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A movie before it's time

Author: Sharon Houghton from Cape Coral Florida
18 September 2000

From the first time I saw this movie I was haunted by the content & the extraordinary performance of Martha Byrne who was only 12 at the time. Martha didn't have to say much, all you had to do was watch her expressions to know what the child was going through. The writing was excellent & the actors were awesome (especially Ms Byrne). Although I saw this movie at least 15 yrs ago, I never forgot it & have often wondered why it isn't being shown on TV now with all the DNA & cloning in the news. It's taken me 15 yrs to get a copy of the movie & when I watched it again tonight, it was even better than I remembered. This movie would be a classic if enough people were able to see it. Mark Patton plays the older brother who doesn't quite know what to make of his genius but precocious sister. Watching Anna discover herself & gain the respect & help of her brother was a beautiful example of what siblings (even squabbling siblings) can be when love is present. This is a movie that I've never been able to get out of my mind & now that I've seen it again, I never want to forget a moment of it.

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The Brilliance of this movie is timeless

Author: TD from United States
15 July 2007

I first saw this movie over 20 years ago. My memory was of the basic plot, but I had forgotten all the subtleties as well as the film's brilliance. I honestly can't think of a film that is as haunting and captivating as this wonderfully told tale. Martha Bryne puts in an all time great child actor performance and Donna Mitchell plays a great mentoring taskmaster. I can only imagine that the premise of this story while probably completely fiction would be well within the realm of possibility in the modern world. As scary as the film is, it gives great hope for the human spirit to overcome pre-disposition and also shows the importance of heart and feeling over mechanical perfection. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys thought provoking and well written movies.

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Thought provoking movie

Author: kgrinde from United States
20 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* I was flipping through channels when I caught this film that I had never heard of. After it was over, I thought about what I liked most about the movie. Granted, the idea of cloning people is astounding, not to mention scary on some level, but what stayed with me the most was how Anna's personality changes, as does her relationship with her brother Rowan. At the beginning of the movie, Anna Hart is arrogant, spoiled & has a tendency to steal. She also doesn't seem to get along with anyone in her family, with the exception of her mother. After she learns the truth about herself, she confides in Rowan that she wants to be her own person, a better person, & he encourages her. We then see Anna at a store trying on makeup. Instead of taking it, like she would have before, she tells the salesperson she'd like to buy it. There are also scenes of Anna & Rowan spending time together & having fun, which would never have happened at the beginning of the movie. We also see them have a serious talk, at the end of which he kisses her on the cheek. (Ahhh!) Anna's doctor then calls to tell the family that she is very ill, & you can see the tears in Rowan's eyes at the news. I also love how after Rowan sneaks a phone call in to Anna at the "hospital" she's been taken to, & she tells him how scared she is, he swims there (you read that right) to make sure she's okay. This is significant because Rowan blows off an important music competition (he's been playing the violin for years) to rescue her. Later, when Anna realizes what day it is & she asks him about it, he tells her he got a postponement. She simply says "Oh", but we see her smile afterward because she knows that's not true. Rowan has proved how much he loves his sister, & Anna has shown that she has matured into a kind, thoughtful young woman. Great character development for both of them. Anyways, those are my reasons for enjoying Anna to the Infinite Power.

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Not Just for Children

Author: Mark-129 from United States
9 April 2002

Despite being filmed on a small budget, "Anna to the Infinite Power" is a wonder. Produced, written and performed by a talented cast of newcomers and veteran actors attracted to the story of a young girl, a genius, has to face the truth of her origins and forge her own identity and place in the world. A terific and timely film, made with both love and insight.

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Anna to the Infinite Power - An undiscovered gem

Author: jonathanruano from Canada
2 May 2010

Director Robert Wiemer was a television director who throughout his career made films that went straight to TV. Most of Wiemer's films were not very good (like "Night Train to Kathmandu" with the beautiful Ukranian model Mila Jovovich) because he often had to work with austere budgets and often untalented actors. But in the early 1980s, Wiemer made a film, "Anna to the Infinite Power" that was so intellectually riveting and profound that I was interested in it right up to the end. The only bad scenes are in the last twenty minutes, which raised logical problems about the film's plot (for example, why was the old nurse incapable of noticing that Anna had escaped from her room in the hospital). But up to that point, "Anna to the Infinite Power" is terribly good.

The most important reason why this film work is that Robert Weimer had written such a good script based on the novel with the same name. The plot developments are so unpredictable that you never know what is going to happen next. In the beginning, "Anna to the Infinite Power" is a story about an inexplicably anti-social young girl named Anna who is gifted in science and math and possesses a very high IQ. Then the story evolves into one of intellectual and emotional awakening as Anna discovers why she has these problems and realizes that she can change and grow -- and she does grow. Then the plot evolves into something else. Although the plot changes so much, "Anna to the Infinite Power" does not lose its cohesion and it does not confuse the audience as it conveys its rather complicated plot. The other great thing about the script is that, unlike many big-budget Hollywood films, "Anna to the Infinite Power" has characters, especially Anna Hart (who is played with surprising effectiveness by Martha Byrne) and Rowan Hart (Mark Patton), that evolve instead of remain static. There are also wonderful little nuances in this film such as the subtle chemistry between Anna and Rowan which gives the suggestion of a romance, but never answers the question of whether one will develop. Equally noteworthy is the thought provoking character of Michaela Dupont (Donna Mitchell), the new neighbor who appears friendly but is not all that she seems. Michaela has her own agenda, but we are not told what it is until the end.

