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Season 1

12 Sep. 1983
Gadget in Winterland
Gadget is on holiday at the Winter Olympics, but Dr. Claw is trying to sabotage the games by replacing the torch bearer. Gadget also faces the M.A.D. yodeler and a Yeti like Snowbot.
13 Sep. 1983
Monster Lake
Inspector Gadget saves Professor Frafkin, the world's leading scientist, from being kidnapped by Dr. Claw.
14 Sep. 1983
Down on the Farm
Inspector Gadget travels to Malaysia to find the famous explorers that were captured by Dr. Claw.
15 Sep. 1983
Gadget at the Circus
The M.A.D. agents trying to destroy the circus are no match for Inspector Gadget, Penny and Chief Quimby.
16 Sep. 1983
The Amazon
Inspector Gadget prevents Dr. Claw from kidnapping the father of modern bionics, Professor Von Slicksfein.
19 Sep. 1983
Health Spa
Inspector Gadget foils Dr. Claw's plans to destroy him while on a vacation at a health spa.
20 Sep. 1983
The Boat
Inspector Gadget's undercover assignment takes place on a luxury liner where the wealthiest people in the world are on holiday.
21 Sep. 1983
Haunted Castle
Dr. Claw tries to sabotage a crime fighter's convention held at Count Dracula's home in Transylvania.
22 Sep. 1983
Race to the Finish
While Gadget takes Penny and Brain to drive out in the country, they were surprised by Cr. Claw. However, Gadget soon realizes this and helps his niece and dog. Then, Chief Quimby gives Gadget an assignment, it tells him that Dr.Claw is planning on participating a race which the winner takes a $10,000 prize. Dr.claw plans to use that money to finance crime. Gadget must enter the race not to win, but to make sure that Dr.Claw loses.
23 Sep. 1983
The Ruby
Dr. Claw steals the big red ruby of India to use in his superlaser to destroy U.S. communications satellites.
26 Sep. 1983
A Star Is Lost
Inspector Gadget's assignment here, is to protect a star musician, Rick Rocker. However, Rick is startled by Gadget's appearance and is trying to avoid him. But, Dr. Claw is planning to make some kind of mind-control record, he wants to use Rick rocker. So, Gadget must protect Rick Rocker from Dr. Claw and stop Claw's production of the mind-control record.
27 Sep. 1983
All That Glitters
Inspector Gadget with the help of his niece Penny, stops M.A.D. agents from stealing gold from the ancient City of Gold and uncover a real gold temple.
28 Sep. 1983
Movie Set
Taking the part of a knight starring opposite the famous Lana Lamour (a M.A.D. agent in disguise), in a M.A.D. movie, Inspector Gadget saves the military secrets from falling into M.A.D.'s hands.
29 Sep. 1983
Amusement Park
M.A.D. agents have hidden a bomb in the amusement park in Metro City.
30 Sep. 1983
Art Heist
Gadget was told by Chief Quimby to go to New York. There, Quimby gave Gadget an assignment to protect the priceless artwork in the American Museum of Modern Art. Dr.Claw plans to switch the actual artworks with fake duplicates. With Gadget alone at the museum, he must stop Claw's men from stealing the real artwork.
3 Oct. 1983
Volcano Island
Gadget and his team are vacationing in Hawaii when Cheif Quimby gave Gadget an assignment. It appears that Dr. Claw wants to build some kind of secret missile base in Hawaii. But, he has to scare away the tourists first, and he plans doing so by using explosives (concealed in pineapples) and putting them inside the volcanoes. So, it can look like that the volcanoes are erupting. Gadget has to battle through a fake profit and stop Claw from using Hawaii as a missile base.
4 Oct. 1983
The Invasion
Inspector Gadget, Chief Quimby and Penny battle against M.A.D. when they try to disguise themselves as Martians.
5 Oct. 1983
The Infiltration
M.A.D. agent, Presto Change-0, impersonated Inspector Gadget at a secret meeting.
6 Oct. 1983
The Curse of the Pharaoh
Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain protect the Poot-Ta-Foot's treasure from the evil clutches of M.A.D.
7 Oct. 1983
M.A.D. Trap
Intent on destroying Inspector Gadget, Dr. Claw lures him with a rash of small crimes and plans on a major one to end the Inspector's meddling once and for all.
10 Oct. 1983
Basic Training
Chief Quimby, Penny and Inspector Gadget rescue the secret computer parts form the clutches of M.A.D., as they race through a high-speed chase aboard a train.
