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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Shattered Vows

23 November 1983
Handsome and ambitious young man Jeff Boder marries the wealthy and much older Jackie Winslow for her considerable fortune. Jeff falls under the enticing spell of Jackie's bitchy and cynical stepdaughter Pamela. Jeff finds a way to bump off Jackie using a mysterious statuette given to him by his grandmother so both him and Pamela can inherit her money. However, things don't ultimately work out as planned in the long run.

Nicholas Campbell ... The Hitchhiker
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Bruce Greenwood ... Jeff Boder
Alexandra Stewart ... Jackie Winslow
Aleisa Shirley ... Pamela Winslow
Tom Heaton ... Peter DeVries
Anna Teghararian ... Grandmother
Anthony Holland ... Lawyer
Doreen Ramus ... Mrs. Blackmun
Alana Shields ... The Maid
Alan Simmonds ... Pastor

Season 1, Episode 2: When Morning Comes

30 November 1983
Married, but sleazy and philandering music company advertising executive Bob Ames fancies himself as a real ladies' man. Bob initially can't believe his good luck when he discovers the lovely Cathy Marks taking refuge from a fierce thunderstorm in his remote hunting cabin in the woods. However, Bob soon suspects that the mysterious Cathy might be a deadly escapee from a local mental institution for criminally insane women.

Nicholas Campbell ... The Hitchhiker
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Pamela Bowman ... Cathy Marks
Tabitha Herrington ... Sally Harris (Escaped Prisoner)

August Schellenberg ... Bob Ames

Season 1, Episode 3: Split Decision

14 December 1983
Desperate and down on his luck real estate salesman Jake McElhaney is in danger of losing his job. Jake thinks he's hit the jackpot when he secures a choice gig selling the home of beautiful identical twin sisters Frances and Priscilla Packard. However, Jake eventually finds out that the lovely siblings have an unusual way of sharing things that include the men in their lives.

Nicholas Campbell ... The Hitchhiker
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Jackson Davies ... Jake McElhaney

Audrey Landers ... Priscilla Packard

Judy Landers ... Frances Packard
Marlane O'Brien ... Barb Atkinson

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Lovesounds

13 November 1984
Arrogant and exacting classical music composer Kurt Hoffman neglects his lovely young wife Veronica. The sad and unloved Veronica has an extramarital fling with Eric Dunlap, who's the hunky young electronics whiz who has installed a state of the art sound system in Kurt's lavish secluded lakeside home. Kurt goes off the murderous deep end after he finds out about Veronica and Eric's affair.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Belinda Bauer ... Veronica Hoffman

Klaus Kinski ... Kurt Hoffman

Ron Lea ... Geoffrey Butler (as Ron Lee)

Stephen Shellen ... Eric Dunlap (as Steve Shellen)

Season 2, Episode 2: Remembering Melody

27 November 1984
Self-centered yuppie attorney Ted Miller is reunited with Melody, a former old flame and college roommate who still firmly clings to her 60's hippie ideals. Ted allows the jobless and destitute Melody to spend the night at his apartment, but things soon fall apart when Melody realizes that Ted has sold out his youthful beliefs in favor of greed, success, and shallow materialism.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Susan Blakely ... Melody

David Dukes ... Ted Miller

Alberta Watson ... Jill Friedlander

Season 2, Episode 3: Face to Face

4 December 1984
Homely and desperate transsexual Nina Russell hires prominent, but sleazy and arrogant plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Hamilton to create a more alluring and attractive face for her.

Robert Vaughn ... Dr. Christopher Hamilton (as Robert Vaughan)
Sonja Smits ... Nina Russell
Robin Greer ... Tess
Arthur Corber ... Dr. Gold

Michele Scarabelli ... Dr. Ensman (as Michelle Scarabelli)

Sybil Danning ... Gloria
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Season 2, Episode 4: And If We Dream

15 January 1985
Married Todd Fields teaches a high school photography class in a quiet small country town, but has ambitions to work as a photographer in a big city. Todd gets led astray when he falls under the seductive spell of attractive new student Roseanne Lucas.

Stephen Collins ... Todd Fields
Brian Dooley ... Catelya
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Nicholas Kilbertus ... Quinlay
Bronwen Mantel ... Iris Lucas
Mitch Martin ... Lynn Fields

Roberta Weiss ... Roseanne Lucas

Season 2, Episode 5: Petty Thieves

29 January 1985
Twitchy, eager, and ambitious small-time criminal Mickey aspires to work as a drug runner for slimy big time drug lord Joey Stregga. In order to achieve this goal Mickey has to set up his sweet and innocent ex-hooker girlfriend Pearl on a date with Stregga. However, Mickey winds up paying a heavy price for betraying Pearl's pure love for him.

