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Sex & Nudity

  • Some implied sex, with kissing but no nudity.
  • A woman emerges fully nude from a swimming pool. Her naked posterior is visible from a distance.
  • A man says that a group of women are prostitutes.
  • Some mild innuendo.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is killed with a blade, but you don't actually see it.
  • A man falls onto a platform covered in spikes. We see him from the top, but we do not see where the spikes punctured him or any blood. Another man falls onto a jumble of burning coals.
  • We see two men hanging by their necks from a ceiling in dark light. A clown has a knife thrown into his back; another man gets a knife in the stomach.
  • We see a severed sheep's head on a plate. A man eats one of the eyeballs.
  • Bond pulls a leech from his stomach. We see some blood. A small octopus latches itself to a man's face, but we do not see the results.
  • Lots of fist-fighting and general action including some explosions. Shootouts as well, but nothing graphic, although there is one scene where a man is shot in the neck and we see a closeup of the bloody wound. Also, a man is shot in the forehead; we see the bloody hole very briefly as he falls backward. A man is shot twice in the back; he has two mildly bloody wounds and he dies seconds later.
  • A plane blows up, killing the person inside. Earlier a man falls to his death from the plane.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Bond is the target of a hunting party.
  • Bond frantically attempts to get somewhere to prevent a nuclear explosion. Once there, he has a difficult time convincing anyone that he is serious about the armed nuclear bomb in the vicinity. Eventually, the major female lead believes him and helps reveal the bomb and Bond has barely seconds to remove the detonator before it sets off an explosion.
  • Bond has intense fights on top of both a train and a plane.

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