11 Oct. 1983
Sleeping Gas
Dr. Claw has invented a sleeping gas on a remote island. It is up to Inspector Gadget to destroy this evil invention.
12 Oct. 1983
Gadget's Replacement
Gadget was told by Cheif Quimby to take secret routes into Quimby's office. There, Quimby shows off his brand new "Crime Computer". He demonstrates on how the Crime Computer can point out a crime happening in Metro City and deal with it. Unfortunately, the Crime Computer is Gadget's replacement. With Gadget out of the job, he must find employment elsewhere. Meanwhile, Dr.Claw is secretly planning to sabotage the Crime Computer, to either get rid of Gadget or draw the police away so his M.A.D. agents can steal and rob Metro City. Gadget must stop Dr. Claw and prove to ...
13 Oct. 1983
Inspector Gadget foils the evil plans of Waldo, a M.A.D. agent, who is trying to steal Greenfinger's secret formula that enlarges plants. Safety Tip: Use calamine lotion for poison ivy, but learn to identify it too.
14 Oct. 1983
Gadget Goes West
Inspector Gadget destroys M.A.D.'s plans for a western base in wild West Tourist Town. Safety Tip: Follow safety rules when crossing the street.
17 Oct. 1983
Launch Time
M.A.D. agents sabotage a U.S. space shuttle by planting a bomb on board. Inspector Gadget foils M.A.D.'s plans and saves the space shuttle. Safety Tip: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
18 Oct. 1983
Photo Safari
While on a trip in Africa, Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain suspect that M.A.D. agents are using wild animals to scare off villagers and set up a crime base in the jungle. Inspector Gadget investigates the situation. Safety Tip: Be prepared when you go exploring.
19 Oct. 1983
The Coo-Coo Clock Caper
Inspector Gadget's mission is to safeguard the gold in the Swiss gold reserve and foil Dr. Claw's plants to steal the gold with the help of Coo-Coo-Clock Maker. Safety Tip: Never take medicine that isn't yours. Follow prescriptions carefully.
20 Oct. 1983
The Bermuda Triangle
M.A.D. is supposed to be the cause of the disappearing ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain find the missing ships. Safety Tip: Safety when using aerosol spray cans.
21 Oct. 1983
The Japanese Connection
Gadget receives an assignment telling him to go to Japan. Gadget's investigation involves a missing computer chip known as the "pip chip". Unfortunately, Dr.Claw has stolen it and plans to use it to power up a space device that allows Claw to electronically steal anything he wants. Plus, Claw is getting help from his counterpart Rauruda (a Japanese version of Claw). So, Gadget must team up with a little girl named Sasuko to stop both Dr. Claw and Rauruda.
24 Oct. 1983
Arabian Nights
Inspector Gadget battles in the deserts of Yetzanistand to stop M.A.D. agent, Fast Adbul, from stealing the sacred scimitar from Prince Abar. Safety Tip: Adjust eating habits when in the sun, avoid dehydration, drink plenty of liquids.
25 Oct. 1983
A Clear Case
Gadget has been assigned to go to the mountains. His investigation involves a secret M.A.D. operation on using diamonds and cutting them down and making some kind of invisible clothing. Gadget must stop this operation before global security is in trouble.
26 Oct. 1983
Dutch Treat
Gadget receives an assignment. It tells him to go to The Netherlands (Holland). Gadget has to investigate a diamond-smuggling system. Meanwhile, Dr. claw, who is in charge of the diamond-smuggling system, is also running a secret chocolate factory. Claw is planning to smuggle pieces of diamonds by putting them into chocolates. In fact he is also planning to cut up the symbol of The Netherlands, The Amster Diamond. Gadget must stop Claw from smuggling The Amster Diamond out of The Netherlands.
27 Oct. 1983
The Great Divide
Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain are off to the Rocky Mountains to rescue a seismologist who has been captured by M.A.D. Safety Tip: Warm up muscles before exercising to avoid muscle cramps.
28 Oct. 1983
Eye of the Dragon
Inspector Gadget foils the evil plans of Dr. Claw to steal a valuable pearl necklace. This adventure takes Chief Quimby and the Inspector to Hong Kong. Safety Tip: Don't be greedy and overeat.
31 Oct. 1983
Doubled Agent
Gadget is at the circus one day with his niece Penny, when Cheif Quimby gives Gadget an assignment to protect The Shah of Freeland from Dr. Claw. But, this time, Claw has more than one agenda. He does plan to kidnap the Shah, but also to get Gadget out of the way of his plans, and he plans to do so by creating a robotic duplicate of Gadget and have the robot rob banks, so the police will turn on Gadget and send Gadget to jail. So, Gadget must not only protect the Shah, but protect his reputation and his career.
