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The performances are often good, including Reno's; he has an interesting, poker-faced way of underplaying scenes that keeps him from being a stereotyped kid.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The Black Stallion Returns is not a magic monument - it's only a terrific film for kids. [26 Mar 1983]
The New York Times
It is funny, unpretentious and fast-paced. It has a kind of comicbook appreciation for direct action and no time whatsoever for mysticism or for scenery for its own sake, though most of it was shot in Morocco and is fun to look at.
Gone is the joy and wide-eyed fun of the original; in its place is a hokey, ho-hum story that might have come out of a computer.
Boston Globe
Return is a slow-paced, incompetently directed film with both eyes focused on the box office. [26 Mar 1983]
It's picaresque, all right, but full of ethnic stereotypes, and filmed much too blandly to compete with the superb ''Black Stallion'' of a few years ago.
The Black Stallion Returns is little more than a contrived, cornball story that most audiences will find to be an interminable bore.

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