Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
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13 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Spectacular finish to the Star Wars saga.

Author: deepthinker566 from Wheeling, WV, USA
10 June 2010

After watching A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, it's time to watch the final chapter of the Star Wars film franchise, The Return of the Jedi.

It stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, David Prowse, Frank Oz, Anthony Daniels, etc.

The Empire is more than halfway through construction of a new Death Star - almost twice as big, but more than twice as powerful. When completed, it will spell certain doom for Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and the Rebels. Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is a prisoner of crime lord Jabba the Hutt, and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) soon finds herself in the gangster's hands. Luke Skywalker, aided by C-3PO and R2-D2, makes his way into Jabba's palace, hoping to secure his friends' freedom. But the Hutt has no intention of doing so and tries to kill them all. After escaping from Jabba and the sands of Tatooine, they regroup with the Rebel fleet, which is massing for an attack against the new satellite battle station at Endor. Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) is pressed into action to lead the Rebel fighter attack, while Han is put in charge of a group of soldiers to take out the shield generator protecting the Death Star. Luke, however, surrenders to Vader's soldiers on Endor, and is taken in front of Vader's boss - the Galactic Emperor - on the Death Star for final corruption to the Dark Side of the Force. The fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers ambushes the Rebels, cutting them off. Worse, the new Death Star begins turning its giant laser on the Rebel carriers. It appears that nothing will stop the Empire's triumph - unless things start to change quickly.

I thought it was a great end to the Star Wars series.

But in 1999, the story took itself back into the beginning with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and ended with Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

So far, I'm finished with the Star Wars original trilogies, and there will be more reviews in the summer.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi gets 10 stars.

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26 out of 42 people found the following review useful:

It All Comes Together

Author: Brian Washington ( from Los Angeles, California
16 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the film that pretty much answers all the questions. One thing that I did notice is that it dealt with the theme of redemption. Luke pretty much wanted to redeem his father's good name and at the end Vader regains his humanity just in time not only to save his son Luke, but to destroy the Emperor, the man who cost Vader his soul. I also liked the scene in the film where 3PO summarizes the events of the previous chapters for the Ewoks. This also helps to tie everything together as far as the saga is concerned. Also, even though many have called this the weakest film in the trilogy, it still has enough of a story and great special effects to put it on a par with the previous films.

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13 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

The end of the Star Wars Saga

Author: mjw2305 from England
3 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Return of the Jedi is certainly the most action packed of the series, and is a fine conclusion to the Star Wars Saga. With Han Solo imprisoned by Jabba the Hut and the Empire building a new Death Star, the rebel alliance is facing an uphill struggle against the dark side, and only our favourite heroes can pull it off.

The Opening sequence, set on Tatooine, we see Jabba's palace, a pit of slavery and scum, and new home to Han Solo, as Luke and the gang prepare for his rescue, and with Luke's Jedi powers, they have the edge.

We also witness a tremendous triple battle at the end. Han, Leia and Chewy battle it out on Endor, desperate to deactivate the shields protecting the Death Star. The Rebel Fleet led by Lando, battle with the Imperial Fleet while they wait for the shields to go down, and Luke has a final showdown with Darth Vader. An Epic end to a Classic Saga, and it's only just of the pace of the first two.


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16 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

The Empire finally Falls....

Author: Jessica Carvalho from Brazil
3 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After ''Empire strikes back'' ''Return of the Jedi'' is my second favorite movie from the Star Wars series.

Luke went to Tattoine to save Han Solo from Jabba. At the same time, the Galactic Empire is doing in secret, the construction of a new space station like the previous Death Star. If this station stays totally constructed, it will be the end of the Rebel Alliance. Both Vader and the Emperor are impatient because of the delay of the new Death Star,and they need to kill many of their commanders to have the project made in schedule.

R2 and C3po are inside Jabba's palace to send a message from Luke to Jabba,where Lukes pretends to negotiate Han's life. He gives R2 and C3po as a gift to Jabba as part of his plan. Jabba does not accept the negotiation,since he is using Han Solo as a piece of his palace's decoration.(Han still is frozen in carbonite) Lando is hidden as Jabba's guard and Chewbacca is also gave to Jabba by a reward hunter. When the same Hunter tries to save Han solo and makes him stay in human form again, we see that is actually princess Leia in a disguise. The problem is that Jabba discovers Leia's plan and takes her as his slave,while Han is thrown away in Chewbacca's cell.

