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6 Jan. 1986
Sprocket's Big Adventure
After Doc pulls up the floorboards in the workshop, Sprocket enters Fraggle Rock.
13 Jan. 1986
Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water
Wembley uses his acute hearing to detect delicious whoopee water. But using the water endangers the Rock.
20 Jan. 1986
Sidebottom Blues
Boober lets Sidebottom turn him into Dr. Fun when he thinks his friends don't like him because he's no fun.
27 Jan. 1986
Uncle Matt's Discovery
While Uncle Matt is back for a visit, he discovers a cavern with magical transporting archways.
3 Feb. 1986
Junior Faces the Music
Cantus the Minstrel arrives to help Junior Gorg with the ritual of the Royal Kazoo.
10 Feb. 1986
A Tune for Two
Wembley causes a stir when he pairs with Cotterpin Doozer in the Duet-a-thon.
17 Feb. 1986
The Perfect Blue Rollie
Wembley and Boober find a legendary Perfect Blue Rollie, which Boober doesn't want to share.
24 Feb. 1986
A Brush with Jealousy
Mokey gets a magic paintbrush from the Trash Heap, but uses it for the wrong reasons.
3 Mar. 1986
Wembley's Flight
Wembley rescues a spiderfly which turns out to be magic. It grants him a wish, so Wembley decides to be able to fly.
10 Mar. 1986
Red's Blue Dragon
Red goes through a tunnel in the T. Matthew Fraggle Room and finds a blue dragon.
17 Mar. 1986
Wonder Mountain
Red follows Mokey on her solo trip to Wonder Mountain to make sure she's ok, but of course it's Red who falls victim to almost every pitfall on the Wonder Trail.
24 Mar. 1986
Space Frog Follies
Uncle Matt has gotten Gobo a frog from Outer Space for his birthday, but when it gets loose while Wembley is supposed to be hiding it, things get really crazy!
31 Mar. 1986
Boober Gorg
After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober gets amnesia and thinks he's a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa Gorg, they believe him, because they think a sorceror has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle.

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