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They didn't even scratch its hull...
mattbcoach27 April 2006
CBS had high hopes for this series, which they hoped would break the seven year stranglehold that "The Love Boat" had on its time slot. But this show was gone after only a few weeks. It really wasn't bad, just not a show for its time. People didn't really want to see Westerns. They wanted to see jiggly babes and modern situations. This show was cool in that you got to see a young Mimi Rogers in a main role, and she does it quite well. The show's sets were well done as well, as in keeping with the decent budget allocated for this TV drama, in that the network had high hopes for it. The rest of I wouldn't mind seeing the four or five episodes of this show on DVD.
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I loved this show, I would buy the video
marlene150172 July 2006
I was so disappointed when this show was canceled. I don't buy videos very often and own no TV shows. This would do it for me, if it was out on the market. Chad Everett was the long-suffering stable brother, trying to keep the family name a respected one, maintain its esteem among legendary names in American mythology. Of course, all other members, friends and circumstances worked against him with comic results. The carnival plot line is just uniquely American and silly enough to put the show over the top. This show gave us the humorous dysfunctional family before we even had a name for it. I never really thought of it as a Western, though I suppose it is not inaccurate to call it such.
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makes the A-TEAM look like Shakespeare
rdavy22 September 2008
i honestly logged onto the comments section for this show to read some funny slams, and was very surprised to read so many positive ratings. this is awful. inane plots, amazing continuity errors, bad acting, and caricatures instead of characters. i've had to sit thru 6 consecutive episodes of this, for my job, and am ready to call my dentist, and see if he can squeeze me in for an emergency root canal.there are some very likable actors in this series, it's almost hard to believe it could be this bad. chad everet was a solid leading man, mimi rogers is stunning as ever, and i was shocked to see jim varney had a career before earnest.
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