Luke comes as a Jedi knight to rescue his friends. At his first try to kill Jabba,he falls into Jabba's monster cell (Bantha),but easily kills it. Jabba stays angry and decides to thrown Han,Chewbacca and Luke to Sarlacc, a big creature from the desert who stays 1.000 years digesting it's 'food'. Luke,Han and Chewie has success in scape again, and even Boba Fett dies when Han accidentally throws him in to Sarlacc's mouth. Leia kills Jabba and goes after Han,Luke and Chewie as well c3po and R2.

Everybody's safe again,Luke decides to go to Dagoba to complete his training as a Jedi,as well his promise to Yoda. The problem is that Yoda is too old and sick, since he already has 900 years old, and before he dies, Yoda says to Luke that he does not need more training,but to really be a Jedi, he must fight with Vader again. He confirms to Luke that Vader is Luke's dad, and that there is another Skywalker besides Luke. In his last moments, Yoda asks to Luke to remember his advices about the temptation of the dark side, and to Luke transmit his Jedi knowledge to other people. When Yoda dies,Obi wan's spirit shows up to Luke and tells him that Luke's father killed his good side Anakin to become Darth Vader, and also that he is more machine than a man since he became a sith. Luke stays worried about killing his own dad, and says that he feels that his father still has kindness. Obi Wan tells Luke that his twin sister is Leia, and says the reasons why Luke and Leia were separated since babies. He gives his last advice to Luke saying that if he refuses to kill Vader, the emperor will win the war.

At the same time, the Emperor says to Vader that he must give Luke to him when he shows up, since Luke is stronger than before, and they both needs to combine their efforts to bring Luke to the dark side.

Now we are going to have one of the best battles from the star war series,when the Rebel Alliance plans to attack the new space station, the '' Death Star 2'', Luke will confront Vader and the Emperor, and Leia, Han and chewie needs to turn off the 'Death star 2' power field, with the help of the EWOKS. (little creatures who looks little bears)

This is for sure one of the most exciting star wars of all!

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12 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Strongest of the Series Besides Episode 4

Author: DKosty123 from United States
23 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Long ago, in a Galaxy far away came a film which saved FOX studios from bankruptcy. It was conceived by a 16 year old George Lucas after he saw the 1959 film Ben Hur. This gave him the ideas which are now lynch pins of the entire series - an all powerful force, an evil empire, emperor, a purpose for our universe.

This is the best of the series & not just because of the victory over the Empire. It springs a surprise in Luke having a sister, & completes Luke confronting what is left of his father. It destroys an empire & an emperor. It introduces Ewoks & then has them join in an alliance to create the victory. It even makes C3PO a God, & you can't top that.

While it does not have a miracle create the complete victory, like Ben Hur does with Christs Crucifixation & events erasing Ben Hur's mother & sisters Leprocey, it does create a man made miracle alliance which ultimately destroys the evil Empire. This really counts big in the scheme of things.

There is an ultimate satisfaction in the victory, especially when everyone including Ben, & Darth seem to be a part of it. That is what makes this the ultimate celebration.

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39 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

The best movie of the Star Wars Trilogy.

Author: Lancer-7 from Atlanta, Georgia
4 April 1999

I thought that ROTJ was clearly the best out of the three Star Wars movies. I find it surprising that ROTJ is considered the weakest installment in the Trilogy by many who have voted. To me it seemed like ROTJ was the best because it had the most profound plot, the most suspense, surprises, most emotional,(especially the ending) and definitely the most episodic movie. I personally like the Empire Strikes Back a lot also but I think it is slightly less good than than ROTJ since it was slower-moving, was not as episodic, and I just did not feel as much suspense or emotion as I did with the third movie.

It also seems like to me that after reading these surprising reviews that the reasons people cited for ROTJ being an inferior film to the other two are just plain ludicrous and are insignificant reasons compared to the sheer excellence of the film as a whole. I have heard many strange reasons such as: a) Because Yoda died b) Because Bobba Fett died c) Because small Ewoks defeated a band of stormtroopers d) Because Darth Vader was revealed

