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15 Jan. 1985
And If We Dream
Married Todd Fields teaches a high school photography class in a quiet small country town, but has ambitions to work as a photographer in a big city. Todd gets led astray when he falls under the seductive spell of attractive new student Roseanne Lucas.
29 Jan. 1985
Petty Thieves
Twitchy, eager, and ambitious small-time criminal Mickey aspires to work as a drug runner for slimy big time drug lord Joey Stregga. In order to achieve this goal Mickey has to set up his sweet and innocent ex-hooker girlfriend Pearl on a date with Stregga. However, Mickey winds up paying a heavy price for betraying Pearl's pure love for him.
16 Feb. 1985
Sleazy and duplicitous predatory womanizer Jack Rhodes is an electronics salesman who uses a video dating service to pick up lonely young women to have one night stands with. Jack meets his match in the form of the cunning and enticing Barbara, who invites Jack on a date to her remote high-rise apartment loft.
2 Mar. 1985
A Time for Rifles
Lew Bridgeman and Joe Caldwell are two longtime best friends who served together in the Vietnam War. Lew and Joe wind clashing with each other over Lew's fetching wife Rae, whom both men are in love with.
12 Mar. 1985
Man at the Window
Faded playwright Arthur Brown uses state-of-the-art electronic equipment to record the private conversations of other people and uses the material gleaned from said intimate conversations for his work. Brown gets in over his head when his latest subject Diane Hampton turns out to be having an extramarital affair with lesbian photographer Carla Magnuson. When Diane's abusive and possessive cop husband John finds out what's going on, everyone including Brown is placed in great danger.
26 Mar. 1985
Hired Help
Lovely, but cold and ruthless businesswoman Kay Mason runs a garment factory where she treats her illegal Mexican immigrant workers in a very cruel and inhumane manner. Kay more than meets her match in the form of Victor, a handsome and mysterious young Mexican whom Kay develops an immediate amorous interest in.
9 Apr. 1985
Murderous Feelings
Unethical psychiatrist Dr. Peter Milne gets romantically involved with neurotic and unstable patient Sara Kendal. Peter's manipulation of Sara's mind and emotions causes her psychosis to intensify to the point where she can't distinguish dreams from reality and Peter eventually becomes the target of Sara's murderous feelings.
15 Sep. 1985
Mean head nurse Jane Reynolds runs the night shift at a retirement home with an iron fist and makes some extra money selling valuable jewelry owned by the elderly residents to local pawnshops. Jane and her no-count aspiring singer boyfriend Johnny meet their match in the form of a mysterious new old man patient, who exacts a harsh revenge on the pair when they try to steal his sparkling gold diamond ring.
29 Oct. 1985
Out of the Night
After a shooting, a young teenage boy on the run from police stumbles into a hotel where the tenants are not normal.
12 Nov. 1985
The Killer
Lovely young invalid Meg Kinderly has to fend for herself after she gets trapped in her spacious family mansion with a vicious killer who has just wiped out most of her family and all of the servants.
26 Nov. 1985
Reverend Nolan Powers is a fire and brimstone evangelist who has achieved tremendous fame, wealth, and power from his radio program that's broadcast on a national basis from his station WGOD. A team of TV journalists do a story on Powers and his increasing popularity with the masses. However, a long-suppressed shameful secret from his dark family past threatens to destroy Powers and his current high profile status.
10 Dec. 1985
Man's Best Friend
Down on his luck yuppie Richard Shepard crashes at his buddy Carl's swanky seaside abode after he gets thrown out of his home by his fed-up wife Eleanor. Richard develops a strong bond with a mysterious large white dog who not only becomes his new best friend, but also kills anyone who angers Richard.

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