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Superb 80's teen flick!

Author: tony-mc from London UK
16 January 2005

(Being released on DVD in UK early February 2005) It has been shown on at least one occasion on British terrestrial television and I remember film critics slaughtering it in the TV guides. (Stick to the period drama boys & girls.) If you want to know what life was like for (us) ordinary London teenagers in the 80's, find this and enjoy. Well established British actors with acne, a microcosm of my life back in the day. Dodgy sets, dodgy acting, dodgy continuation, very entertaining nevertheless!!! Food fights, real fights, queues for the toilet, going upstairs for a quickie. A sizzling soundtrack of the day showcasing pop-punk, Bowie and the like. Wild Stallion anyone? Memories.......

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great slice of 80's humour!

Author: geoff-snazel from england
15 June 2004

This was one of the first films i ever rented when my family first bought a VCR & 21 years later i still think its one of the funniest British comedies ever!most of the humour will be lost on our American cousins as it is VERY British!(It also helps if you were a teen at this time.Fantastic soundtrack also!Lots of familiar TV faces included(anyone remember Brush Strokes!).Daniel Peacock is brilliant as the hapless Toby,Especially dancing to Gene Genie!This film is so quotable too (Easily as many repeatable lines as say,Pulp Fiction).Not to everyones taste but worth a nostalgic look!

p.s Can you smell horses?

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definitely a cult 80's nostalgia trip, " ere, can you smell horses"

Author: sonicbloo from york, england
6 December 2004

Although you probably had to see it first time round to appreciate this superb early 80's Brit-flick(most of the films fans are likely to be in their 40's now)I can still watch this film time after time.

The music and the one-liners are brilliant, "can you smell horses?" every time Toby comes near with his Wild Stallion aftershave, "Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?" to a suicidal boyfriendless Caroline Quentin in the bathroom scene "No" - "Doesn't surprise me!"

It seems every time I watch it I see someone different who is now famous,(also I never realized til now that Clive Mantle from Casualty played the big biker Bobby Sloane)

I notice that Nick Berry gets star billing on the video cover even though he probably says 2 lines in the whole film, yet the main character Perry Fenwick "Larry" doesn't get a mention. I guess this would change if re-released as he is now on our screens 4 times a week in Eastenders.

"Youths of today" would probably yawn at this film and go off to watch "American Pie",so its probably best left to its fans who were growing up in Britain at the time..........

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Britsh John Huges film

Author: naomiengland from United States
10 December 2010

I saw this in 1983 on a Sunday sitting on my mum's laps I live in Luton,Beds 20 years later I saw this again. I still remember all the words. Its another British film that never made it to the USA. To me its like a a version of a John Hughs movie. That may sound odd but thats just me. The mum and dad go out for a party, the kids get to tog her and throw a party. Lots of birds and drink what can go wrong. Lots of things. The actor that made this movie funny, is Toby"Top of Top on" Ha ha classic. Its so 80's. I love that line most of the actors say"Can you smell horese" ha ha. I can kind relate to Toby hes at a party and no one wants to talk to him. I am also love the fact they played Sex Pistols song. SEE THIS

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Why do they all leave it off their CV's?

Author: joeE17 from United Kingdom
1 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so it isn't an obvious choice for a Saturday night in front of the the TV, but as a snap-shot of early 80's Britain it's worth it's weight in gold. My summary title refers to the fact that so many of it's stars never mention it when asked about their early careers. Look at some of the actors who made their big screen debut's here; Daniel Peacock, Karl Howman, Perry Fenwick, Sean Chapman, the late Gary Olsen, Clive Mantle, Caroline Quentin even Nick Berry. I also remember Elvis Costello saying that his theme song, Party Party, was the worst song he'd ever made.

Anyone who went to parties around this time will find something they can identify with. And if there's a film with a better soundtrack, I'll wear Larry's yellow tank-top for a night out.

I laughed, Mrs. Dorkin laughed..........aaah, I feel young again.

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A sort of British prequel to "Animal House"...

Author: taiaha
10 June 1999

A sort of British prequel to "Animal House", except that British teenagers relationship with alcohol seems to be more serious than their US counterparts. Almost a series of vignettes featuring early performances from a number of British actors now very familiar on UK TV screens. Some hilarious moments (...the young policemen promising their sergeant that they will "get p***ed in a responsible fashion"), but much of the humour will be lost on crossing the Atlantic. Best viewed with a plentiful supply of beer and peanuts.

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top on top off

Author: dobber-9 from Germany
24 November 2007

Awoke many memories from party's at my mates house when his mum and dad were not there,we were all "fast flash fellas" and my mate also drove a MK3 Cortina.I believe that we all had our own form from "wild stallion" aftershave mine was Brut a Xmas present but I still splashed it all over.This was unfortunately to no avail my mate Micky was always the one who could "pull the birds".This is probably why I could relate with Toby . I am now in my early 40's and living abroad and can not follow what a lot of the British actors are doing now.I try to explain to my brother in law what a cult film this is, this is not very easy as he is German and the humor is very different would be great to see it again on DVD.All the best to the other fans from this film a little it older but still young at heart.

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If you was a teen in the late 70s and early 80 its unmissable

Author: xski from United Kingdom
23 August 2006

I have been quoting this film for the last 19 years and it still makes me laugh today, I recognise that it is very much of its day however I do know of a 21year old who puts this on a list of his favourites too. "See this ear........plastic" the lines just go on and on. don't watch this expecting to see citizen cane, watch it for what it is, a funny silly snapshot of adolescence in the suburbs of London in the 80s. Great fun spotting the cast members Lookout for Wicksy,Billy Mitchell, Jacko and a very young Caroline Quentin. I wish i still had my MK 3 Cortina! or was I the "fast flash passenger"

i love it

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An 80's classic. for nostalgia fiends only

Author: craig.tuohy from London
9 October 2001

If you were an English teenager during the 80's then you MUST see this film. To everybody else it will just be an odd curiosity. For me, it is the funniest film in existence and is one of the only films to have more quotable lines than Apocalypse now.

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This film is great!

Author: cherrysnowball from london
4 January 2008

I've watched this film since i was about 12yrs old i'm 29yrs old now and still love it. It really shows a purity of English. And when your parents went to party's while you had a baby sitter you know what they got up to which is pretty cool. Johnny always reminded me of my dad a proper cockney tart (cool fast flash fella!) every character is unique and brilliant i'm so surprised how this film is not well known. whenever i'm a bit down i put this film on and it cheers me up with the many classic lines (top on top off!) and (wild stallion "smells like horses"!) The cast are well known faces of todays television, billy Mitchell (eastenders), Caroline Quentin, Karl know man (flash adverts) tom king (emmerdale) Gary old man (2 point 4 children) and many many more faces. definitely a 10 out of ten for me

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