John Colicos ... Mr. Stregga
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Sonny Forbes ... Undercover Cop #1

Paul Koslo ... Rico

Marie Laurin ... Pearl

Steve Railsback ... Mickey (as Steven Railsback)

Vlasta Vrana ... Undercover Cop #2

Season 2, Episode 6: Videodate

16 February 1985
Sleazy and duplicitous predatory womanizer Jack Rhodes is an electronics salesman who uses a video dating service to pick up lonely young women to have one night stands with. Jack meets his match in the form of the cunning and enticing Barbara, who invites Jack on a date to her remote high-rise apartment loft.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Gregg Henry ... Jack Rhodes
Pauline Little ... Cashier
Michael Rudder ... Tommy
Linda Smith ... Carole Bayers

Shannon Tweed ... Barbara

Season 2, Episode 7: A Time for Rifles

2 March 1985
Lew Bridgeman and Joe Caldwell are two longtime best friends who served together in the Vietnam War. Lew and Joe wind clashing with each other over Lew's fetching wife Rae, whom both men are in love with.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Bo Hopkins ... Lew Bridgeman

John Ireland ... Jack Guttman
Kim Lankford ... Rae Bridgeman

Stephen McHattie ... Joe Caldwell

Season 2, Episode 8: Man at the Window

12 March 1985
Faded playwright Arthur Brown uses state-of-the-art electronic equipment to record the private conversations of other people and uses the material gleaned from said intimate conversations for his work. Brown gets in over his head when his latest subject Diane Hampton turns out to be having an extramarital affair with lesbian photographer Carla Magnuson. When Diane's abusive and possessive cop husband John finds out what's going on, everyone including Brown is placed in great danger.

Edward Albert ... Arthur Brown
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Michael Madsen ... John Hampton

Penelope Milford ... Diane Hampton

Belinda Montgomery ... Carla Magnuson

Vlasta Vrana ... Mark Greenburg

Season 2, Episode 9: Hired Help

26 March 1985
Lovely, but cold and ruthless businesswoman Kay Mason runs a garment factory where she treats her illegal Mexican immigrant workers in a very cruel and inhumane manner. Kay more than meets her match in the form of Victor, a handsome and mysterious young Mexican whom Kay develops an immediate amorous interest in.

Fernando Allende ... Victor

Karen Black ... Kay Mason
Louis Di Bianco ... Luis
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Ali Giron ... Maria

Donnelly Rhodes ... Herb Mason
Fernanda Tavares ... Rosa

Season 2, Episode 10: Murderous Feelings

9 April 1985
Unethical psychiatrist Dr. Peter Milne gets romantically involved with neurotic and unstable patient Sara Kendal. Peter's manipulation of Sara's mind and emotions causes her psychosis to intensify to the point where she can't distinguish dreams from reality and Peter eventually becomes the target of Sara's murderous feelings.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Cec Linder ... Dr. Fischer (as Cecil Linder)

Franco Nero ... Dr. Peter Milne

John Novak ... Man in Black
Sonja Smits ... Susan Carter

Renée Soutendijk ... Sara Kendal

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Nightshift

15 September 1985
Mean head nurse Jane Reynolds runs the night shift at a retirement home with an iron fist and makes some extra money selling valuable jewelry owned by the elderly residents to local pawnshops. Jane and her no-count aspiring singer boyfriend Johnny meet their match in the form of a mysterious new old man patient, who exacts a harsh revenge on the pair when they try to steal his sparkling gold diamond ring.

Margot Kidder ... Jane Reynolds

Stephen McHattie ... Johnny

Darren McGavin ... Old Man
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Dorothy Davies ... Mrs. Cranshaw
Enid Saunders ... Mrs. MacDonald
Kenneth Gordon ... Mr. Loring
Hagan Beggs ... Detective (as Hagen Beggs)

Stephen E. Miller ... Worker #1
James Brown ... Street Tough (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 2: Out of the Night

29 October 1985
After a shooting, a young teenage boy on the run from police stumbles into a hotel where the tenants are not normal.

