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18 Sep. 1983
Rolling Thunder: Part 1
Retired judge Hardcastle recruits ex-con McCormick to team up with him in tracking down the guilty cases that slipped through the courts on technicalities. First on the docket: Martin Cody, the man who murdered McCormick's friend Flip.
18 Sep. 1983
Rolling Thunder: Part 2
Hardcastle and McCormick continue to forge their uneasy alliance and travel to Las Vegas with a plan to draw Martin Cody out into the open using the Coyote as irresistible bait.
25 Sep. 1983
Man in a Glass House
A mobster writes a book and in it he says some things about some people that are not nice. And among them is Hardcastle, who wants to get him. And his former associates are not pleased with it too and when they bring him to them and threaten him, he counters by saying he has records of everything they have done, so he tells them to back off. After he leaves, they meet with a fixer whom they've hired to get the records he has and kill him. While trying to get the records to a safe location, Hardcastle runs into him, literally, so Hardcastle wants to see what he has in ...
2 Oct. 1983
The Crystal Duck
McCormick's former cell mate who's on parole is informed by his parole officer that because of a violation which wasn't his fault, he could be sent back to prison. That's when the parole officer tells him there's a way out--that he should pay him $1000 a week, and he doesn't care how he gets it. When McCormick and Hardcastle go to play cards with some other judges, the guy robs them and McCormick knows he did it. Later McCormick tells Hardcastle about his friend and that he has been staying with him. When they go home they discover that they've been robbed. McCormick ...
9 Oct. 1983
Goin' Nowhere Fast
A convict escapes from prison and takes the warden's wife with him but is she his hostage or accomplice. He then calls Hardcastle, who's shocked to hear from him. He then goes after him with McCormick, but without telling him how he knows the man and what is he after.
16 Oct. 1983
The Black Widow
When several men some of whom work for criminals turn up dead and they all appear to have dated the same woman. So Hardcastle looks into it but a Captain who doesn't like Hardcastle tells him to stay away. So Hardcastle has McCormick come on to her. Hardcastle eventually learns that McCormick is in danger.
23 Oct. 1983
The Boxer
A boxer whom McCormick knows, is training for the Olympics. But a criminal is pressuring him to turn pro which would make him ineligible for the Olympics. So along with Hardcastle they try to help him.
30 Oct. 1983
Once Again with Vigorish
DA Pamela Peterson asks her long time friend Judge Hardcastle to help her finally put away loan shark, Frank Kelly after he once again beats legal charges after kidnapping the wife of the prosecutions key witness.
6 Nov. 1983
Killer B's
Hardcastle enlists his old friend Buddy Ebsen to help him infiltrate the film set of one of film producer Eddie Sands' productions. Whom he suspects is using his stunt drivers to smuggle drugs in from Mexico.
13 Nov. 1983
The Prince of Fat City
Hardcastle and McCormick take in a young gang member, who has hidden some stolen psychiatrist tapes that his fellow gang members and criminal Mr. Shelcroft are anxious to get their hands on.
27 Nov. 1983
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4 Dec. 1983
Flying Down to Rio
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11 Dec. 1983
Just Another Round of That Old Song
Mark and Milton side with a recently freed ex-con over a retired corrupt police officer in a race to recover the hidden proceeds from a twenty five year old theft.

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