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Author: Blaise_B from Pittsburgh
29 February 2004

A jean-jacket-wearing champion named Lando must travel to a cave to rescue his daughter from the forces of evil. A Filippino amalgam of Christianity and other religions appears to be the basis for this bizarre fantasy adventure. It has a budget as low as Geek Maggot Bingo and acting that makes William Shatner look like a candidate for knighthood. Guys zap each other with magical rays that appear to have been drawn on the film with crayons. Rubber snakes turn into naked people. Nudity, gore and implied rape co-exist quite happily with a child-like innocence that's at the story's heart...I don't have the cultural background to process this film properly, I'm sure, which is what makes it so damn entertaining. I am now hanging my head in shame and questioning my own gratuitous use of the phrase "WTF" up to this point, because this film is clearly what it was meant for all along.

See it.

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

100% psychotronic goodness!

Author: TheMarquisDeSuave from Worcester, MA
10 June 2008

"The Killing of Satan" is an admittedly crappy film. Its horribly paced, cheesy beyond belief, features the subtlety of a kick to the groin, and really serves no great social or emotional purpose when you think about it. The filmmakers pack in oodles of goofy religious imagery and subtext = this is obviously the work of a very religious nation. The special effects may have been state of the art in about, oh, 1912. I'm pretty sure Georges Melies experiments are more believable to modern eyes. The screenplay makes absolutely no sense and is all over the place.

You know what, who cares? This film is so packed with rich psychotronic goodness that its entirely worth watching and hypnotic. Its capable of killing more brain cells than any hallucinogenic drug available, probably because its an entirely hallucinogenic film. "The Killing of Satan" is one of the weirdest cinematic experiences I've had in a while. "Hell" simply looks like a Philippine barrio and field. The special effects are lousy and primitive to the point where they become inadvertently surreal.

I can only give "The Killing of Satan" a five out of ten and most film fans (and even horror fans) are advised to keep as far away from it as possible. However, fans of international weirdness (the type Mondo Macabro purveys in) really need to check this one out. Its one of the most delirious and insane films I've seen in a long while. (5/10)

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Weird Wacky Mustachioed Fun

Author: moycon from Atlanta
17 June 2008

I'll start by mentioning this is a Filipino-made horror-fantasy film. If you've ever seen a Filipino horror movie then you know you're in for a wild wacky horrorificly (is that a word?) entertaining time.

In this movie a paunchy mustachioed jeans jacket wearing Filipino human named Lando who uses the super powers of God is chosen by his dead uncle to battle the forces of evil. Before actually getting to battle Satan, he must first face the equally impressive mustachioed Prince of Magic who wears a bright red jumpsuit and cape (kinda like something Elvis might wear) and his minions and free the naked and chubby Filipino girls who were stolen from the village. This movie has so much imagination packed into 90 minutes you just have to like it in spite of the cheap-jack animated super powers everyone seems to have.

Also included in this wild flick are some pretty decent old school horror FX including a man (the dead uncle) who gets literally flattened by a huge boulder and is reduced to a still talking head connected a wet pile of flat intestines and gore. There is also an amazing ripping scene that will make you rewind more than once. (You'll know it when you see it) I'm sure most people after viewing this film would be like…"WTF!!?" but I've always got a kick out of it. I've had the BIG BOXED VHS version of this film in my collection for probably 15 years. Not sure if it's even available anymore which is a shame. If you want to be entertained, this flick is just the thing. I highly recommend it.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Wild and wacky fun

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
29 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Satan is on the prowl with his minions and a doubtful man is called upon to take the place of his uncle as the head of a band of holy men challenging the prince of darkness. Wild and woolly film is the absolute definition of Psychotronic film making. This film is simply out there with some truly wild images from Satan all in red to the man run over by the boulder to the spinning head (imagine if Linda Blair's head was on a turn table at 78 RPMs). Its a one of a kind film that is absolutely stunning in its plot and images. Wow. If you want off beat and out there this film is for you. I have no idea if its good because its just wild. Weird movie lovers need to search this out.

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

More like 'The Killing of Logic'

Author: sgtking from United States
14 June 2008

Now there are some weird films out there. Some that will either leave you angry, scratching your head, or rolling on the floor with laughter. The 1983 Filipino production 'The Killing of Satan' is about as weird as you can get. Thanks to Paragon Video the film is available in the US for our viewing pleasure, but that depends on the viewer. If you're a fan of bad and/or obscure horror movies then this may be worth your while. It seems like one of those so-bad-it's-good movies that was made with good intentions, like 'Troll 2' for instance, but the result was an example of unintentional comedy.

