The Outsiders (1983) Poster


Plot Keywords

greaser gang
night church
fight best friend
girl boy
friend trapped
murder drive in
hospital chase
fire white briefs
male underwear briefs
male in shower bare chested male
teenager cartoon on tv
comic relief soda
rebellious teenager broken teeth
poem beer
anguish angst
troubled teenage boy cult movie cast
rebelliousness solidarity
wandering uncertainty
fellowship medical doctor
home walking
writing sunset
rainy night heavy rain
rain crying
telephone call telephone
hostility cold
mud denim
blue jeans shirt
t shirt living room
kitchen conversation
criminal outsider
unemployment loneliness
shot in the chest store
high school street
running run
escape novel
discussion argument
male chauvinism threat
bitterness affection
hospital bed hospital room
burn wound burn injury
fighting kicking
kick house
joy laughing
smiling dysfunctional family
wrath rage
anger sadness
shooting convertible
car car driving
dreaming orphan
knife beating
punching punch
stabbed to death letter
reading a letter book
reading a book cult film
homicide dead boy
danger gun
man with glasses brother brother relationship
violence shot to death
building on fire held at gunpoint
armed robbery motorcycle cop
watching tv reference to robert frost
newspaper article reference to margaret mitchell
playing cards hiding out
reference to hank williams watching a movie
police officer rabbit
punched in the face revolver
owl bar
flashlight blood
death vomit
teenage girl movie screen
foot chase scar
drive in theatre teenage gang
panties siren
upskirt hoodlum
police car bonfire
underwear hitchhiking
notebook tears
fugitive nurse
city park rumble
ambulance scrap
lift skirt white panties
wet jeans drunkenness
drink drinking
card playing voice over narration
unconsciousness rural setting
homelessness group of friends
flashback rivalry
holding head under water tulsa oklahoma
tough guy loss of friend
leather jacket italian american
idol hopelessness
friendship between men dream
delinquent cigarette smoking
title appears in writing reference to paul newman
abandoned church cartoon on television
playground paralysis
juvenile delinquency face slap
teen angst social consciousness
intimacy gang violence
friendship compassion
coming of age teenage boy
rescue attempted drowning
male bonding stabbing
small town runaway
heroism train
gang warfare poker
underage smoking police
raccoon underage drinking
class differences arm wrestling
domestic violence switchblade
1960s showdown
brat pack spit in the face
robbery machismo
street gang juvenile delinquent
tragedy death of friend
based on book based on novel

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