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Season: 1
Year: 1983

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Who Am I Killing

10 April 1983
A British pilot crashes and the Germans are trying to find him. At the same time Ferrari wants Rick to go in with him in a black market medicine scam. Major Strasser is enamored with the Club's singer, who somehow knows that the British pilot is need of the medicine Ferrari wants to sell but doesn't know how to get it.

Season 1, Episode 2: Master Builder's Woman

17 April 1983
A German engineer comes to Casablanca to begin work on a major project. At the same time there's a manhunt for a French agent known by the code name Henri Henri. Rick is approached by someone in the underground who wants him to help Henri Henri escape but as usual Rick is not sticking his neck out.

Season 1, Episode 3: Jenny

24 April 1983

Season 1, Episode 4: The Cashier and the Belly Dancer

27 August 1983

Season 1, Episode 5: Divorce Casablanca Style

3 September 1983

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