Elizabeth Ashley ... Mrs. Baxter

Kirstie Alley ... Angelica

Désirée Nosbusch ... Kathy (as Desiree Becker)

Lawrence Dane ... Surgeon / Cop

Ricky Paull Goldin ... Peter
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Garry Chalk ... Chef (as Gary Chaulk)

Alex Diakun ... Barman
Debra Satell ... (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 3: The Killer

12 November 1985
Lovely young invalid Meg Kinderly has to fend for herself after she gets trapped in her spacious family mansion with a vicious killer who has just wiped out most of her family and all of the servants.
Roger Allford ... Mr. Kinderly (as Roger Alford)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Lisa Foster ... Patty (as Lisa Raines Foster)
Rodney Gage ... Jack

Patrick Houser ... Jonathan
Margaret Martin ... Sara
Sheila Moore ... Mrs. Kinderly

Jenny Seagrove ... Meg

Season 3, Episode 4: W.G.O.D.

26 November 1985
Reverend Nolan Powers is a fire and brimstone evangelist who has achieved tremendous fame, wealth, and power from his radio program that's broadcast on a national basis from his station WGOD. A team of TV journalists do a story on Powers and his increasing popularity with the masses. However, a long-suppressed shameful secret from his dark family past threatens to destroy Powers and his current high profile status.

Gary Busey ... Rev. Nolan Powers

Geraldine Page ... Lynette 'Mama' Powers

Robert Ito ... Eric Sato
Brioni Farrell ... Darlene
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Ian Forsyth ... Ross
Tony Lewis ... Gerald

Season 3, Episode 5: Man's Best Friend

10 December 1985
Down on his luck yuppie Richard Shepard crashes at his buddy Carl's swanky seaside abode after he gets thrown out of his home by his fed-up wife Eleanor. Richard develops a strong bond with a mysterious large white dog who not only becomes his new best friend, but also kills anyone who angers Richard.
Jennifer Cooke ... Eleanor Shepard
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Boyd Norman ... Randi

Michael O'Keefe ... Richard Shepard
Margot Pinvidic ... Dr. Elizabeth Hazlitt

Joel Polis ... Carl

Season 3, Episode 6: Ghostwriter

7 January 1986
Struggling writer Jeffrey Hunt fakes his own death in order to achieve literary immortality. His unfaithful wife Debby has been having an adulterous affair with Jeffrey's publicist and best friend Tony Lynch. Debby and Tony try to make Jeffrey's staged death real, but the plan backfires.

Barry Bostwick ... Tony Lynch

Willem Dafoe ... Jeffrey Hunt
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Dayle Haddon ... Debby Hunt
Anthony Holland ... Professor Elliot Pierce
Madeleine Sherwood ... Vivian

M. Emmet Walsh ... Detective Underhill

Season 3, Episode 7: O.D. Feelin'

28 January 1986
The various unlucky owners of a strange bag of cocaine are followed over the course of a night.

Sandra Bernhard ... Rat

Michael Des Barres ... The Wise Man

Dennis Burkley ... The Fool

Joe Flaherty ... The Chemist
Lisa Dunsheath ... Orchid

Leon Isaac Kennedy ... The Duke

Gene Simmons ... Mr. Big
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Garry Chalk ... Hubert (as Gary Chalk)

Alex Diakun ... Maker 1 (as Alex Daiken)
Keith Martin Gordey ... Maker 4

Ryan Stiles ... Maker (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 8: Dead Man's Curve

11 February 1986
Successful romance novelist Claudia returns to her small hometown of Bolton to attend her high school reunion. Claudia gets involved in a steamy affair with handsome young resident stud Lance. However, trouble materializes in the form of jealous and sinister ex-boyfriend turned local sheriff Lee.
Susan Anspach ... Claudia

Michael Schoeffling ... Lance

Michael Ironside ... Sheriff Lee
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Deanne Henry ... Mavis
David Berner ... T.V. Interviewer

Season 3, Episode 9: The Curse

25 February 1986
A flashy businessman finds out he owns a slum apartment building, and is unwilling to make repairs until strange things begin to happen to him.

