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One of the best suspense and thriller series in TV history.

Author: Brian-272 from Oakwood, Virginia USA
29 May 2001

"The, Hitchhiker" had it all mixed into every episode a little suspense, drama, terror, revenge, sex, and fun. This series always kept you on the edge of your seat you never knew what was going to happen, every episode was well written and the acting was clever the series featured many movie stars and stars of other series. I remember watching most of my episodes of "The, Hitchhiker" in the early 90's on the USA Network it became an every Friday and Saturday night thing with me that was to tune in and watch "The, Hitchhiker". I remember that HBO originally started this series in the mid 80's and it lasted until 1989. Each episode starts out with the eerie theme music which in my opinion was one of the best in TV history. Then Page Fletcher who was just great as the hitchhiker starts each episode off with an introduction speech and then summarized the story with a closing speech in the end. Each episode was full of mystery and suspense one of my favorite was "The, Legendary Billy B." with Kirstie Alley as a nosy reporter who gets what she deserves. Almost every episode featured beautiful women and it's bulk of sexy moments. My favorite and most remembered was "Videodate" with the hot and sexy Shannon Tweed. I miss this series so much I wish that some network would once again start showing reruns. To my knowledge no network shows "The, Hitchhiker" reruns, I was told that certain episodes are available on VHS volume tape I wish I could find the tapes or someone would let me know where I could find the tapes at. "The, Hitchhiker" was one of my favorite series of all-time I suggest you watch many episodes if you haven't, you will be glad you did.

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Nostalgia Aside, Still a Good Watch on a Saturday Night

Author: Jay Bethke from South Dakota, U.S.
11 February 2005

This series played on Friday and/or Saturday nights through my youth and so it shaped me every bit as much as Tales From the Darkside, Ray Bradbury Theater, Friday the 13th the Series, Monsters, and other such programs. To my surprise, I recently found season one and two of The Hitchhiker on DVD at a local video store. I rented and re-watched them after more than a decade and found them to be not only happily nostalgic, but generally very entertaining (some, of course, being much better than others). There isn't much available on television any more that has the offbeat, cathartic campiness of every episode being taken from some short story of the horror or thriller genre. The Outer Limits is still on, but that's about it. While we're all in this dry spell of such programming, it is wonderful to find something like The Hitchhiker return on DVD (if not on TV).

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Author: owenmoney from Tampa, FL
3 December 2003

To get right down to it, this show makes Tales From the Crypt look like a Disney series. The main character almost always dies. It is hilarious to see them so arrogant and ignorant in the beginning and then have all of this horrible stuff eventually happen to them. Some of the episodes are a bit corny, but they are so in that bizarre, remote 80's way. I remember watching the re-runs on USA when I was in grade school (that song gave me nightmares), and those showings were edited. The unedited episodes are the real deal, but unfortunately only a few are for sale on VHS and they are no longer shown on any HBO channel. A DVD with ten episodes is due in March 2004, but with only ten episodes. If you are an enthusiast of the series, buy the DVD and maybe there will more to come.

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Big Time Underrated

Author: ScottP47 from Roanoke, Virginia
18 July 2001

This old 1980's show from HBO is 10 times better than the stuff the studio puts out today, like Sex in the City and Sopranos. The problem is it was well ahead of its time as proven by the success of a similar show, the X-Files.

The series was basically a set of independent shows, the only common them was the pre- and post-show dialogue from a mysterious hitchhiker who passes through each episode. Creepy and sexy, each show had its own moral as some (usually more than one) character would get their come-upance in the end. All sorts of Hollywood stars signed up for guest appearances, Gary Busey, Harry Hamlin, Kirstie Alley, Willem Dafoe, even KISS lead singer Gene Simmons, and many many more.

I've caught rebroadcasts recently on one of the gazillion HBO channels now being broadcast (HBO Zone is what I think it is called), so it is out there someplace. The last poster and I agree on one episode "The Legend of Billy B." was my favorite too. If I remember right, it starred Kirstie Alley as a reporter trying to track down an Elvis-like rock star who was supposedly dead.

Catch this show if you can.

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One Of The Most Underrated Shows In Television

Author: Rachel Manning from Las Vegas, NV
31 July 1999

The Hitchhiker was a television series that was truly imaginative with every episode. Each episode was unique in that you as the viewer did not know what to expect. One episode you could be scared as hell and next could leave you in a state of bewilderment. This series also launched many successful acting careers such as Helen Hunt, Gary Busey and others. "The Hitchhiker" was a series that was ahead of its time. It is certainly one of the most underrated shows that I know of....not to mention the most frightening opening songs which helped set the tone for the viewer and the "hitchhiker's" journey in each episode.

