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New Release: Russian drama Ward No. 6 DVD

Kino will release the 2009 drama film Ward No. 6 by veteran Russian filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov (Jazzman) on DVD on May 24.

The future looks bleak for Vladimir Ilyin and Alexey Vertkov in Ward No. 6.

Adapted from the great Anton Chekhov’s 1892 short story of the same name and updating it to the present day, the movie tells the story of Dr. Ragin (Vladimir Ilyin), who heads up a provincial insane asylum, where he regularly interacts with the abandoned, the unloved and the forgotten. Lonely and isolated in his personal life, he finds solace in the long philosophical dialogues with his brilliant patient Gromov (Alexey Vertkov), which lead him to dangerously question the nature of his own existence.

Presented in Russian with English subtitles, Ward No. 6 had a brief theatrical release in the U.S. following an international film festival rollout in 2009.

No special features have been officially announced for the DVD,
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James Reviews Karen Shakhnazarov’s The Vanished Empire [DVD Review]

‘The Vanished Empire‘ came out of left field to this viewer, especially when it comes to a part of youth that I never thought about in the first place. Soviet youth sounds like it would be about war torn Russia, at least to a close-minded individual, but watching the new film by Karen Shakhnazarov, it shows us that no matter what time and country it might be set in, a film about teenagers tends to be about the same thing: friends, girls, betrayal, school, banned rock music and the collapse of a society around them.

The film follows Sergey Narbekov (Alexander Lyapin), who is a student in 1973 Moscow, who likes Lyuda (Lidiya Milyuzina) and wishes to impress her any chance he gets. One moment in the film is when he thinks he’s bought a mint LP of the Rolling Stones’ “Goat’s Head Soup” for Lyuda, but when he
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