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One of my favorite Stephen J. Cannell creations.

Author: ckammer from United States
23 August 2003

I grew up in the '80s watching many of Stephen J. Cannell's programs, and still consider Hardcastle and McCormick to be one of the best of its genre. The episodes were fun to watch as most were an equal blend of action, drama, and humor. Brian Keith (as retired judge Milton C. Hardcastle) and Daniel Hugh Kelly (as ex-con Mark McCormick) played to each other's acting strengths, and their on-screen chemistry was one of the main things that elevated this series. The dialogue was crisp, and the two tough-yet-intelligent lead characters were well-defined, once the writers settled on their backgrounds (both Hardcastle's and McCormick's home states were changed in the first season: the judge's from Kansas to Arkansas, and Mark's from Florida to New Jersey. In addition, the judge's age and his length of time on the bench seemed to change each season. It also appeared that Mark spent his two years of incarceration in every prison in southern California, although San Quentin was one most frequently mentioned). The men's constant (although often good-natured) bickering and competition seemed to be the foundation of their friendship, which was regularly mentioned lightly and sometimes showed in grander gestures, such as in the episode where McCormick sells his beloved race car in order to raise enough bail money to get a framed Hardcastle out of jail, or the one where Hardcastle risks his prestigious law career by assisting Mark's dead-beat dad in stealing some wire-tap tapes from a government safe to bargain for the release of a kidnapped McCormick.

The series had its flaws, as did most of the macho, shoot-em-up, action shows of the time period, but what it lacked in realism and consistency it made up for in originality and heart. This series is a great addition to the other classic television shows now available on DVD, such as The Greatest American Hero and Starsky and Hutch.

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Wow this show was great!

Author: culwin
24 September 1999

Along the same lines of wacky 80s shows like A-team and Dukes of Hazard, this was one of the funnest (albeit not very realistic) shows of the decade! Comedy and action ensue as retired Judge Hardcastle (Brian Keith) and semi-retired convict Mccormick (Daniel Hugh-Kelly) solve cases in the same buddy style as 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon. This show is great for both kids and adults; there is some violence, but it is unrealistic violence, such as car explosions. I don't think anyone ever gets shot or killed. They just don't make great shows like this anymore!

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Modern Day Cowboys

Author: Brian Washington ( from Los Angeles, California
8 October 2003

This show pretty much was an update on classic legends like the Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid with a little bit of Dirty Harry thrown in. This also came out at a time when shows like "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Knight Rider", which featured good looking young men with fast cars were all the rage. Brian Keith pretty much buried his old character of "Uncle Bill" with his wild characterization of Milton Hardcastle. He made this show fun to watch and it was one of those shows from the mind of Stephen J. Cannell that had lots of action but really didn't take itself too seriously. Also, Daniel Hugh Kelly provided enough beefcake to keep the ladies interested. This was definitely one of the wildest shows of the 1980's.

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What a great show!

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
29 May 2003

One of my all time favorites. This show had great humor in it. The time Mark tries to be a stand up, or the house party that went out of control, and the time they got involved with the CIA. The acting mixed well with the comedy. For a more mature audience than Night Rider, or the Dukes, but with all the same fun. I think that car was their trade mark. 10/10 I wish we would have it on cable.

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Ages Well

Author: LizabethSTucker from Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States
9 April 2006

I loved the series, even with the continuity problems, when it first aired and my opinion hadn't changed over the years. When VEI released the first season in Canada, I was overjoyed. I highly recommend this series and the DVD set to any and all fans of relationship series. Although HARDCASTLE & McCORMICK is a typical Cannell production with car chases galore, at the heart the theme of the series was friendship, that between Milton Hardcastle and Mark McCormick. It was where the series was heading when it was cruelly cancelled, despite being more than high enough in the ratings to be renewed. It has truly aged well and can be enjoyed again and again.

