn't cover any new ground or advance the plot like the first two films did, the special effects creatures in Jabba The Hut's domain look almost laughably fake, in particular a blue elephant creature that you can tell is made of leather. The climax really just covers pretty much the same climaxes seen in the previous two, such as Luke & his father battling it out on the ship, the plan to utterly destroy the Death Star, the forces of good versus the forces of evil in a shoot out & the new characters introduced & used to good measure in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK are under used here, such as Yoda, whose death should have had a far more emotional pull to it than what it had here, I just felt the filmmakers & writers badly mishandled the scene, it just wasn't the send out for Yoda that I had hoped for. Lando Calrissian is another casualty in the cast of characters, while playing a big part in EMPIRE, he is seemingly left on the back burner with nothing to do. It's almost as if the writers got stuck on trying to figure out what to do with him, or just forgot about him while writing the script, in fact I think it's fair to say that they could have written him out of the movie altogether & it wouldn't have affected the story at all.

All in all, while it does have it's flaws & while it (arguably) could have been better in a lot of area's & while not as good as the first two, RETURN OF THE JEDI is a welcoming addition to what has so far been a really good series & a perfect send off to what has to be one of the greatest science fiction, action, fantasy series of all time. Followed (storyline wise) by STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS

***1/2 stars

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