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A thinker's story
Keith F. Hatcher24 October 2004
A story within a story, cleverly juxtaposed so as to run in parallel with everything else. Requiring much attention from the spectator, so as not to drop any interwoven threads, Gonzalo Suárez builds on two of his own novels to produce an intricate narrative. The question is whether two writers can come together again to write more stories, when it would appear that they cannot live with each other, but nor can they without each other. The characters of the film carry out their own dialogues, thus giving the effect of a story within a story running parallel to the film's development.

Paco Rabal just right, as usual, Sacristán holds up well, Charo López wonderful, and the part played by Sandra Toral comes out surprisingly well in the middle of the muddle. However, this film is by no means a comedy, though not lacking in humorous touches.

The overall effect is of a cyclical story, such that Julio Medem's 'Los Amantes del Círculo Polar' (qv) comes to mind: the stories are totally different, but certain styles bordering on the surrealist at times hold interest for the thinking viewer.
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