I would like to debunk each of these reasons because I believe that they miss the point completely. First off, WHO CARES if Bobba Fett died??? If George Lucas wanted him to die then he wanted him to die. Don't get me wrong I am fan of Bobba Fett but he made a few cameo appearances and it was not Lucas' intention to make him a central character in the films that Star Wars fans made him out to be. His name was not even mentioned anywhere in the movie... You had to go to the credits to find out Bobba Fett's name!!! Judging ROTJ because a minor character died is a bit much I think... Secondly, many fans did not like Yoda dying. Sure, it was a momentous period in the movie. I was not happy to see him die either but it makes the movie more realistic. All the good guys can't stay alive in a realistic movie, you know. Otherwise if ALL the good guys lived and ALL the bad guys died this movie would have been tantamount to a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon. Another aspect to this point about people not liking Yoda's death.. Well, nobody complained when Darth Vader struck down Obi Wan Kenobi in A New Hope. (Many consider A New Hope to be the best of the Trilogy) Why was Obi Wan's death okay but Yoda's not... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Another reason I just can not believe was even stated was because people found cute Ewoks overpowering stormtroopers to be impossible. That is utterly ridiculous!! I can not believe this one!! First off, the Ewoks are in their native planet Endor so they are cognizant of their home terrain since they live there. If you watch the movie carefully many of the tactics the Ewoks used in defeating the stormtroopers was through excellent use of their home field advantage. (Since you lived in the forest all your life I hope you would have learned to use it to your advantage) They had swinging vines, ropes, logs set up to trip those walkers, and other traps. The stormtroopers were highly disadvantaged because they were outnumbered and not aware of the advantages of the forest. The only thing they had was their blasters. To add, it was not like the Ewoks were battling the stormtroopers themselves, they were heavily assisted by the band of rebels in that conquest. I thought that if the stormtroopers were to have defeated a combination of the Star Wars heros, the band of rebels, as well as the huge clan of Ewoks with great familiarity of their home terrain, that would have been a great upset. Lastly, if this scene was still unbelievable to you.. How about in Empire Strikes Back or in A New Hope where there were SEVERAL scenes of a group consisting of just Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Princess, being shot at by like ten stormtroopers and all their blasters missed while the heros were in full view!! And not only that, the heroes , of course, always hit the Stormtroopers with their blasters. The troopers must have VERY, VERY bad aim then! At least in Empire Strikes Back, the Battle of Endor was much more believable since you had two armies pitted each other not 3 heroes against a legion of stormtroopers. Don't believe me? Check out the battle at Cloud City when our heroes were escaping Lando's base. Or when our heros were rescuing Princess Leia and being shot at (somehow they missed)as Han Solo and Luke were trying to exit the Death Star.

The last reason that I care to discuss (others are just too plain ridiculous for me to spend my time here.) is that people did not like Darth Vader being revealed! Well, in many ways that was a major part of the plot in the movie. Luke was trying to find whether or not Darth Vader was his father, Annakin Skywalker. It would have been disappointing if the movie had ended without Luke getting to see his father's face because it made it complete. By Annakin's revelation it symbolized the transition Darth Vader underwent from being possessed by the dark side (in his helmet) and to the good person he was Annakin Skywalker (by removing the helmet). The point is that Annakin died converted to the light side again and that is what the meaning of the helmet removal scene was about. In fact, that's is what I would have done in that scene too if I were Luke's father...Isn't that what you would have done if you wanted to see your son with your own eyes before you died and not in a mechanized helmet?

On another note, I think a subconscious or conscious expectation among most people is that the sequel MUST be worse (even if it is better) that preceding movies is another reason that ROTJ does not get as many accolades as it deserves. I never go into a film with that deception in mind, I always try to go into a film with the attitude that "Well, it might be better or worse that the original .. But I can not know for sure.. Let's see." That way I go with an open mind and do not dupe myself into thinking that a clearly superior film is not as good as it really was.

I am not sure who criticizes these movies but, I have asked many college students and adults about which is their favorite Star Wars movie and they all tell me (except for one person that said that A New Hope was their favorite) that it is ROTJ. I believe that the results on these polls are appalling and quite misleading.

Bottom line, the Return of the Jedi was the best of the Trilogy. This movie was the only one of the three that kept me riveted all throughout its 135 minutes. There was not a moment of boredom because each scene was either suspenseful, exciting, surprising, or all of the above. For example, the emotional light saber battle between Luke and his father in ROTJ was better than the one in the Empire Strikes Back any day!!!

