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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • This film is not as disturbing as it was when it was released, but still has a very dark and mature theme which could be upsetting.
  • A nuclear bomb destroys Kansas City. People and animals are incinerated by the blast on screen. Mass looting and anarchy erupts. Other themes including radiation sickness and there are also some dead bodies that can be seen on the streets following the attack.
  • During the nuclear missile attacks, mass populations are killed by the blast. When they are hit their bodies are turned into blackened "skeletal x-rays". This isn't terribly graphic (the special effects are a bit dated) but it may disturb younger viewers.
  • Only person is actually seen on fire during the attacks, but it happens very quickly.
  • Most of the nuclear destruction portrayed in the movie - except the deaths - is seen through the use of old stock footage.
  • A little boy runs outside during the nuclear blast and is blinded when he looks directly into the mushroom cloud. Nothing graphic.
  • A farmer is shot to death by the leader of a starving mob.
  • Several charred and blackened dead bodies are seen throughout the movie in the aftermath of the attacks.
  • Many survivors are seen, late in the film, dying of radiation poisoning, losing their hair and becoming weakened by their condition.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The most frightening scene in the movie takes place just after the nuclear bombs hit. When the victims are hit by the nuclear fire, they freeze in place and their bodies turn into black skeletons - like an x-ray. This happens several times to many people and groups of people. Once to a horse. The deaths aren't all that graphic (the special effects are a bit dated) but the impact of the scene is somewhat disturbing.
  • The theme of this movie is a nuclear attack on the United States.
  • When the nuclear blast strikes Kansas City, people and animals are vaporized by the deadly heat ray. This scene is not recommended for anyone under the age of ten.
  • Suggested MPAA rating, PG-13 for scenes of violence involving nuclear warfare and disturbing images.

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