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Season 5

22 May 1989
The Martyr
A faux blind woman uses a young man obsessed with her to get rid of her husband.
29 Apr. 1989
In Living Color
A photographer decides not to stop a woman from committing suicide in order to get some good pictures of the tragedy. His new female assistant makes him face his lack of empathy.
1 Jul. 1989
Dark Wishes
A nurse wants the husband of her patient for herself, so she delves into black magic to get rid of her patient. However, her plan backfires.
9 Jul. 1989
Garter Belt
American diplomat in Paris, who built his career on shady dealings, loses everything when everyone suddenly become aware of the skeletons in his closet.
8 Jul. 1989
Shadow Puppets
A psychologist causes the terrors of a disturbed patient he's treating to haunt him.
14 Jul. 1989
The Parisian underworld clashes with a greedy developer, who's plans are not in line with theirs.
15 Jul. 1989
The Miracle of Alice Ames
Bogus preacher Brother Charles preys upon the misfortune of attractive young homeless women by leading them toward prostitution under the guise of spreading "brotherly love." The fake priest's scam comes to a sudden halt when mysterious stigmata appear on the hands of his latest flock member Alice Ames as she performs her "mission."
21 Jul. 1989
Code Liz
Jane works for a company that provides various online services including sex chat with an online sex operator. Her deadbeat husband Robert obsessively chats with operator named Liz. She tells him to kill his wife. Or is he imagining it?
22 Jul. 1989
Her Finest Hour
A homeless conman couple tries to swindle a seemingly senile old lady out of her home by trying to convince her that the war is still on. Big mistake.
28 Jul. 1989
Together Forever
An emotionally unstable woman becomes obsessed with the idea that her husband is having an affair.
4 Aug. 1989
Phantom Zone
Young man on the brink of success is about to marry the woman of his dreams. However, his past comes calling.
5 Aug. 1989
Spinning Wheel
A female artists' nightmares cause her to lose herself in self-pity mixed with egotism.
11 Aug. 1989
Square Deal
An indebted conman meats his match.
12 Aug. 1989
Part of Me
A fast food owner has only one goal in life - to utterly destroy and humiliate his competition. However, he gets a taste of his own medicine.
Fashion Exchange
A fashion designer demands too much from his model, which leads to her suicide. This gets all those he'd wronged to seek revenge.
16 Sep. 1989
A Vietnam War vet is forced to leave his home that keeps him sane by his greedy sister. Tragedy ensues.
30 Sep. 1989
Tough, fierce, and intimidating high school track coach Billy Bolt zealously clings to his track record that's remained unbeaten for twenty-five years. When his runner son Kenny threatens to break his legendary mark, Bolt buckles under the pressure and risks having his heretofore spotless reputation ruined.
4 Nov. 1989
The Verdict
Jennifer, a public prosecutor with an amazing conviction record, tried to get an alleged gang member convicted at any cost in order to keep her record impressive.
10 Nov. 1989
Hit and Run
A deadbeat, who's abandoned his family and is on his way to meet the girl he likes, ends up in a hit and run situation. However, the man he ran over begins to haunt his conscious.
11 Nov. 1989
Studio 3X
A journalist in need of an exclusive tries to turn an artsy pornographer into one, but her own fantasies end up exposed and she can't handle that.
17 Nov. 1989
A man who enjoys his solitude considers whether or not to let a woman with similar look on life into his world.
18 Nov. 1989
The Cruelest Cut
A hardened prostitute decides to accept advances of a nice young man, who seams frank about his feelings towards her. Meanwhile, someone is killing men who frequent prostitutes.
24 Nov. 1989
The Dying Generation
Two teens investigate a bitter fortune-teller, whose younger clients, including their friend, ended up committing suicide.
25 Nov. 1989
My Enemy
A successful actress is tired of her life, so she decides to pretend to be someone else. However, she loses control over her new life.
9 Dec. 1989
Power Play
Movie producer asks his newly appointed assistant to watch his house for a little while. There, he meets an attractive woman with the same task as his and things take a strange turn.
16 Dec. 1989
A has-been rock star with financial troubles arrives at a pawn shop to pawn his trademark guitar. However, an attractive woman asks him to rob the place.

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