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Nice bit o' nostalgia.

Author: Heather ( from Oklahoma
7 November 2003

My friend had gotten this dvd as a "present" from her aunt and she made me watch it. While it was funny enough seeing Anthony Edwards as a popular prom king type and Micheal J. Fox was great, there was one teeny tiny presence that makes this movie memorable, a young geeky over-all wearing Crispin Glover. What makes it even better is that I had no idea he was in it. My sister and I were watching and when he popped into the scene I involuntarily leaned forward and was like, "Crispin? Woohoo!!" Oh anyways, the movie is not the most original thing but it was entertaining, the part where they wreck Archie's dad's car and make his dad think he did it was surprisingly very humorous. Plus, even if you don't mean to, you'll be finding yourself quoting this movie. Hope you enjoy it as much as me.

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Crispin Glover steals the show

Author: Doran ( from New York City
14 February 2001

High School USA is one of those sunday afternoon feel good type comedies. It is packed full of familiar faces which make the characters all the more endeering. This film has to be among my personal favorites almost solely on the merits of a classic comedic performance from Crispin Glover. His portrayal of nerdy misfit "Archie Feld" remains for me one of the most unforgetable and entertaining characters I've seen on screen. For those of you who didn't get enough of (Michael J.)Fox and Glover in "Back to the Future" you'll find more gut busting antics from the Duo here. High School USA is a hidden gem in American "High School" genre films and you will certainly enjoy this warm "hero wins the girl" adventure.

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An incredibly entertaining movie!

Author: Rupert-15 from Wisconsin
17 August 1999

More people should watch this movie. I'm quite sure they won't enjoy it as much as my friends or I, but the cast is so fun that it's worth a look. Rowdy class clown J.J. (double J) Manners (Michael J. Fox) is certainly smitten after he bumps in to Beth Franklin (Nancy McKeon) in the hallway. Big problem though-she's dating Beau Middleton (Anthony Edwards) the cocky king of the preps! A class struggle ensues and it's quite wacky to watch it unfold. The supporting cast here is really interesting. You've got Todd Bridges and Dana Plato (Different Strokes), Crystal Bernard (future star of Wings) and a plethora of actors and actresses from older TV shows. Bob Denver plays Crispin Glover's pet supply selling dad. Tony Dow plays the high school's principle. There's even a scene where Anthony Edwards pulls and Eddie Haskell on Eddie Haskell himself (Ken Osmond). There's nothing too original about the plot of this baby (it is a TV movie after all), but it became really addictive for me and a couple of my friends. It's fun to throw quotes around from it. All in all, well worth a couple bucks to watch on video (although I haven't found it in too many video stores). Give it a chance with low expectations and I'm quite sure you won't be too dissatisfied.

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The beginning of the 80s teen TV movie phenomenon

Author: Pat McCurry ( from Wilton, NH
20 September 2004

Come back with us now to the 1980s. While movie companies were cashing in on teen success, NBC decided to take advantage on the teen movie trend by making their own. High School U.S.A. was the beginning. It was originally a TV pilot, but you could hardly tell it was. Still, this movie featured teen stars of the time who went on to big things that included:

Michael J Fox (Family Ties), Nancy McKeon (The Facts of Life), Todd Bridges & the late Dana Plato (Diff'rent Strokes), Lauri Hendler (Gimme a Break), Crystal Bernard & Cathy Silvers (Happy Days), Anthony Edwards (who went to big things), David Packer (V), Crispin Glover (Back to the Future), and the late Tom Villard (who did many supporting & guest roles in movies and TV).

The setting is Excelsior Union High School in Missouri. JJ Manners (Fox) is sort is the somewhat leader of a group of uncool kids. He is likable, but the prep & jocks (led by Beau Middleton, played by Edwards) can't stand him or his kind. It gets even worse when JJ falls in love with Beth Franklin (McKeon), who was a zero but became part of the A-crowd when she started to date Beau.

There are many subplots as well, which as just as funny. A host of 50s & 60s TV stars show up. It is pretty interesting seeing teen stars from one generation meet up with another.

Do I think it would've worked as a TV series? Probably not. Some of the stars were involved in other TV shows and projects. It would've been impossible top bring all the cast members back. Still, it stands on its own well as a TV movie. It was probably best it ended that way as well.