Harry Hamlin ... Jerry Macklin

Deborah Lacey ... Tanya

Beah Richards ... Serita
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Peter Yunker ... Mike
Arnold Johnson ... Nestor
Deryl Hayes ... Doctor (as Daryl Hayes)
Janet Hodgkinson ... Nurse
Laurie O'Byrne ... Woman

Season 3, Episode 10: True Believer

11 March 1986
A troubled investigator looks into the suicide of a priest in an abandoned convent.

Tom Skerritt ... Detective Frank Sheen

Ornella Muti ... Sister Theresa
Walter Learning ... Father Dowling
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Gary Busey ... Reverend Nolan Powers (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 11: Last Scene

25 March 1986
Ambitious first-time film director Alex Nolan is having trouble eliciting a good and believable performance out of lovely, but inexperienced lead actress Leda Bedell. Alex decides to use unorthodox methods to coax more credible and effective acting from Leda for the crucial final scene of the horror movie they're working on together.

Peter Coyote ... Alex Nolan
LaGena Hart ... Leda Bedell
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Tom Heaton ... Paul

Garwin Sanford ... Duncan

Season 3, Episode 12: Man of Her Dreams

8 April 1986
A stressed out bank employee begins having premonitions concerning a serial killer, who could be any one of the men in her life.
Marilyn Hassett ... Jill
Antony Hamilton ... Jim Buckley
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Dennis Kelly ... Markey
Robin Ward ... Tony
Dwight Koss ... Mark
Paul Batten ... Young Man
William Doherty ... (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 13: One Last Prayer

22 April 1986
Sweet singer Miranda and her musician partner Sean are a couple of struggling songwriters who are trying desperately to break into the rock music business. Miranda creates a sexy new image for herself in order to achieve the fame and success she desires. However, Miranda winds up paying an extremely heavy spiritual price because of said sexy image.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Perfect Order

17 February 1987
A model desperate for fame hooks up with a crazed fashion photographer.

Virginia Madsen ... Christina
Steve Inwood ... Simon Hopper

James Shigeta ... Nishi
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Simon Webb ... Critic
Denise Brillon ... Model
Carmen Espejo ... Model
Michael Tiernan ... Model

Season 4, Episode 2: Minuteman

24 February 1987
Overbearing control freak Jeremy and his long-suffering wife Julie are a squabbling young rich couple who encounter unexpected trouble in the form of a scruffy biker and his pregnant girlfriend while embarking on a road trip to Sunnyvale. Can a surprise journey through time enable the obsessive Jeremy to successfully avert a tragic disaster?

Season 4, Episode 3: Dead Heat

3 March 1987
A sculptor uses a drifter and his own abused girlfriend to recreate a murder/suicide.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Denise Galik ... Arielle (as Denise Galik-Furey)

Scott McGinnis ... Cal the drifter

Fred Ward ... Luthor Redmond

Season 4, Episode 4: Why Are You Here?

10 March 1987
Smarmy and opportunistic reality TV show host Jerry Rulac does an expose on the wild punk nightclub scene for the latest segment of his television program "Why Are You Here?". Jerry uncovers more than he bargained for when he decides to focus on troubled wealthy party girl Donette and her unpredictable gaggle of scary friends.

Brad Davis ... Jerry Rulac

Helen Hunt ... Donette
Joe Holland ... Beck (as Tim Holland)

Mitchell Anderson ... Butchie
Bernie Coulson ... Socks
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Michele Tittler ... Camera Bunny

Season 4, Episode 5: Homebodies

17 March 1987
Vicious and ruthless killer Ron and his antsy wimp partner Jimmy Lee Stoler are a couple of escaped convicts on the lam from the law. The dangerous duo break into a model home in search of a safe only to discover a family residing in said swanky abode.
Christopher Collet ... Jimmy Lee Stoler

Jim McMullan ... Bill O'Mell (as Jim McMullin)

Melissa Reeves ... Denise O'Mell (as Melissa Brennan)

James Remar ... Ron
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Angel Tompkins ... Janet O'Mell
Jameson Sampley ... Billy O'Mell
Ted Stidder ... Liquor Store Owner

Season 4, Episode 6: Doctor's Orders

24 March 1987
Puritanical small town mayor Jake Purly is running for reelection on a strict platform that vehemently opposes sex and pornography. However, a dark secret from Purly's shady past threatens to resurface and destroy his credibility in the form of lovely escort Dr. Rita de Roy.

Paul Le Mat ... Jake Purly (as Paul LeMat)

Shannon Tweed ... Dr. Rita de Roy

Clayton Rohner ... Harry Deakon (as Clayton Rhoner)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Sandy Tucker ... Brenda
Freda Perry ... Tiffany Vargas

Linda Darlow ... Iris
Roman Podhora ... Male Stripper (as Roman Padhora)
Gilbert Adler ... Phil Murgo (as Gil Adler)

Season 4, Episode 7: The Legendary Billy B.

