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Briefs: Chandler and Freddie’s Emmy Reels, and “Behind The Candelabra” Scores Big

Birthday shoutouts go to out singer Mark Feehily (above), who is 33, and Justin Kirk is 44.

In ratings news, Behind The Candelabra was HBO’s highest rated original film in almost a decade.

Congratulations to Ben and Matt, who’ve finally tied the knot.

Will Scotus take note of the new same-sex marriage laws?

Frank Rich takes a look back at gay history.

Teapot Hitler

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are both nominated in the Younger Actor category at the Daytime Emmy Awards, and below you can see the clips they selected for Emmy voters. Up first is Chandler, who selected the scenes after his character Will got drunk and snogged Kris Kristofferson‘s son.

Here’s Freddie’s Emmy Reel. His character Sonny doesn’t have the hysterical drama that Will has, so Freddie’s scenes are much quieter, as he tells Will’s dad that he has feelings for the misty-eyed blond.
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Remembering Michael Clarke Duncan, John Ingle and More Reel-Important People We Lost This Month

Reel Important People is a monthly column that highlights those individuals in or related to the movies who have left us in recent weeks. It is unfortunate that we lose so many great film contributors, on-screen and off, that it's impossible to pay extensive tribute to every one. But I think it's important to recognize them at least in this monthly digest, not to mourn but to remember their work. Below you'll find names big and small and from all areas of the industry, though each was significant to the movies in their own way. George Bowers (1944-2012) - Filmmaker who directed My Tutor and Private Resort. He was primarily an editor, often of films by Joseph Ruben, such as Money TrainSleeping with the Enemy, The Good...

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Russ Meyer Star Kitten Natividad Coming to St. Louis June 15th

Buxom beauty Kitten Natividad is known to movie buffs as the last of Russ Meyer’s busty starlets, having starred in the cult director’s final two films: Up and Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Vixens. Kitten’s untamed beauty, personal charm, sex appeal , and cartoonish 44-25-35 dimensions has left her image imprinted on the mind of many a young man who saw her in the Meyer films or her cameos in such mainstream fare as My Tutor (1983) and The Wild Life (1984). Kitten was also Meyer’s girlfriend the last fifteen years of his life and she appeared as a stripper at the bachelor party held by Sean Penn to celebrate his 1985 marriage to Madonna.

Kitten Natividad’s many St. Louis fans can rejoice because she is coming to St. Louis! The Russ Meyer Show Featuring Kitten Natividad at The Way Out Club June 15th is a way
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Guardian veterans on film at the farewell to a great reporter, Alan Dunn

Denis Thorpe and David Ward talk about photography and the theatre to the Guardian's newest cameraman

Alan Dunn was the best of colleagues; thoughtful, kind and modest, with no pomposity from his long career in the Guardian's foreign and sports departments before he settled down happily and diligently as our expert on Liverpool, for his last years with the paper.

Among his many entertaining reports in that productive time, was coverage of Lord Justice Leveson in a somewhat different role, trying to make sense of the mercurial evidence of Ken Dodd in the celebrated taxation case. Dunn was trim and slight and, as his son Mike said at Alan's funeral yesterday, the comedian noticed him on the press bench and quipped: "I could have used him as one of my Diddymen."

Mike is sports editor at the Sun and his tribute to his Dad was a memorable mock-up of a
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Wamg Interview: Kitten Natividad – Russ Meyer’s Ultra Vixen!

Buxom beauty Kitten Natividad is known to movie buffs as the last of Russ Meyer’s busty starlets, having starred in the cult director’s final two films. Kitten’s untamed beauty, personal charm, sex appeal , and cartoonish 44-25-35 dimensions has left her image imprinted on the mind of many a young man who saw her in the Meyer films or her cameos in such mainstream fare as My Tutor (1983) and The Wild Life (1984). Kitten was also Meyer’s girlfriend the last fifteen years of his life and she appeared as a stripper at the bachelor party held by Sean Penn to celebrate his 1985 marriage to Madonna.

Francesca Natividad was born in 1948 in Juarez, Mexico, one of nine children. Her family moved to El Paso, Texas, when Kitten was 10 after her mom married a man from there. In 1969 she began stripping and got her first breast implants in Mexico
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10 strategies to get your other half to watch the film you want to

Having trouble convincing your better half to watch your film of choice? Then you might find the following advice rather useful…

It’s very rare that you end up in a relationship with someone who likes exactly the same films as you, and then who wants to watch them at the same time. In fact, there’s a strong argument that it wouldn’t be much of a relationship were that the case.