It's worth a look for fans of the 80s and even fans of 50s and 60s.


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An 80's classic and an absolute MUST for Crispin Glover fans!

Author: Mr. Whispy from Midwest
21 October 2008

Contrary to some of the other comments, Crispin Glover actually does have a big role here, so much so that he should have been listed 2nd or 3rd in the credits. And yes, he does steal the show. Also the chemistry he has with Fox is excellent, and makes for a great double feature with Back To The Future. It is a shame the two didn't make more films together.

Anyways, this is one of the best films of the 80's, TV or otherwise. And its one of the best high-school oriented films as well. The cast is perfect and the story is cute and funny. Also expect some major star-gazing from a who's-who of vintage TV, along with many now-famous movie stars. And above all, for those who lived through this era, it will be a slice of nostalgia heaven.

So give this neglected classic some love! Pronto!

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Awesome fun!

22 January 2016

This film is a blast. Because of such a stellar cast, it's far better than you'd expect nonsense like this to be. Michael J. Fox is charming and likable. And Crispin Glover (in ultimate nerd mode) has several memorable one liners. And to this day I'll never forget the character of Bandini. As he's shuffling along complaining about how his toes hurt. And Fox points out that he has his shoes on the wrong feet. To which Bandini replies, "No I don't. These are my feet." Classic!

Don't miss Anthony Edwards doing his best Eddie Haskell impersonation - to Ken Osmond, the original Eddie Haskell himself.

The cheap DVD is not the best quality. But hey, it should last forever. And it's pretty inexpensive at the moment. Definitely check it out!

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the best of the teen movies

Author: hanoi_xan from United States
24 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

what makes this movie so cool is the 2 generations of teen stars. the students are played by the teen stars of the day like Michael j fox, Nancy mckeon and Anthony Edwards, but cast of teachers and parents include Dwayne Hickman, bob Denver and tony Dow.

it's a silly teen romp of cliques and car races, but it's funny and stars everyone. many people went on to be huge stars, so seeing them all here together is so much fun. i first saw this movie at my grandma's house when it ran on cable, and i loved it. i bought it on DVD the first day it came out!

stealing the show of course are crispin glover and Michael zorek as girl crazy nerds Archie and chuckie. it's worth the movie just for them. and to watch the freaks triumph, of course.

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Nothing new here

Author: gcd70 from Melbourne, Australia
1 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very silly high school/teen flick about geeks trying to prove themselves better than the rich brats. Sound familiar? This television movie from director Rod Amateau ("Uncommon Valour" and some "Dukes of Hazaard" episodes believe it or not) says nothing, does nothing, and surely will entertain very few.

Notable for its "who's who" of television cast, including Michael J. Fox, Bob Denver ("Gilligan"), and Todd Bridges ("Different Strokes"). This lame effort barely limps over the line. Also stars Anthony Edwards ("E.R.").

Saturday, September 5, 1998 - Video

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Teen drama at it's finest!

Author: Russell Dale ( from Denver
24 May 2000

This movie has star power! From Todd Bridges to Michael J. Fox, this coming of age film is a must see for those who like watching famous stars "in their prime." Entertaining and informing, this film possesses a power beyond that of normal cinema.

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worth seeing for Crispin Glover & Michael Zorek

Author: Mike K. from Zuma Beach California
16 June 2000

update 12/2/2002: OK just watched High School USA again for the first time since my review 12 years ago. It's still not a great film,but it is fun and i'll give it a break since its a TV movie. It's actually neat to see so many 80's TV actors in one place (and no less than 4 from Leave it to Beaver!). Not much of a story: rich,preppy A-hole (Edwards) has sweet,cute girlfriend (McKeon) that nice,funny normal guy (Fox) likes. Fox and Edwards make a bet on a car race that will somehow determine who is the coolest guy in school and most likely win over sweet girl McKeon. whatever. Crispin Glover actually has more screen time than anyone but Michael J Fox. Crispin & Michael Zorek provide most of the comedy as Fox's loser friends. I'll raise my movie review to a 6 and add another point for Glover/Zorek to make my final grade a 7.


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