31 March 1987
Eager and unscrupulous tabloid newspaper reporter Jane L. will go to any length to score a juicy scoop. Jane L. gets in way over her head when she goes snooping around a remote rural mansion in search of Billy Baltimore, a legendary 60s acid rock guitarist who reportedly died twenty years ago.

Kirstie Alley ... Jane L.

Andy Summers ... Hodie

Brad Dourif ... Billy Baltimore Jr.
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
John 'Bear' Curtis ... Watchman (as John 'The Bear' Curtis)
Suzi Davis ... Bombshell
Max Reimer ... Stud

Frank C. Turner ... Old Billy Baltimore (as Frank Turner)

Season 4, Episode 8: In the Name of Love

7 April 1987
International hit woman Jackie Dresser makes a living traveling all over the world and bumping people off for a substantial fee. Complications arise when the lonely and love-starved Jackie falls for hunky fitness instructor Johnnie while on vacation in a foreign country.
Lucy Gutteridge ... Jackie Dresser

Greg Evigan ... Johnnie

Susan Tyrrell ... Doris
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Hagan Beggs ... Professor
James Crescenzo ... Eddie

Stephen E. Miller ... Bullet

Season 4, Episode 9: Made for Each Other

14 April 1987
Loud, arrogant, and obnoxious criminal Trout feels a strong kinship with and develops an immediate affinity for nerdy, mild-mannered, and soft-spoken serial killer Wax. However, the close bond between these two radically contrasting lunatics falls apart after the pair pick up a brash prostitute.

Jonelle Allen ... Sunny
David Berner ... Dr. Howard Lesnick

Bud Cort ... Wax
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Jane McDougle ... Anchor Woman
Janne Mortil ... Counter Girl (as Janne Mortel)

Bill Paxton ... Trout

Season 4, Episode 10: Joker

21 April 1987
Deranged Peter relentlessly stalks and terrorizes Teresa, a lovely young lady who Peter thinks is his ex-wife Melissa. Peter frightens Teresa out of her wits by playing a series of cruel jokes on her.

Timothy Bottoms ... Peter
Michael Emil ... Dr. Latimer
Adam Fleck ... Male Stripper
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Kelly Lynch ... Teresa / Melissa
Walter Marsh ... Detective White (as Wally Marsh)

Jeff McCracken ... Allen

Season 4, Episode 11: Best Shot

28 April 1987
Cocky and obnoxious defense attorney Steve and his passive law professor buddy Brett decide to let it all hang out and gleefully indulge in irresponsible behavior while embarking on a cross country joyride. The duo film their exploits on a portable video camera. After Steve accidentally runs down a man on the side of the road, he does his best to hide what he's done from Brett. However, the dire consequences of Steve's grave actions eventually catch up with him when the pair stop off at a remote redneck bar in the middle of nowhere.

Ken Olin ... Steve

Parker Stevenson ... Brett
Michelle Moffett ... Lorri Ann

Brion James ... Lionel
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Jack Diamond ... Carson (as Jack Obney)
Tom Hunt ... Student

Jerry Wasserman ... Colin

Season 4, Episode 12: Secret Ingredient

5 May 1987
A smooth talking vitamin salesman contends with a rival, and a mysterious woman he follows home.

Dean Paul Martin ... Chris Taylor

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson ... Belinda Haskell

Tamara Mark ... Elizabeth

Candy Clark ... Cheryl Barnes
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Enid Saunders ... Bertie Klein

Season 4, Episode 13: Cabin Fever

12 May 1987
A young gigolo stays with a washed up film director and his lonely abused wife on an isolated island.

Michael Woods ... Rick Henson

Jerry Orbach ... Cameron

Season Hubley ... Miranda
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Colleen Winton ... Barbara

Fred Henderson ... Husband

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: The Martyr

22 May 1989

Meg Foster ... Deirdre
Erick Deshors ... Jacques
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Jean-Denis Monory ... Albert
Vanille Attié ... Bunny (as Vanille Attie)
Joseph Gaubert ... Husband
Alain Richard ... Passer-by

Season 5, Episode 2: In Living Color

29 April 1989

Ray Sharkey ... Eric Coleman
Denise Virieux ... Madeleine
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Michèle Laroque ... Florence (as Michele Laroque)
Huguette Faget ... Eleonore
Mathieu Schiffman ... Luc Deslys
Valdarno ... Romaric
Didier Moniotte ... Mat at Quai