1 Nov. 1983
Plantform of the Opera
Gadget and Penny are in Italy. However, Cheif Quimby gives Gadget an assignment. It tells him that Dr.Claw is planning on stealing a priceless artifact known as the Golden Pizza. However, Gadget has to join an opera to find and stop the M.A.D. agents from stealing the Golden Pizza. Plus, another agent is planning to use his "singing" plant to help Dr.Claw steal the Pizza. Gadget must stop Dr.Claw from stealing the Golden Pizza and destroy the singing plant.
2 Nov. 1983
Don't Hold Your Breath
Chief Quimby and Penny aid Inspector Gadget in rescuing three famous oceanographers who are kidnapped by M.A.D. Safety Tip: Wash small cuts and scratches and use a little iodine to prevent infection.
3 Nov. 1983
Gone Went the Wind
Dr. Focus of M.A.D. invents a machine called Sneezooka which creates the wind of 3 billion sneezes. Inspector Gadget finds the secret laboratory and destroys the machine. Safety Tip: cover mouth when sneezing and don't drink out of someone's else's glass.
4 Nov. 1983
King Wrong
The beautiful M.A.D. agent Labella is disrupting the peaceful country of Pianostan. Inspector Gadget stops her before she causes a revolution. Safety Tip: Don't eat food that looks old or bad; prevent food poisoning.
7 Nov. 1983
Pirate Island
Dr. Claw is kidnapping billionaires and stealing their money. Inspector Gadget rescues the captured billionaires and protects their money. Safety Tip: Skull and crossbones on a bottle means poison.
8 Nov. 1983
M.A.D. Academy
Zany Inspector Gadget ends up at the M.A.D. Academy for new agents instead of the Police Academy. With the help of Chief Quimby and Penny, the Inspector is rescued from Dr. Claw. Safety Tip: Be careful.
9 Nov. 1983
No Flies on Us
Inspector Gadget travels to Malaysia to find the famous explorers that were captured by Dr. Claw. Chief Quimby, Penny and Brain, infected with a deadly virus, are also captured. The Inspector finds the antidote and frees Quimby, Penny, Brain and the explorers. Safety Tip: Vaccinations are important.
10 Nov. 1983
Luck of the Irish
M.A.D. is suspected of stealing the Blarney Stone, the national treasure of Ireland and is holding it for ransom. With the luck of a four leaf clover and Penny, Inspector Gadget recovers the Stone. Safety Tip: Check power lines when flying a kite.
11 Nov. 1983
Prince of the Gypsies
Inspector Gadget must locate the stolen Seal of Romania or Dr. Claw will become their King. Safety Tip: Clean up toys and prevent accidents.
14 Nov. 1983
Old Man of the Mountain
The two oldest tribes in the Balkan Mountains are waging battle, endangering the entire area. M.A.D. is suspected of triggering the war. Inspector Gadget is on duty to investigate the crime. Safety Tip: Help a senior citizen. They are a valuable natural resource.
15 Nov. 1983
The Emerald Duck
The famous Emerald Duck is stolen from the temple of the Sungod. Inspector Gadget exposed the criminal and restores order.
16 Nov. 1983
Do Unto Udders
Dr. Claw is causing dairy cows to stop giving milk. His diabolical plan is to monopolize the manufacture and sale of dairy products in Metro City. Luckily, the Inspector -- with very capable backup from Penny and Brain -- shuts down his operation and foils his plans. Safety Tip: Dairy products are necessary for good health.
17 Nov. 1983
Did You Myth Me?
Gadget receives an assignment, it tells him to go to Greece. There, he investigates a statue museum, not knowing that the museum contains an ingredient that can turn bars of lead into gold. Dr.Claw's M.A.D. agents are planning to steal the ingredients. Gadget must stop the M.A.D. agents while venturing the mythical areas.
18 Nov. 1983
A Bad Altitude
There are undersea explosions near Everest Island in the South Pacific. M.A.D. agents are suspected to threaten island resorts and demand protection money. Inspector Gadget gives up his vacation to solve the crime. Safety Tip: Never ride cars with door unlocked or arms out the window and don't let your dog hang out the car window.
21 Nov. 1983
Funny Money
M.A.D. has reduced a counterfeiter to a very tiny size. Inspector Gadget must stop them or they will make millions. Safety Tip: Have lights on when reading or watching TV and take care of your eyes.