Finally, I hope people go see the Phantom Menace with an open mind because if fans start looking for nitpicky, insignificant details (or see it as "just another sequel") to trash the movie such as "This movie stinks because Luke is not in it!" then this meritorious film will become another spectacular movie that will be the subject of derision like ROTJ suffered unfortunately.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Its fun, but full of holes and inconsistencies

Author: luke-a-mcgowan
5 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In many ways, Return of the Jedi cut firmly against the brilliant grain set by Empire Strikes Back. The reason Empire was so effective was that it showed us the rebels were still losing, you can't just destroy the Death Star and have everything go away. But here, Lucas rounds out the trilogy with another climactic space battle and everything wraps up really nicely with no questions ask. Return of the Jedi is clearly the least impressive of the original trilogy. It is full of holes, tonal inconsistencies and plot implausibilities. I'd chalk this up to Richard Marquand not being half as competent as Irvin Kershner, and the departure of Gary Kurtz from the project. Kurtz reportedly left because he and Lucas couldn't agree on whether story or spectacle should take priority (Lucas was obviously in favour of spectacle), and you can tell because Return of the Jedi's story makes absolutely no sense in places.

The opening sequences in Jabba's palace entertained me to no end as a child, but now it just confuses me. How long has it been since Empire Strikes Back? Didn't Lando and Chewie go in to try and rescue Han? Chewie and the droids are turned over to Jabba, but Leia seems ready to get Han out of there and leave them behind. Was it the plan to get captured? Was Luke's plan to get captured? Since when can Luke do Jedi mind tricks? Did Luke go back and train with Yoda for a year, and if so, why wasn't "is Vader really my father" not asked then? The film's screenplay is quite messy and doesn't flow on from the rest of the saga. In one typical scene, Yoda admonishes Luke for rushing off to face Vader without proper training, then says he doesn't need anymore training and only when he confronts Vader will he be a Jedi. Again, maybe some concrete evidence on how long has passed would help. This film is the point where the story meant little to Lucas and the details even less (Solo is promoted from Captain to General where all he did was get frozen in carbonite, and Calrissian walks off the street into the role of General!).

I've always regarded Darth Vader quite lowly on my list of movie villains, and watching Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back I found myself wondering why. I now realise its because Return of the Jedi completely nukes him. The idea of there still being good in Vader comes completely out of nowhere - he tortured his son with the knowledge that his father is the most evil man in the galaxy and then chopped his hand off and let him fall to his likely death. The addition of Emperor Palpatine also relegates Darth Vader to a side character - during the conversations between Luke and the Emperor, Vader sort of stands diffently to the side and chips in with the occasional "yeah. what he said." Palpatine's character development pretty much begins and ends with "evil" - he seems so sure that Luke will join him, yet Luke's battle with the dark side emerges only as a plot point in those scenes. Even if Luke turns to the dark side, what will make him join Palpatine? The expanded universe implies more information about this, but its not very well established here. The execution is pretty inconsistent - Luke goes from being Alec Guinness-style calm to flailing his lightsaber around like he's never held one before. Now that I mention it, Mark Hamill seems to be playing two characters simultaneously.

I've covered what I didn't like, but this is a Star Wars film and there's so much to love. The epic space battle at the second Death Star only reminds me how much I missed it in Empire Strikes Back. Ford is having a lot of fun in this movie, and the rest of the cast delivers pretty solidly as well. The gorgeously shot introduction of Red Guards in stark contrast with the white stormtroopers is a beautiful throwback to Vader's black/white contrast in the original Star Wars, and once again, it tells us the bars have been raised. The sound editing/mixing is always in good form in Star Wars - my favourite scene being a harsh lightsaber ignition sound just as Luke says Vader won't hurt him or turn him over to Palpatine. The Battle of Endor walks a narrow line between cheesy and genuinely exciting, and Marquand keeps the Ewoks just shy of the Gungans.

Return of the Jedi is a really fun movie, but its not a cinematic artwork like its predecessors. I grew up watching this film, but when I read about where the story would have gone were it not for Lucas' toy revenue - the death of Han Solo and a tired Luke walking into the distance like an old Western - I'd be lying if I said the film's sickly sweet dance party ending didn't stick in my craw just a bit.

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11 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Very good, if not perfect 'Jedi'

Author: Michael Pilkington ( from Richmond, CA
1 April 1999

"Return of the Jedi" is almost on par with the previous "Star Wars" films. There's more special effects (some good, some cheesy) and more new characters and creatures, including the Ewoks. What makes Jedi the least perfect, is that it's very routine -- more of a reworking of "Star Wars." There's more new surprises, though. A victory is celebrated at the end. New scenes are featured in the "special edition." The ending is very satisfying. My evaluation: ***1/2 out of ****.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Incredible movies!!! Incredible characters!!!

Author: CyberMonkey from U.S.A.
24 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though I have seen all of the movies from the original trilogy about a million and one times... this is the first I have ever commented on them... I wasn't quite sure as to which movie I should provide the critique for (I didn't feel like practically repeating my criticism on all three movies), but seeing as how ROTJ is the concluding film (and possibly my favorite... I am sort of torn between it and Empire...) I figured this is where to start... I'll try not to give any *spoilers* away but be FOREWARNED just incase... so here it goes...