Season 5, Episode 3: Dark Wishes

1 July 1989

Bertrand De Hautefort ... Doctor
Consuelo De Haviland ... Regine
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
François-Eric Gendron ... Henri (as Francois-Eric Gendron)

Tammy Lauren ... Ashlyn
Jacques Martial ... Samai

Season 5, Episode 4: Garter Belt

9 July 1989

Robert Carradine ... Frank
Philippe Chemin ... Peter
Yves Dangerfield ... Applicante (as Vincent Vallier)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Catriona MacColl ... Catherine
Myriam Moszko ... Prostitute
Norman Stokle ... Ray

Season 5, Episode 5: Shadow Puppets

8 July 1989

Francine Bergé ... Vivienne (as Francine Berge)
Myriam Cyr ... Helene
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Brian Kerwin ... Doctor Winters
Joanna Pavlis ... Nathalie

Season 5, Episode 6: Renaissance

14 July 1989

David Soul ... Cooper Halliday
Jean-Pierre Stewart ... Georges Sorrel
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Nathalie Mann ... Claire
Marc Brunet ... Marcel

Vernon Dobtcheff ... Pimp

Natasha Cashman ... City Official (as Natasha Cashmann)
Tomoko Yokomitsu ... Hooker

Season 5, Episode 7: The Miracle of Alice Ames

15 July 1989
Bogus preacher Brother Charles preys upon the misfortune of attractive young homeless women by leading them toward prostitution under the guise of spreading "brotherly love." The fake priest's scam comes to a sudden halt when mysterious stigmata appear on the hands of his latest flock member Alice Ames as she performs her "mission."

Joe Pantoliano ... Brother Charles
Coraly Zahonero ... Alice Ames
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Emmanuelle Meyssignac ... Melissa

Vincent Grass ... Police Officer

Season 5, Episode 8: Code Liz

21 July 1989
Jane works for a company that provides various online services including sex chat with an online sex operator. Her deadbeat husband Robert obsessively chats with operator named Liz. She tells him to kill his wife. Or is he imagining it?

Marc Singer ... Robert Lewis

Katrine Boorman ... Jane
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Georges Fricker ... Michel
Paulina Mlynarska ... Liz (as Paulina Mynarska)
William Doherty ... Client

Season 5, Episode 9: Her Finest Hour

22 July 1989

Lisa Hartman ... Cheryl
Huguette Faget ... Emilie
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Luigi Gorry ... Bruno
Elisabeth Commelin ... Alison
Anne-Marie Tarraud ... Madam Flambert

Season 5, Episode 10: Together Forever

28 July 1989

Erin Gray ... Leslie

Hippolyte Girardot ... Paul
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Manuela Gourary ... Mimi
Philippe Loffredo ... Philippe
Michel Motu ... Gilles
Marie Guyonnet ... Ariane
Terry Shane ... Madame de Moustieres

Season 5, Episode 11: Phantom Zone

4 August 1989

Jason Gedrick ... Tommy
Anny Romand ... Juliette
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Karen Tungay ... Stephanie
Gérard Ismaël ... Victor (as Gerard Ismael)
François Raoul-Duval ... Mr. De Chambord (as Francois Raoul-Duval)

Sebastian Roché

Season 5, Episode 12: Spinning Wheel

5 August 1989

Season 5, Episode 13: Square Deal

11 August 1989

Michael Ontkean ... Gordon Brooks
Caroline Chaniolleau ... Rosette
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Daniel Briquet ... Arthur
Eléonore Hirt ... Charlotte (as Eleonore Hirt)
Nicholas Hawtrey ... Conrad Putnam
Sylvie Van den Elsen ... Sonia

Season 5, Episode 14: Part of Me

12 August 1989

Jeremy Clyde ... Marvello
Philippe Loffredo ... George Greeves
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Élisabeth Vitali ... Sophie Greeves (as Elisabeth Vitali)
Geoffrey Bateman ... Dr. Braun
Consuelo De Haviland ... Miss Etienne

Vincent Grass ... Detective

Season 5, Episode 15: Fashion Exchange


Season 5, Episode 16: Hootch

16 September 1989

Stephanie Zimbalist ... Heather

Joseph Ziegler ... David
John Boylan ... Martin
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Raymond Hunt ... Sheriff
Paul Rutledge ... Ranger
Oscar Hsu ... ARVN Soldier
Romar Armas ... Vietnamese Boy

Season 5, Episode 17: Coach

30 September 1989
Tough, fierce, and intimidating high school track coach Billy Bolt zealously clings to his track record that's remained unbeaten for twenty-five years. When his runner son Kenny threatens to break his legendary mark, Bolt buckles under the pressure and risks having his heretofore spotless reputation ruined.

