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  • Nazis are sent to guard an old, mysterious fortress in a Romanian pass. One of them mistakenly releases an unknown force trapped within the walls. A mysterious stranger senses this from his home in Greece and travels to the keep to vanquish the force. As soldiers are killed, a Jewish man and his daughter (who are both knowledgeable of the keep) are brought in to find out what is happening.

  • Nazis make an old East European town's Keep their base. The local people fear the place is haunted. As soldier after soldier is killed by the beast in the Keep, the Nazis have no option but to seek the aid of a Jew to translate some manuscripts.

  • Romania, 1942, a detachment of the German Army is sent to gaurd a mysterious Romanian citadel located on a strategic mountain pass. When soldiers begin to be mysteriously murdered, the SS arrives to deal with what is thought to be partisan activity. What the SS finds, however, is an evil force trapped within the Keep and a force which will do anything in order to escape.

  • Nazis are forced to turn to a Jewish historian for help in battling the ancient demon they have inadvertently freed from its prison.


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  • The prized possession in my video collection is my copy of 'The Keep' . For those as yet unaware of the treat awaiting them, The Keep portrays a time worn castle in hallowed Eastern Europe captured by German SS forces during World War II. The brutality and greed of the German occupying forcesAs a movie it has the ability to transcend its populist graphic imagery with an undercurrent of empathy that allowed me to identify with the evil occupant of the

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