22 Nov. 1983
Follow That Jet
Inspector Gadget receives an assignment one day. It says that jet planes at Metro City AFB are mysteriously disappearing. In fact, this is Dr.claw's plan to form his own air force units by using brainwashed Pilots and their own Jets. Gadget must stop Dr. Claw and bring back the missing jets.
23 Nov. 1983
Dry Spell
A heat wave hits Metro City. So, Gadget and his family try to cool down. Unfortunately, there is no water as well. Penny believes that Metro City is also in a drought. But in fact, Dr. Claw has siphoned all of Metro City's water and is keeping it for himself. No doubt that Gadget receives an assignment to investigate the strange water crisis. Now, Gadget must stop Claw and find the stolen water.
24 Nov. 1983
Gadget is fighting a cold. But, as said before, "No rest for the weary". Gadget receives an assignment to go to Fort Brix. It has been said that the gold in that fort has turned green and smells. Gadget is to protect the "stinky" gold. This smelly gold thing has to be Dr. Claw's doing. However, the general at Fort Brix has ordered the gold to be sealed away at the mountains. However, Dr.Claw's agents are taking over the shipment and are changing the gold back. Gadget must stop the M.A.D. agents from stealing the gold, even if he feels under the weather.
25 Nov. 1983
Quimby Exchange
Gadget is in the police station putting up signs of a former M.A.D. agent named "Nervous" Nick Defecto. However, Quimby gives him an assignment to protect Nick from M.A.D., who is out to shut him up, because Nick is ready to tell the police about important M.A.D. secrets. Meanwhile, Dr. Claw somehow manages to capture Cheif Quimby and seal him into an abandoned ice factory. so, Gadget must rescue Cheif Quimby and protect Nick as well.
28 Nov. 1983
Weather in Tibet
M.A.D. has invented a weather machine that controls the weather and is demanding money from cities. Inspector Gadget has to find and destroy the machine or else the cities will be buried in snow. Safety Tip: Wear proper bootwear.
29 Nov. 1983
Gadget receives an assignment that brings him to Scotland. There, he investigates on what the mysterious druids are doing. What he does not know that they are really M.A.D. agents that are trying to construct a weapon that is aimed to destroy the Tower Of London. Gadget has to stop Dr.Claw from destroying the Tower of London.
30 Nov. 1983
Snakin' All Over
Inspector Gadget 's mission is to guard a priceless coin collection from the evil clutches of M.A.D. Safety Tip: Proper home maintenance can prevent major problems.
1 Dec. 1983
In Seine
Millionaires in Paris are being robbed of their jewels and money. M.A.D. is behind the plot; sending warning notes in advance. Since there is no security system to foil Dr. Claw's devilish plot, it is up to Inspector Gadget to recover the jewels. Safety Tip: Never play with strange animals.
2 Dec. 1983
Tree Guesses
Gadget and Penny arrive at Canada's gorgeous and breathtaking Thunderbird Park. However, Their vacation has been interrupted by Cheif Quimby, who gives Gadget an assignment. It tells him that Dr.Claw has made a demand of $10 million. If that demand is not met by a certain time, he will destroy every forest in the world, and he will do it with a special wood rot formula. So, Gadget must investigate about a nearby lumber station that is secretly creating this "Wood Rot" formula. Gadget must stop the production and Dr.Claw.
5 Dec. 1983
Birds of a Feather
Inspector Gadget 's mission is to foil Dr. Claw from stealing the Star of Instanbul. Safety Tip: View nature from a distance and don't disturb the animals.
6 Dec. 1983
So It Is Written
M.A.D. is threatening to steal the King of Fuzug's treasure. Inspector Gadget 's mission is to save the treasure from Dr. Claw. Safety Tip: Plant a tree and take care of woodlands and don't start fires.
7 Dec. 1983
Fang the Wonder Dog
Inspector Gadget protects Fang the Wonderdog from M.A.D. who wants to kidnap Fang and make millions in ransom. Safety Tip: Take good care of your dog.
8 Dec. 1983
School for Pickpockets
Inspector Gadget, Brain and Penny foil the evil plans of Dr. Claw's henchman from the LeDip School for Pickpockets as they try to steal the Inspector's new watch. Safety Tip: Don't rush when eating.
9 Dec. 1983
Quiz Master
Inspector Gadget protects armored cars full of money from the dangerous Dr. Claw. Safety Tip: Wearing a mask that makes it difficult to see is dangerous.

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