Season 5, Episode 18: The Verdict

4 November 1989

Polly Draper ... Jennifer
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Bruce McFee ... Ted

Bruce Ramsay ... Manuel
Tony De Santis ... Arnie
Géza Kovács ... Man (as Geza Kovacs)
Julie Wildman ... Judge
Wally Bondarenko ... Guard
Reg Dreger ... Cop #2 (as Red Dreger)

Season 5, Episode 19: Hit and Run

10 November 1989

Bruce Weitz ... Ray

Norma Dell'Agnese ... Corinne
Sabrina Boudot ... Ruby
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Kevin Mair ... Allen
Patrick Patterson ... Tom
Heather Smith ... Girl
Danny Pawlick ... Man (as Daniel Pawlick)

Season 5, Episode 20: Studio 3X

11 November 1989

Perry King ... Doug

Guylaine St-Onge ... Alexandra
Liliane Clune ... Cynthia
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Bob Zidel ... Ed
David Kinsman ... Androgyne
Alan Rose ... CV Security
Faye Cohen ... Demonstrator
Dwight Bacquie ... Guard 3X
Scott Wickware ... Policeman

Season 5, Episode 21: Striptease

17 November 1989

John Glover ... Miles Duchet
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Jill Hennessy ... Marla
Brigit Wilson ... Judy
Frank Adamson ... Buddy
Alan Murley ... Billy (as Allan Murley)
Lawrence Bayne ... Tom
Victor Ertmanis ... Charlie
Donna Goodhand ... Woman

Season 5, Episode 22: The Cruelest Cut

18 November 1989

Melody Anderson ... Sterling

David James Elliott ... Jason (as David Elliott)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Walker Boone ... Nigel

Krista Bridges ... Killer Hooker
Larry Mannell ... First Victim
Paul Coeur ... Cop (as Paul Jolicoeur)
Bonnie Beck ... Hooker #1 (as Bonnie Peck)
Gina Darling ... Hooker #2
Gerry Pearson ... Second Victim

Season 5, Episode 23: The Dying Generation

24 November 1989

Roberta Maxwell ... Marybeth
Greg Spottiswood ... Adam

Cynthia Preston ... Stephanie (as Cyndy Preston)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
David Orth ... Brian
Mary Ann MacDonald ... Bonnie
François Klanfer ... Minister (as Francois Klanfer)
Susan Kottman ... Dying Mom

Season 5, Episode 24: My Enemy

25 November 1989

Joan Severance ... Jane Ambergris / Holly

Ron Lea ... Vic
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Peter Van Wart ... Chuck
Dennis O'Connor ... Helpful Cop
Nicholas Pasco ... Lou Stillman
Diane Fabian ... Mama Stillman
Dick Callahan ... Papa Stillman

Carrie-Anne Moss ... Lookalike

Season 5, Episode 25: Power Play

9 December 1989

Season 5, Episode 26: Pawns

16 December 1989

David McIlwraith ... Eddie

Jill Hennessy ... Elisabeth
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Michael Copeman ... Barnes
Carolyn Dunn ... Shelley
Michael Rhoades ... Reed Ross
J. Winston Carroll ... Anders

Todd Schroeder ... Bouncer (as Todd William Schroeder)
Jed Dixon ... Pawn Shop Customer

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Fading Away

21 September 1990

Nick Mancuso ... Mitchell
Helen Hughes ... String Lady
Angelo Rizacos ... Freak
Brenda Bazinet ... Mary
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Michael Tait ... Major

Conrad Coates ... Frank

Junior Williams ... Gang Leader

Season 6, Episode 2: Tough Guys Don't Whine

28 September 1990

Alan Thicke ... Mickey Black

Frank Pellegrino ... Bowie

Krista Bridges ... Penny

Raoul Trujillo ... James
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Peter Cox ... Tiny

Joseph Griffin ... Tug
Heidi von Palleske ... Interviewer

Larry A. McLean ... Charlie (as Larry MacLean)

Wil Burd ... Dealer (as Tim Burd)

Season 6, Episode 3: Riding the Nightmare

5 October 1990

Season 6, Episode 4: Strate Shooter

12 October 1990

Christopher Rydell ... Johnny Mattel (as Chris Rydell)