Pros: Just about all the things wrong with this film help make it fun. Some decent gore. Tons of camp value. Some pretty scenery. A breeze if not taken at all seriously. Considering how silly this movie is, the acting is actually not too bad. Some memorable moments of weirdness.

Cons: Some hilariously bad dubbing and dialogue. Really poor visual effects. A score that does suit the film, but at times is too corny or over dramatic. Plus there's some silly sound effects. None of this really makes any sense. Some sloppy editing.

Final thoughts: Movies this strange are a dying art. Whether that's a good thing or not is up to the individual, but one thing you can not call this film is dull. It's not one of the greatest bad movies ever, but it's also not without it's charms. Here's to hoping someone picks it up for a Special Edition with cast and crew commentary/interviews because I for one would like to know how this came about and what went on when it was shot.

My rating: 3/5 (So-bad-it's-good-rating) 1/5 (Serious rating)

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Those wacky Filipinos

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
13 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A legendary insane film which has become almost mythical in status, this is probably THE weirdest, most bizarre film ever to come from the Philippines. Pete Tombs' invaluable tome Mondo Macabro states that the film was made in 1974 whereas most internet resources claim it was nine years later. I'm inclined to believe the latter guys, especially considering that the (primitive) level of special effects in the movie would have been incredibly advanced for the Filipino guys if this was indeed made in the early '70s. Legends persist of a longer cut of the movie containing so-called "snuff footage" which I find hard to believe, but any version is a classic of so-bad-it's-good cinema. After a slow, uneven start, the film picks up speed to offer a blistering second half of cheesy action, even cheesier effects, and a total lack of coherence and cohesion all round.

The basic storyline consists of an overweight guy in a red jump-suit calling himself the "Prince of Magic" who does evil things like spinning people's heads around like they're Linda Blair. The village elders are powerless against himself and only one man, Lando, can defeat the baddie. Lando is played by Filipino leading man Ramon Revilla who is marginally less wooden than the rest of the cast, although he's no one's idea of an action hero, possessing neither good looks or muscles. I guess the only reason he was cast so often as the hero was because he was kind of tall. Anyway, Lando is having a bad time of it, suffering unintentionally hilarious nightmares in which he witnesses his uncle getting crushed to a pulp by a huge boulder - a special effect which reaches new lows of "special".

After some bad dialogue, worse dubbing, and lots of to-ing and fro-ing between bizarre characters, including a mute kid, his god-like dad and Lando's hottie wife, Lando finds himself meeting the waterlogged corpse of his dead uncle (who jumps up out of the sea on to his boat like Jason in Friday the 13th) and inheriting his magical abilities which involve shooting laser beams from his hands and healing wounds with blue lights (?). He then joins up with a swarthy chum to venture into an underground chasm and fight the Prince of Magic, as you would I'm sure given the same situation. From here on the film doesn't let up in its steady stream of rubbishy effects and insane action. Lando must battle a horde of jumping snakes (he ties one up in a scene guaranteed to offend animal lovers) and sexy snake-women, cat-women, and even dog-women! A bunch of sweating, half-naked karate guys run around in Hell and attempt to beat up Lando but he manages to kill them all, then moving on to engage the Prince of Magic's black-clad henchmen with lots of cheap and cheesy magic laser beam battles and explosions.

People are lifted into the air and spun around with extraordinarily bad special effects work whilst a man has his face torn off in a graphically gruesome moment. A caged of totally naked Filipino women is included into the plot just to add to the exploitation value that little bit more. Lando learns the art of super-invisibility and single-handedly destroys the Prince and his men. Then, of course, comes the showdown everybody has been waiting for, in which Lando battles ol' Mr Scratch himself, Satan, decked out in traditional horns and suit and even carrying a trident. The ensuing battle is as cheap and tacky as you could ever hope for. Finally, the movie finishes with real-life gale force footage, a natural event which just suddenly seems to have sprung up, prompting the cameramen to point and shoot and worry about inserting it into the film at a choice moment later on. A crazy moment which just adds to the sheer wackiness of this production, which is a must for all bad movie lovers and an incomprehensible mess for everyone else.

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3 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Wow - Delicious Weirdness!!

