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Sex & Nudity

  • The bulk of the movie is based around young men losing their virginity. Frequent discussion of sex throughout. A woman (Ana Maria) takes off her top and her breasts are exposed for several minutes in front of Bobby. He then climbs on top of her in bed. Another woman (Louisa) ties a man (Jack) up and then struts around in lingerie while talking about what she wants to do to him. His shirt is removed and she kisses up and down his body.
  • A girl takes her top off in the back seat of a car in preparation for sex, but the young couple (Sylvia and Bobby) is interrupted. A woman (Terry) disrobes by a pool and dives in. Her breasts are seen clearly and her pubic region is seen briefly from a distance. A young man (Bobby) watches her swim and dry off. The next day he fantasies about making love to her, but no nudity is seen.
  • A man (Bobby) fantasizes about making love to a random woman (girl in phone booth) in the back seat of a car, her breasts are visible only briefly.
  • A couple of boys spy on a couple of strippers in bikinis getting dressed after a show.
  • An older woman (Terry) makes love to a young man (Bobby). There is thrusting and passionate kissing. Her breasts and buttocks are visible through most of the scene. He shows partial rear.
  • A young man reads a Kama Sutra book and the pictures are visible.
  • A boy and girl kiss passionately.
  • Jack, in a passing car, rips a dress off of a mud wrestler, bare breasts seen.

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