Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi (1983) Poster

Plot Keywords

rebel death star
empire princess
emperor battle
gangster final battle
smuggler moon
evil rescue
jedi knight lightsaber
bounty hunter saga
alien creature starship battle
rescue attempt female green skinned humanoid alien
female humanoid alien humanoid alien
rebel starship hanging bait
floating chair happy ending
forest landscape character says i have a bad feeling about this
mandalorian wookiee
force lightning leitmotif
symphonic music score orchestral music score
end of trilogy kicked down the stairs
fictional planet sword
victory violence
kiss gun battle
battlefield laser pistol
laser gun gun fu
shootout gunfight
showdown disarming someone
war violence kendo
sword duel mixed martial arts
hand to hand combat combat
tough guy tough girl
action hero hero
warp speed parallelism in prequel
allegory of multiple historical events. lifting male in air
subjective camera lifting person in air
character's point of view camera shot lifting someone into the air
lifting an adult into the air elongated cry of no
punctuation in title roman numbered sequel
roman numeral in title numbered sequel
stop motion animation slapstick comedy
musical number future
family relationships falling from height
mistaken for god villain turns good
scream cult figure
fictional war trap
jet pack firework
evil empire electrocution
booby trap ambush
frozen body storm trooper
father son estrangement zoophilia
slop kissing sliminess
slime sex slave
metal bikini licking
overweight chains
bondage hutt sex
bestiality human alien sexual relations
galactic war no opening credits
chained electrical torture
messiah sixth part
dancing outer space
invented language fate of the universe
disguise computer
alien civilization long time ago
far far away patricide
last words man eating monster
wilhelm scream death ray
warrior tragic villain
promise kindness
compassion space battle
part of trilogy swordplay
planet love
female spy female fighter
poetic justice sorcerer
severed hand blockbuster
hologram returning character killed off
strangulation brother sister relationship
psychokinesis enslavement
kissing father son relationship
robot x rayed skeleton
desert alien
hang gliding sword fight
christ allegory tyrant
spacecraft martial arts
explosion desert planet
good versus evil sequel
space station cremation
forest tongue
android space travel
eaten alive puppet
space opera giant monster
telekinesis famous score
redemption exotic dancer
destiny chase
outrunning explosion reverse footage
epic rebellion
cult film funeral pyre
tragedy number in title

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