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The UK MIA DVD is completely uncut. The UK version was uncut during its theatrical exhibition. The video release in 1986 was cut by 2 minutes 6 secs before the video was submitted for a certificate and has all the violent scenes cut out. For instance: When Harry Grimbridge is killed, the gruesome killing of him is cut out. We see the fingers poised and the feet and Halloween mask moving, and then immediately it shows the assassin wiping his blood covered gloves on the curtain. When Starker gets decapitated, this scene including the fountain of blood is cut out. When Marge Guttman's face explodes, the gruesome insect scene is cut and it just shows her quivering hands move slowly down her face then it fades out. The drill murder of lab assistant Teddy ends as the drill starts turning and no footage is shown of her kicking legs. The 2000 MIA DVD featured the full uncut version though the 2002 widescreen release from Sanctuary featured a re-edited print which was missing footage of the two face mutilations.
In Germany the uncut version was released on DVD but not shown on TV. There are two different TV versions which were both cut. The longer cut version includes the complete original title in the opening sequence and the shortest version only includes "Halloween III" as title.
The Spanish version has some added scenes and others deleted. The added scenes include: When Dan Chaliss's kids are watching the Silver Shamrock commercial and Linda says "Turn that down", here we don't hear her voice over, there's a shot of her saying it. When the Kupfers are being murdered and bugs galore are coming out of Little Buddy's head, the Spanish version doesn't show the snakes, just continuous bugs so it doesn't show Buddy getting bitten by a rattlesnake. The scene right before Buddy Kupfer drops dead, there's an added scene of him through the surveillance camera reaching for help before he dies. At the beginning when the assassin droid is strangling Harry Grimbridge at a used car lot and Harry causes another car to crunch the assassin, well when it happens, it doesn't make that 'Eeeeeeee' sound it did in the regular version, instead there's the crush sound and the assassin keeling back.
In the Spanish version, the following changes were made: When the gas station attendant is watching the news on the thieving of one of Stonehenge's rocks, what followed before the Silver Shamrock commercial was a: "When we come back..." ad, but it isn't played in this version. When the commercial is playing at the gas station and the power goes out, the scene of the attendant looking behind him isn't shown. Just him beginning to get up.
Also in the Spanish version, the scene of Marge Guttman's face exploding was shortened. It shows the macabre scene but it cuts out the Jerusalem cricket crawling out her mouth.
Originally released uncut on video in Australia in the mid 80s by Thorn EMI; the recent DVD release by Infogrames features a cut version of the film.
Cuts on the Infogrames Australian DVD release include: During the scene where Harry Grimbridge is murdered, the assassin enters the room and poises his fingers above his head, before using them to kill him. Only a couple of seconds of his death is shown, before it cuts to the mask laying on the floor. When Starker is killed, they do not show the second shot of the assassin's face after the fountain of blood sprays from Starker's neck. It cuts straight to Ellie jumping in shock after Marge accidentally hits her car horn, and is missing the scene where she is walking through the parking lot. Similarly, when Marge is killed, only a quick shot of her hands covering her face is shown, before it fades out. During the Halloween montage towards the end of the movie, the scene showing the trick-or-treaters in Phoenix, Arizona, is cut out, and goes straight from the shot of the Silver Shamrock van in Seattle to the aerial view of Phoenix at the end of the scene. Again, when Teddy is killed, the scene is cut. It shows the assassin forcing the drill into her face, but cuts out the part at the end where it gets up and walks off. A final change occurs at the hospital when Harry Grimbridge is admitted. Some of the dialogue between Walter Jones and Challis is missing. When we see the shot of Grimbridge on the stretcher in front of the TV, the lines "Hey, can I leave now?", and "Sure, I don't see why not" are missing, and cuts straight to Challis shaking Walter's hand and saying, "Thanks a lot for bringing him." These cuts also occur on the 2008 Lionsgate DVD. The missing scenes are restored on the 2013 Australian Blu ray release, which features the complete uncut version of the film originally released in cinemas.
AMC TV version makes the following changes: Walter Jones' line of "I swear to God" is changed to "I swear to you" when he brought Harry to Dan Chaliss's hospital; When Buddy Kupfer tells Dan about Conal Cochran, his line of "sticky toilet paper" is changed to "sticky dwarf toys"; The murders of Harry Grimbridge, Starker and Marge aren't as graphic; Marge's line of "screwed up" is changed to "messed up"; other obscenities are cut as well as the scene where Dan calls Teddy on the morning of the 30th.
1998 Goodtimes DVD release omits several sound effects for some unknown reason, including the stinger when the assassin appears to watch Ellie and Challis enter the factory, and the dial tone when Challis and Teddy are on the phone to each other before the above scene. Additionally, when Walter Jones is in the hospital explaining how he first encountered Harry Grimbridge, an overhead page is heard stating "Miss Scott call admitting". This appears in the version that sporadically airs on Cinemax, but not on the 2001 Goodtimes release.
An extension of the scene where Ellie gets out of the shower was filmed but cut. It showed her, still wrapped in the blanket, taking one of Challis' cigarettes and lighting it up, before sitting down on the bed to wait for him.
The version on television is as follows: The opening sequence is in a letterbox format, as well as the first shot of Harry Grimbridge running out of the tunnel; the music from the TV is somewhat mismatched from the dialogue as Walter Jones watches; an additional line from the Silver Shamrock masks from the commercials that tells people to watch the big giveaway is heard before the power goes out; all uses of God's name in vain is removed; Marge's line of "They got their orders all screwed up" is changed to "all messed up"; Marge Guttman's misfire accident is violence-trimmed, so the music is mismatched to the scene and it edits a few moments of footage; Buddy Kupfer's line of, "Sticky toilet paper" is changed to "sticky dwarf toys"; the shot of snakes coming out of Little Buddy in Test Room A is removed so the deaths of Buddy and Betty are mysterious.
There were two cuts for the "R" rating. There was more gore to the head-popping scene and when the girl gets fried by the Silver Shamrock pin. There is a bootleg version in letterboxed format that has all the gore.

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