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Season 2

7 Oct. 1984
Penny and Vince meet for a pub lunch but he so annoys her by bringing up the past and telling her that he sold the flat behind her back that she throws a drink over him. Drunk and depressed he turns up at her house to apologize but has an encounter with the law but next day he and Penny inevitably make up.
14 Oct. 1984
Another Man
Penny thinks Vince is taking her for granted and decides to teach him a lesson.
21 Oct. 1984
The Evidence/Or His Bottle Went
Penny is summoned to a meeting at a restaurant with Graham, her controlling, patronizing estranged husband. He tells her that he wants her to admit to adultery with Vince to lessen the shame of a divorce - otherwise his mother will exclude him from her will. Fortunately Vince arrives to rescue Penny, and he has a plan - and reinforcements.
28 Oct. 1984
Caught on a Shoulder Strap
Penny and Vince attend her boss's daughter Sammy's wedding where Vince accidentally gets his cuff link caught up with the bride's dress - leading to a row with Penny and the cancellation of the honeymoon. Meanwhile Daphne is less than delighted to get a surprise visit from Vince's parents, Rita and Les and his clumsy brother Clifford. Not only do they remind her of the aborted wedding but they seem to have more money than her.
4 Nov. 1984
Farewell Holiday
Vince tricks Penny into going away on a week's holiday at his family's new Portuguese villa.
11 Nov. 1984
Penny is alarmed when she appears to have pregnancy symptoms and, whilst Vince's parents are delighted to think they may have a grandchild, Daphne is anything but, giving her daughter a cautionary tale of a former friend in a similar predicament. Vince agrees to stand by her though ultimately it turns out to be a false alarm.
18 Nov. 1984
Goodbye Again
After getting her divorce Penny meets Vince for lunch and he proposes to her, though given his past record she is wary. Furthermore she has the offer of a training course in Paris, so that when he stays out all night, despite having a good reason, she decides that she is better off without him and must put herself first in future, accepting the Paris course.
25 Dec. 1984
In a feature length episode Penny recalls how she first met Vince when he was selling ice creams from a van, their subsequent courtship and the events that led up to his jilting her on her wedding day and her decision to marry respectable but controlling Graham. Consequently she comes down on the side of believing that she and Vince have no future together.

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