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17 Feb. 1987
Perfect Order
A model desperate for fame hooks up with a crazed fashion photographer.
24 Feb. 1987
Overbearing control freak Jeremy and his long-suffering wife Julie are a squabbling young rich couple who encounter unexpected trouble in the form of a scruffy biker and his pregnant girlfriend while embarking on a road trip to Sunnyvale. Can a surprise journey through time enable the obsessive Jeremy to successfully avert a tragic disaster?
3 Mar. 1987
Dead Heat
A sculptor uses a drifter and his own abused girlfriend to recreate a murder/suicide.
10 Mar. 1987
Why Are You Here?
Smarmy and opportunistic reality TV show host Jerry Rulac does an expose on the wild punk nightclub scene for the latest segment of his television program "Why Are You Here?". Jerry uncovers more than he bargained for when he decides to focus on troubled wealthy party girl Donette and her unpredictable gaggle of scary friends.
17 Mar. 1987
Vicious and ruthless killer Ron and his antsy wimp partner Jimmy Lee Stoler are a couple of escaped convicts on the lam from the law. The dangerous duo break into a model home in search of a safe only to discover a family residing in said swanky abode.
24 Mar. 1987
Doctor's Orders
Puritanical small town mayor Jake Purly is running for reelection on a strict platform that vehemently opposes sex and pornography. However, a dark secret from Purly's shady past threatens to resurface and destroy his credibility in the form of lovely escort Dr. Rita de Roy.
31 Mar. 1987
The Legendary Billy B.
Eager and unscrupulous tabloid newspaper reporter Jane L. will go to any length to score a juicy scoop. Jane L. gets in way over her head when she goes snooping around a remote rural mansion in search of Billy Baltimore, a legendary 60s acid rock guitarist who reportedly died twenty years ago.
7 Apr. 1987
In the Name of Love
International hit woman Jackie Dresser makes a living traveling all over the world and bumping people off for a substantial fee. Complications arise when the lonely and love-starved Jackie falls for hunky fitness instructor Johnnie while on vacation in a foreign country.
14 Apr. 1987
Made for Each Other
Loud, arrogant, and obnoxious criminal Trout feels a strong kinship with and develops an immediate affinity for nerdy, mild-mannered, and soft-spoken serial killer Wax. However, the close bond between these two radically contrasting lunatics falls apart after the pair pick up a brash prostitute.
21 Apr. 1987
Deranged Peter relentlessly stalks and terrorizes Teresa, a lovely young lady who Peter thinks is his ex-wife Melissa. Peter frightens Teresa out of her wits by playing a series of cruel jokes on her.
28 Apr. 1987
Best Shot
Cocky and obnoxious defense attorney Steve and his passive law professor buddy Brett decide to let it all hang out and gleefully indulge in irresponsible behavior while embarking on a cross country joyride. The duo film their exploits on a portable video camera. After Steve accidentally runs down a man on the side of the road, he does his best to hide what he's done from Brett. However, the dire consequences of Steve's grave actions eventually catch up with him when the pair stop off at a remote redneck bar in the middle of nowhere.
5 May 1987
Secret Ingredient
A smooth talking vitamin salesman contends with a rival, and a mysterious woman he follows home.
12 May 1987
Cabin Fever
A young gigolo stays with a washed up film director and his lonely abused wife on an isolated island.

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