Now grant you, TESB does provide a more solid performance as far as conflict and general plot development; however, I believe I am so attracted to ROTJ due to the stunning character developments.

Solo (Ford) becomes a much more "sensitive" character as a result of his budding relationship with Leia (of course I am saying this through a woman's eyes so I am sure that a lot of guys would disagree with me). But, his change is reasonable, as he begins to realize that his "gruff" and "selfish" ways need to be dulled down if he is to win the heart of the woman he loves. My only gripe with the character of Solo in the third installment is that his screen time is almost chopped in half in comparison to the first two. But, once again, this can be understood since the focus on ROTJ must be placed almost completely on Luke and his development as the new order of Jedi.

Most of all I am impressed with the character development of Luke (Hamill). His growth from irritating farm boy to a powerful and calm, young man fits in well with Lucas' characteristics of "the Force." To be able to master such intense composure in such a short time and through heavy hardships truly means you have the qualities of a Jedi. And even though some may paint Hamill's performance of Luke as rather sterile, I do not. I find it to be almost inspiring to see such a positive change in times of adversity.

Leia (Fischer) also pulls of an incredible change in character over the course of the three movies which resembles traits to that of Luke... she becomes matured, and as a result of this maturity, becomes a more powerful presence. Perhaps it is a genetic twin thing? Or perhaps it is caused by Luke and Leia's mutual ties to "the Force?"

But in any case, I adore the movies and they will remain at the top of my list with the exception of the most recent Star Wars attempt, "The Phantom Menace." To me, that movie just seemed nothing more than flashy visual and audio FX. It lacked the unique plot and character design that the original trilogy mastered. But, that's a whole 'nother story... literally.

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11 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Return of the Muppets

Author: garthbarnes from nicholls apprentice
2 May 2015

Spoilers Ahead:

First I waited 4 hours in the blazing hot sun outside to see this in an old 1000 seat huge theater in 1983. Everyone was so hyped up EMPIRE had topped Star Wars we all thought this was going to be such a triumph Lucas had never let anyone down then this was before WILLOW and Howard the Duck. Also way before his dreadful prequels which someday posterity will rightly consign to the garbage can with Jar Jar Binks leading the way. What was good in the entire prequels? Darth Maul and they killed him off right away. The reaction at the Westgate was almost unanimous a disgusted sigh and catcalls filled the huge auditorium. This film has been rehabilitated as such I will be shocked if this review will even be approved. It is heresy; How dare I admit large parts of this film are utterly irredeemably terrible.

The good parts which make up about 40 minutes of this film. The scenes with the Emperor Vader and Luke. Also the scenes with father and son. The worst unwatchable scenes with the muppets I am sorry the ewoks which are universally embarrassing including the ridiculous revolt of tree muppets against the heavy armor of the empire. Throw in general octopus babbling drooling man in the Falcon next to poor Lando. Poor Billy Dee looks humiliated throughout the picture he had no idea the series was going all muppets in 1983. How about the absolute worst scene in all six films the ridiculous chase through the forest of Endor. Show of hands how many think at those speeds in that dense of a forest you could navigate those vehicles as depicted? Anyone? Anyone? We can forgive the crappy models the speeders obviously are but please not 120 miles per hour in that dense of a forest.

I must tell you people laughed loudly at the scene in my theater also there were calls of I am your cousin she is you aunt when look tells leia is a real ham bone moment that she is his sister. Please Hamill no more close up emotive scenes I have to try and we have to barf. Yes the best scene hands down is when Luke gets his blood up and he turns to the dark side for a moment and attacks Vader pounding him down until he severs his hand. Yes great scene people how about the Jabba musical we endured earlier? The semi clad blue woman on a chain dancing to really really crappy music sorry John Williams. Not his finest score. The emperor's theme is well done; remember the whole movie not just the 40 minutes that if denuded of the whole muppets parts and Jabba where also more phony plastic muppets resided what a great movie this could have been. The blame also goes to Marquand who after EYE OF THE NEEDLE everyone canonized sorry JAGGED EDGE was dreadful with one other suspect besides Jeff bridges, Richard we need more suspects than that please read or watch MALTESE FALCON or read spillane. He produced the worst of the trilogy by far miles beneath 4 and 5. It is an insult to the other two to pair this bad Disney wannabe with those other two classics.

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