Andrew Gillies ... Richard Mattel

Andrea Roth ... Young Woman
Matt Cooke ... Matt Strate
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Phil Morrison ... Buzz

Chandra West ... Girl at Club
Gigi De Leon ... Oriental Woman (as Gigi DeLeon)

Season 6, Episode 5: Hard Rhyme

19 October 1990

Robert Foxworth ... Lee Greavy
Heidi von Palleske ... Louella Stone
Charmion King ... Margaret Cabot
Michael A. Miranda ... Jesse (as Silvio Oliviero)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Daniel Kash ... Killer
Gene Mack ... Manny

Gabriel Burrafato ... Ghost

Season 6, Episode 6: Toxic Shock

26 October 1990

Zach Galligan ... Raskin
Kevin Hicks ... Bobby
Tracey Cook ... Sally
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
John Stoneham Sr. ... Sheriff (as John Stoneham)

Season 6, Episode 7: New Dawn

2 November 1990

Nancy McKeon ... Dawn Wilder

Barclay Hope ... Ken Wilder

Lori Hallier ... Sherri

Jill Frappier ... Mimi Rasmussen
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Victor Ertmanis ... Mark Wallengreen
Kay Tremblay ... Art Critic (as Kaye Tremblay)

Doug Lennox ... Sheriff

Season 6, Episode 8: A Function of Control

9 November 1990

Jennifer Dale ... Laura Perry

Andrew Gillies ... Warren
Nadia Capone ... Mandy
Kaya McGregor ... Karen
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Ferne Downey ... Helen
Sandy Crawley ... Detective

Season 6, Episode 9: Trust Me

16 November 1990

Lorenzo Lamas ... Tom Astor
Carolyn Dunn ... Michelle
Lawrence Bayne ... Teddy
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Maruska Stankova ... Helen Masters

Larissa Laskin ... Gina (as Larissa Lapchinski)
Burns Proudfoot ... Butler

Season 6, Episode 10: Windows

23 November 1990

Season 6, Episode 11: Working Girl

30 November 1990

Peggy Lipton ... Helen

Marine Delterme ... Lucille
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Gilles Millinaire ... Roger
Denis Fouqueray ... Detective (as Denys Fouqueray)

Season 6, Episode 12: White Slaves

7 December 1990

C. Thomas Howell ... Gerald
Gérard Watkins ... Eric (as Gerard Watkins)
Mapi Galán ... Adrienne (as Mapi Galan)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Yan Epstein ... Georges

Vincent Grass ... Cop
Alexandra Fierro ... Albertine

Season 6, Episode 13: Tourist Trap

14 December 1990

Season 6, Episode 14: Homecoming

11 January 1991

Season 6, Episode 15: Living a Lie

18 January 1991

Scott Valentine ... Joe
Ingrid Held ... Catherine / Agnes
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker

Bradley Cole ... Ted Bruce
Yves Collignon ... Paul
Pauline Larrieu ... Laurence
Catherine Erhardy ... Denise (as Catherine Ehrardy)
Antoine Blanquefort ... Salesman

Season 6, Episode 16: Made in Paris

25 January 1991

Terence Knox ... Leon
Yumi Fujimori ... Mai Jan
Cécile Paoli ... Sylvie (as Cecile Paoli)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Jim Adhi Limas ... Sam
Jean-Claude Tran ... Yong

Season 6, Episode 17: A Whole New You

1 February 1991
A violent criminal, preparing to testify against his old boss, goes to a clinic to have plastic surgery to conceal his identity.

Elliott Gould ... Augie Benson

Olivier Rabourdin ... Denis LeBreaux
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Micky Sébastian ... Carrie (as Micky Sebastian)
Judith Burnett ... Dr. Renaud

Jean Dell ... Thug
Bernard Nissile ... Patient

Season 6, Episode 18: Offspring

8 February 1991

Louise Fletcher ... Mother Birch

Sebastian Roché ... Glenn Birch (as Sebastian Roche)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Laura Favali ... Alice
Florence Haziot ... Woman
Christine B. Dawson ... Prostitute

Season 6, Episode 19: Secrets

15 February 1991

Mary Frann ... Veronica
Daniel Briquet ... Roger
Frédéric Norbert ... Bernard (as Frederic Norbert)
Page Fletcher ... The Hitchhiker
Michel Voletti ... M. Cluet

Season 6, Episode 20: New Blood

22 February 1991

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