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A Great Action Show

Author: Graeme (Roverthemoon25) from Lancs, England
20 December 2004

Hardcastle And Mcormick is of the forgotten shows of the 80's, and while The A Team, Knight Rider and Airwolf are more remembered Hardcastle and Mcormick had it all great story lines, two great leading characters, a awesome car and a catchy theme tune. I'ts the story of a retired judge who teams up with ex con to go after the criminals who got away when he was a judge, its a typical 80's style action series that I enjoyed and grew up with. Along with the actors though the car was definitely the star of the show, OK maybe it didn't talk like kitt but the red coyote was one hot car. I would really like to see one of the TV channels repeat this great show as most other 80's shows have been constantly repeated.

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What kind of car was the 'Coyote'?

Author: cobravenom71 from United States
2 February 2006

The 'Coyote' was a kit-car for the pilot and first two seasons. It was in actuality a 'Manta Montage', a fairly popular kit car available at the time. There were a couple of minor body modifications to disguise it, but it is plain to see what it really is.

It was powered by the new-at-the-time Chevy 2.8L V-6, which was a fairly sophisticated engine for it's time. This is the same engine that came in the Chevy Citation X-11.

Brian Kieth, being as overweight as he was, clearly found it next to impossible to climb in and out of the Coyote easily and the scenes were filmed in such a way that this was not emphasized.

The last season of the show, a 'DeLorean' DMC-12, the infamous stainless-steel, gull-winged sports car from John DeLorean was heavily modified to resemble the original coyote as close as possible. The heavy gull-wing doors were removed completely, and lots of fiberglass bodywork was created to disguise the fact that this was a completely different, much larger car. Mr. Kieth could more easily get in and out of it, so that was one big reason they switched.

Side by Side, the differences between the original 'Coyote' and the DeLorean-based model were clearly obvious, and when the show used existing footage of the original Coyote interspersed with newer footage of the DeLorean-based model, the continuity of the episode was shot all to hell!

The poster above mentioned that he thought the car was really a Porsche 917 race car. Not quite, but on the right track: The original car used for the Coyote, a 'Manta Montage' was a replica of sorts of the Porsche 917, although nowhere even close to the Porsche in terms of performance.

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Great show!

Author: jstnwrkmn from United States
28 February 2010

Hardcastle and McCormick is an excellent TV show.

Yes, it is predictable much like The Dukes of Hazzard, Hunter, The A-Team, etc etc etc.

This show is just good clean television. The relationship between Hardcastle and McCormick is quite amusing. They often take jabs at each other several times an episode, which adds a great deal of humor to the show. It contains several car chases in almost every episode, but, who doesn't enjoy a good car chase? Especially with the Coyote!

I only wish they made clean television like this today I highly recommend this!

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Great Show!

Author: Tom Raymond ( from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan USA
14 October 2003

I liked this show too when I was younger. I would go over to my grandma's and watch it all the time when it was on TV on the nights it was on. I liked the judge, the one abiding by the law even after he retired, Mc Cormick breaking the law to get the job done. I think the episode I liked the best was the first 2 when his friend built the Coyote, which I found out later was a Porsche 917, which on the racing circuit is an awesome car, and his friend's daughter wanted it back, so he went to the warehouse and stole it back. Then after he stole it, he ran from the cops and jumped the fence, which was some major air. They had it on Family Channel back in 1996, but didn't run for long, but I got excited and watched it anyway when it was on. That show was bad. Out of the Dukes and Knight Rider and this show, they all had their unique characteristics, like this show had the action of the cops chasing after Mc Cormick if he broke his probation like the time he got sent to Nevada, and had to be back in L.A. to meet his P.O. I give this show a 10, and wish it was on again. I loved it!

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Author: KRIS KALNINS from australia
27 April 1999

Hardcastle and McCormick was one of the best TV shows from the 1980's. Brian Keith starred as Judge Milton C. Hardcastle whose last case was a car stealing thief named Mark McCormick, played by Daniel Hugh-Kelly. McCormick's choice was to either go back to jail or join the now retired judge in solving unsolved cases. It featured car chases, stunts and everything else you'd expect from an action-adventure show.

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