However, most of us can relate to the moment where you excitedly take delivery of a new movie, and then plan an evening viewing of said film. Lots of us will be facing this very conundrum, for example, when Drive turns up on disc. Because in any relationship, the brutal truth tends to be that there are moments when your partner declares that they don’t want to watch the same film, and thus, you don’t watch it.
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Blind (2011) Movie Review

“Blind” is a Korean thriller which takes on the classic suspense theme of pitting a blind heroine against a killer, directed by Ahn Sang Hoon (“Arang”). In this case, the woman in question is played by Kim Ha Neul, marking somewhat of a change of direction for the popular actress, mainly known for roles in romances and comedies such as “My Girlfriend is an Agent”, “My Tutor Friend”, “Almost Love” and others – a move which certainly paid off, with her winning Best Actress at the Daejong Film Awards, the film also taking home Best Screenplay for writer Choi Min Suk. With support from teen actor Yoo Seung Ho (“4th Period Mystery”), Yang Young Jo (“Blades of Blood”) and Jo Hee Bong (“Moby Dick”), the film boasts another star in the furry form of celebrity dog Dolly, who previously featured alongside Yoo in the hit “Hearty Paws”. Kim Ha Neul plays police trainee Soo Ah,
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The Tiger Mom's Sat Surprise

Amy Chua, known for her super-strict parenting and ban on sleepovers, comes out in favor of a new Sat question about reality TV-and not because she's a secret fan of Snooki. Plus, the college board chief defends the Sat question and why TV may not be so bad for kids after all.

I don't watch reality-television shows, and in fact I rail against them constantly. I'm pretty sure there's a video out there of purple-faced me, sputtering to some interviewer: "So we're perfectly fine in America having our kids sit in a front of a TV for hours every night watching random people hooking up and passing out drunk, but two hours of violin practice-that's abusive?"

Related story on The Daily Beast: Hollywood's Hottest Baby Name: Henry

And yet how do I come out on the latest controversy involving the Sat question about reality television? Completely on the side of the Sat people.
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Tribeca Exclusive: Clip from Kim Cattrall's 'Meet Monica Velour'

Tribeca Exclusive: Clip from Kim Cattrall's 'Meet Monica Velour'
Have plans to attend this month's Tribeca Film Festival? Then you should certainly make time to Meet Monica Velour. Writer-director Keith Bearden's film, which is one of the acquisition titles playing this year's festival, will be making its world premiere on April 25th. We've got an exclusive clip to get you in the mood.

Billed as a modern day updating of '80s comedies like Last American Virgin, Weird Science, Losin' It, and My Tutor, this sexy-sweet feature stars newcomer Dustin Ingram (who's rockin' a Napoleon Dynamite-like hairstyle) as a geeky high school grad on a quest to meet his favorite porn star - one Monica Velour, star of such porntastical treasures as Saturday Night Beaver. Kim Cattrall plays the title character, an aging porn star still in the biz.

In the clip, Ingram's character is at dive strip club to see his idol strut her stuff. While
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Exclusive: Crispin Glover Discusses It Is Mine and Other Future Projects

The eccentric yet beloved actor discusses his distinguished and bizarre career as well as his passion for self-financing and directing his own movies Actor Crispin Glover is by far one of the most interesting, multi-talented, controversial, polarizing and fascinating actors of his generation. He began his career with high profile roles in films like My Tutor and Teachers but it was his turn as George McFly in Robert Zemeckis' Back To The Future that shot him to stardom. He followed that up with one great performance after another in classic films like At Close Range, River's Edge, Wild At Heart, The Doors and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. However the actor's career took a surreal turn in the mid-'80s to early '90s when he sued the producers of Back To The Future for replacing him in the sequels with a combination of old footage from the first film
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Asian film news: Studio Ghibli’s latest project Borrowers’ adaptation, Kim Ha-Neul returns, Dad Likes Women

Studio Ghibli have made the official announcement that their next project, due summer 2010, will be an adaptation of Mary Norton’s prize winning novel The Borrowers. Entitled Kariqurashi no Arrietty (The Borrower Arrietty), the film relocates the tale of tiny people who “borrow” items from regular sized humans from 1950s England to modern day Tokyo. Whilst the book has been adapted several times, more often than not in the form of British films and television series, this project marks perhaps the most anticipated take on the material.

Karigushi no Arrietty is to be directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi who will be making his debut as a helmer having previously worked as an animator on the likes of Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo and Spirited Away. He is to be supervised on the project by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. The film’s official Japanese web-site can be found here.

Blue Dragon nominated
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Secret Couple (aka My Girlfriend is an Agent, 2009) Movie Review

“Secret Couple” (a far better title than the rather familiar and misleading “My Girlfriend is an Agent”) is basically a Korean take on the recent Hollywood action couple comedy thriller “Mr and Mrs Smith”. Strangely enough, the film was directed by Shin Tae Ra, whose previous efforts were the intense, grisly serial killer horror “Black House” and the offbeat “Brain Wave”. Here, he turns his talents to an entirely different form, backed by an appealing pair of leads in the form of genre favourite Kim Ha Neul (also in the likes of “Lovers of Six Years”, “My Tutor Friend” and “Ice Rain”) and Kang Ji Hwan (recently excellent in “Rough Cut”), who last worked together on the television series “90 Days, Time for Love”. The film begins with the nerdy Jae Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) leaving the country after tearfully dumping his girlfriend Soo Ji (Kim Ha Neul) due to her deceitful ways,
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Int: Bateman & Kunis

  • JoBlo always been a little jealous of Jason Bateman. He.s a good looking fellow and he is also an incredibly talented actor. And worst of all, he did a series with one of my first crushes, Caren Kaye, who appeared naked in the classic teen sex flick My Tutor. Okay, maybe it is not a classic, but I stayed up many a night to catch it on cable. And here Jason is working with her on .It.s Your Move." Since then he has done a number of television and film roles including his wonderful...
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