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An old but good horror series.

Author: mjohnson55 ( from Hamilton, Ohio
9 April 2002

I remember watching this series on HBO during the 1980's. Basically it's somewhat like a early version of Tales From The Crypt, with the Hitchhiker introducing the evening's story and at the end commenting on what happened to the lead characters. Really not as gory as Tales, it focused more on suspense to keep viewers interested. Not too many stations show re-runs of this series anymore (USA used to show this series in the early to mid 90's.)But really the only way you can see this series now is through one of HBO's additional channels. If you're looking for a good horror-suspense show then the Hitchhiker is for you, but if you're looking for a somewhat gory series, then I'd say stick with Tales From The Crypt.

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Author: mattkratz ( from Richardson, TX
20 April 2001

This tv show was one of the best ever made. It kept audiences hooked, and you never could predict exactly how the episodes would turn out. With a style somewhere between The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, everything about this show from the opening theme and hitchhiker's opening monologue to the final shocking scene was first-rate. Try either to catch it on tv or the episodes available in the video store. You won't regret it.

*** out of ****

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brilliant, one-of-a-kind

Author: plant from United States
29 January 2002

"The Hitchhiker" was (still is) one hell of a TV series; much better than the junk currently being released in movie theaters. I missed this show when it first aired in the 80's. Luckily, one can find reruns of it on HBO Zone. It's worth seeking out.

For starters, the opening theme is pulsating and gets under your skin. As good is the ending-credits music found only in the 1987 season.

This show was bold, thrilling, imaginative and sexy while at the same time more intelligent and relevant than most TV shows/movies released. Some episodes had nudity and (strong) violence, but it was all at the service of the enormously talented writers and directors. In general, episodes created mood and atmosphere without gore or anything shocking on-screen at all.

Almost any episode of this show is great:

"Killer" and "Homebodies" had story structures similar to M. Night Shyamalan's movies. "Killer" opened with a long, unbroken tracking shot much later popularized in some movies from the mid-90's on up ("Boogie Nights," for example).

"Why Are You Here?" was shot entirely by the actors -- a precursor to the style of film-making found in the movie "The Blair Witch Project," however made 12 years before.

Also great were religious-themed episodes like "W.G.O.D.", about a born-again preacher with a terrible secret, and "True Believer," where a detective confronts his own demons while trying to solve a murder case involving an "infested" convent.

I can't say enough how wonderful this show is. It's sometimes tough to watch, but there are many rewards to be found at the end. Some episodes improved with repeated viewings.

Catch this show on HBO Zone while you still can.

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Pleasant dreams this did NOT guarantee.

Author: Victor Field from London, England
6 January 2003

When I was living in Barbados, CBC used to carry this anthology series in its late night (and by late, I mean around 10:30) Tuesday slot - they definitely didn't show all the episodes of this, or "Tales From The Darkside" (which replaced it). Not a patch on "The Twilight Zone," this anthology of tales about people who either got what they deserved or met their doom - and the two weren't always the same - was still effectively creepy, if a bit morbid, viewing.

Some of the most notable tales topped and tailed by Page Fletcher's wandering man: a story with Michael O'Keefe's dog getting revenge on his enemies, and driving him to his death when his girlfriend told him he was his own worst enemy; a tale with a man who thought his girlfriend was an escaped mental patient, and ended up getting killed by the real loony; "One Last Prayer," with Lisa Blount as a singer who invented an image for herself that was guaranteed to succeed, but worked TOO well and ended up replacing the singer in real life; and an episode with Harry Hamlin as a developer under a curse, which stood out as one of the few stories with a happy ending.

And yes, that music is very memorable. But Home Box Office's reputation was not built on this show.

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Great at first, but becomes weak

Author: Tito-8 from North Bay, Ontario
23 October 1999

Until the past few years, the only thing I had remembered about this series was the haunting opening theme song. I have since watched many of the episodes, and I have a mixed review. For me, the show seemed to lose some creativity after the second season. The early episodes were often great, and almost every episode was clever, imaginative, and at times, somewhat creepy. For whatever reason, the later episodes just don't interest me the same way. But whether you watch an early show or a late one, this is a program that should be checked out, if only to hear that theme song...

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