Author: shark-43 from L.A. CA
14 January 2008

THE KILLING OF Satan was the first recommendation by this clerk at a brand new offbeat video store in my neighborhood and I fell in love with the movie and the store after that. I told him I felt I had seen everything horror-wise that was good and that I had also seen all the so bad it's good horror/trash stuff - like Ed Wood, Al Adamson, Skip Milligan, Albert Pyun, etc. so they recommend this little opus and my pals and I were laughing our heads off - the special effects and acting are atrocious - the scene where a large boulder crushes someone is so inept and badly done that Wily Coyote would smirk - the boulder looks like a large wad of newspaper, the actor is out of position for the "boulder" to crush him so he literally flings himself in front of it and then after he is crushed they reveal the actor's head sticking up out of the ground and a paper doll outline of his body with some ketchup on it. After that, we were hooked. The fights are bad, the music is bad and yet there are also some really creepy things it - in fact, there was this mute cave boy that totally freaked out my friend - there are scenes with LOTS of real snakes - I mean, this is the Phillipines, I'm sure the film crew just hired some locals to bag snakes and they came back with tons - in one scene - the lead hero is just smashing and tying real LIVE snakes in knots - the finale between Lando the hero and Satan himself has to be seen to be believed. THE KILLING OF Satan is an amazingly bad movie for lovers of great bad International cheese.

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3 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Gives new meaning to word turkey

Author: Bogey Man from Finland
15 July 2002

Efren C. Pinon's Philippine film Killing of Satan must be one of the worst films I've ever seen! It stars bunch of amateurs without even a small ability to act, and the whole film is so ridiculous. The "story" is something about some people travelling to some island, where strange things happen, and soon Satan himself appears there!! I really cannot tell plenty about the plot since it all is very confusing and I found myself laughing for most of the time. This film is so laughably bad it's enjoyable!

How can this kind of people ever appear in film? Especially the main character Lando is so wooden, boring and un-charismatic, it is total miracle he was chosen as an actor for this "film!" The acting is of course non existent by all the actors, and everyting else sucks, too. The effects are as ridiculous as possible, as guys shoot funny laser beams from their arms, which make funny noises as the beams fly! I almost killed myself because the laugh-o-meter was so high! World absolutely needs these trash movies since sometimes it is great to relax and enjoy these non-sense turkeys! This was without a doubt intended as serious adventure/horror film, but it fails horribly. The Satan is played by two different actors, and the other one is very fat while the other ain't! The costumes of Satan and other characters are so laughable and they probably found them from some local flea market. The film was without a doubt shot at someone's backyard and the total budget was perhaps less than a ten year old's week money. There is some blood and one fairly cool face ripping, but that's all there is in the "horror department" and I really don't know what the other reviewer means by talking something about some "snuff" scenes in this film!! I watched this smut back on Dutch VHS which is without a doubt the uncut version.

The funniest thing about all this is that I didn't know what kind of film this is, and I expected this to be some serious foreign horror film with some merits as a genre film. You can imagine what was my amazement like when the first laser rays and pair of tricot appeared! I'm happy this film was bad in a way that I managed to enjoy it since if it was so bad it's unenjoyable, I definitely wouldn't have been able to sit through this. Now the film runs 90 minutes, and is pure nonsense whole time, but due to its unintentional comic status this was so much fun, but one has to appreciate trash in order to "enjoy" stuff like Killing of Satan. One part of me hates this film for the reason it wasn't a serious horror as I thought, and another part loves this for same reasons and the film being so stupid and funny.

It is impossible to rate this film, since this is so full of trash and nonsense, others just love it and others hate. I think that due to the fact that this managed to make me laugh a lot, I'll give this 2/10 and that's still pretty much! The director is definitely a genius!

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Ridiculous Fun

Author: haz567 from Australia
11 March 2008

The Killing of Satan is a terrible movie with an awful lot of charm because of it, the best kind! If you are into the "so bad it's good" mentality this film is definitely a must see. In a movie production sense this film is criminally woeful, with one of the worst plots and some of the tackiest editing, acting and costumes you will ever see. Despite this, it is highly entertaining with a strong camp appeal. Lando, a 30 something average looking man with an awesome gay porn mustache is the protagonist and the sheer ludicrousness of his plight is enough to have you in stitches. This is only the tip of the iceberg however, get this movie for a rainy day.

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4 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

The Killing of Coherance

Author: Chop-Socky
27 October 1999

"The Killing Of Satan" is a bizarre foriegn film that is virtually incomprehensible. An ex-convict's wife and daughter are stolen by devils and thrown into hell. (Which according to this movie, is maybe 40 feet below the earth's surface.) Now he must save them. Along the way he faces such dangers as deadly styrofoam boulders, a little island kid who only makes cat noises, jumping snakes, and men in spandex outfits who can shoot laser beams. In the end he faces a very scrawny, ridiculous looking Satan. Overall this movie just might be worth seeing if you are in the mood for a very strange Spanish horror flick. (And who isnt?!)

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