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Season 1

5 Feb. 1983
Put Up Your Dukes
The Duke visit their Australian cousin Willy in Kingsburry who's planning to get rich by having his kangaroo Bouncing Benny become a boxing champion.
12 Feb. 1983
Jungle Jitters
The Dukes are forced to take a short cut through the unexplored South American jungle. But they are captured by a native tribe and the General Lee about to be sacrificed to a volcano.
19 Feb. 1983
The Dukes of Venice
Right in front of the Coliseum, bank robbers steal General Lee and use it as a getaway car. Coy, Vance and Daisy manage to get him back, but Boss and Rosco tell the local police the Dukes committed the crime.
26 Feb. 1983
Marocco Bound
After a mix-up with the luggage at the hotel, Rosco gets his hands on a magic lamp. Boss and Rosco hide it in the hotel shop, but Daisy buys it as a souvenir.
5 Mar. 1983
The Secret Satallite
The gang is after a U.S. satellite that crashed into the Arctic Circle. The Dukes take part out of duty, but Boss does it for the $10,000 reward.
12 Mar. 1983
The Dukes of London
Accidentally Rosco's basset hound, Flash, gets switched with Her Majesty's basset hound, Regina. After the mix-up the Dukes are arrested for kidnapping.
19 Mar. 1983
The Greece Fleece
Boss Hogg makes sure his friend Big Nic Metropopolus arrests the Dukes and throws them in jail. He then attends the local Aphrodite festival and ends up having to marry Nic's niece Melina.
26 Mar. 1983
The Dukes in India
Boss Hogg plots with the Grand Vazir to set up traps to slow down Coy, Vance, and Daisy. So that Boss Hogg will win the race.
2 Apr. 1983
The Dukes in Urbekistan
Racing through Ubreksitan, the Dukes meet British Debra Far, who is looking for her Geologist father. Boss becomes interested when he learns Professor Far was searching for a diamond mine.
9 Apr. 1983
The Dukes in Hong Kong
Boss makes the Dukes believe he's out of the race, while in reality he's converted his caddy into a hydrofoil and takes a short cut over the water. But when Hogg strikes a deal with Captain Crikey of the pirate ship Sea Scum, both he and the Dukes end up in trouble.
16 Apr. 1983
The Dukes in Scotland
The Dukes meet Billy Bob and June Stewart from Hazzard County in Scotland. Billy Bob and June Stewart inherited a castle that seems to be haunted. When in fact it is really counterfeiters trying to keep their hideout.
23 Apr. 1983
The Dukes Do Paris
Boss Hogg is meeting the criminal Blankie LeBlanc in France to get his hands on a valuable Blue Oiseau stamp. But Le Blanc accidentally gives the stamp to Daisy who is about to send a postcard to Uncle Jessie.
30 Apr. 1983
The Dukes in Switzerland
Racing through Switzerland, the Dukes pick up a girl called Lilly who is on the run from the Slavonian secret police. The spies are after her father's secret formula.

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