The acting, in contrast, to the script is not as stellar. Martha Byne plays Anna Hart very well most of the time, though her acting was wobbly in the beginning. But the same cannot be said for the rest of the cast which usually had good and bad scenes in equal measure. Yet at the same time, the most important characters -- Anna Hart, Rowan Hart, Michaela Dupont, and Henry Jelliff -- were believable enough to make this film work. Why was this relatively amateurish cast, excepting Martha Byrne, so effective? My theory is that most of these actors cared enough about their roles and this film's inspired plot (and arguably good direction) to make the extra effort in making this movie work. The result is that a film that should have gathered plenty of dust, like one of those woman's novels that no one really cares about, ended up becoming a diamond in the rough and potentially a cult classic. I suspect if this film was given a much bigger budget and better actors, it probably would have been one of the best films of the year. But nevertheless Robert Wiemer can justifiably be proud of his work here.

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A feast of educational elements here

Author: sharkey197 from United States
3 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first time I saw this film I was impressed with the issues it raised, and I'm not referring to cloning. It delved into the whole concept of identity and how we all have the ability to make choices for ourselves. Years later, I showed it to my sophomore English class and got a whole unit from it. Not only was cloning in the news then and provided them with a research topic, but it allowed us to discuss identity, family and the nature of good and evil. I see from the various comments here that many people are knocking this film. Well, maybe it wasn't the greatest classic in the world, but it certainly provided my students with a great educational experience and frankly, I think it was a very fine film. It is also something that can be used to discuss the holocaust, which is very much to the fore in education today. And I love the ending! Boy, did that provide my students with discussion material!

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Deeper than it might seem

Author: J Peacock (kallabos-1)
15 September 2004

This movie (and its book counterpart) almost seems prophetic in this day and age. A story that came out in the early eighties, set in the late nineties; dealing human cloning and the moral, ethical, and philosophical consequences. The film itself is a bit poorly constructed (probably due to its shoe string budget) and the acting is thin and amateurish. However, its unusual story was quite unique for its day. Also I find it very fascinating that the world would be contemplating the same issues and at the time period as in this little movie. I say it worth seeing once. Even just to wonder about the possibilities and consequences of cloning.

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I would love to see this movie remade

Author: tedwards25 from United States
25 April 2006

I saw this movie when I was about 12 years old and it has stayed with me.. I thought it was a movie that should have or could have been more.. we rented it from the movie store and had never heard of it before. I think that it should be remade, with all the advances in this area of study, it is the perfect time to make its way back to the screen. I am trying to find it in the video stores for my husband to see it. Its just one of those movies you want to have everyone experience. If it was remade, I think I would choose Angelina Jolie to be makayla. I also would like to see how they would change it to make it more of a mainstream movie, with out doing away with is cult classic status.

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Could have been better and worse

Author: sploiter from United States
22 April 2015

The concept is interesting but the movie is let down in several ways. 1st the tension dissipates way early when the secret is revealed a long time before the mid point even. After that it's more TV family sitcom than anything. Some of the logic doesn't stand up to much of a look - the father seems to be talking about some other kid and not his own when the subject of Anna's strange ways is ever raised. The tension finally ratchets up in the last act but just when you think it's going to finish well it just kind of stops dead. Like that.

The cast is an interesting mix of faces from the period and before with a lot of them from daytime dramas. It was nice to see the beautiful Dina Merrill again as well as Jack Gilford - the 1st time for me to see him since the movie Cocoon. He was great as the Doc in Catch-22 and he was good as the doctor here too.

A small side note - this movie looks like it 'inspired' an episode of the brilliant and massive hit TV series the X Files. The XF ep is called 'Eve' and it looks like the writers Kenneth Biller & Chris Brancato 'loosely based' their story and script on Anna to the Infinite Power! To their credit they did a very good job and in many ways the X Files ep is actually better than this movie. It certainly has a _much_ more satisfying ending for 1 thing and the logic of the plot is solid. Ace show creator Chris Carter certainly knows how to get the best from his talented people.

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Interesting story but what a terrible acting!

Author: vocklabruck from United States
26 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story involving the holocaust and the cloning experiments was exceptionally good. I admit it was very but VERY well written. Ethic about cloning was already the subject in the 70's movie called The Clonus Horror, but in the case of Anna to the Infinite Power the subject was even more interesting because of the connection with the WWII. It was also chilling the fact that Anna had those dreams and could feel the other girls. I think the story was quite original for its time. It was great.

Sadly, the acting was not on the same level. With the exception of Donna Mitchell and the woman playing the schoolteacher, the cast was just TERRIBLE. Horrible acting and also horrible editing! Also some flimsy and incoherent characters, for example, daddy.

There is no climax, the ending was quite bad, and there were several moments throughout the movie where they could have exploit a lot of suspense and horror, but those moments were wasted.

All in all, despite of the bad, this movie deserves a try.

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