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Season 24

2 Jan. 2008
The Deadly Game
PCs Fletcher and Gayle pursue a stolen car that has been involved in a hit-and-run incident. New DC Stevie Moss joins DCs Webb and Perkins in trying to establish the identity of the driver of the vehicle, but PC Armstrong uncovers the vital evidence.
3 Jan. 2008
Shadow Stalker
PC Armstrong and Sgt Stone interview the victim of an attempted sexual assault. TDC Walker becomes convinced as to the identity of the assailant. The officers set up a trap, with Armstrong as bait.
9 Jan. 2008
To Catch a Killer: Part 1
After a young boy is abducted from a shopping centre, Neil tries to elicit information from a convicted child killer.
10 Jan. 2008
To Catch a Killer: Part 2
Supt Heaton organises a press conference to appeal for help in the search for an abducted 11-year-old. When a ransom note is received, DI Manson solicits the continued assistance of a convicted child killer.
16 Jan. 2008
Witness: Innocent Blood
Sgt Smith attends to the victim of a knife attack. A suspect admits stealing from the victim, but denies the attack. PCs Green and Roberts rescue a young arsonist from a blazing car.
17 Jan. 2008
Witness: Wall of Silence
The police set up a mobile unit on the Jasmine Allen estate following the drive-by shooting of a teenaged girl, but the community response is disappointing. Sgt Smith is appointed FLO.
23 Jan. 2008
Witness: Breaking Point
Officers from Sun Hill attend the funeral of murder victim Carly Samuels, which is disrupted by gunfire. Carly's best friend, Alisha, finally discloses vital information about the murder.
24 Jan. 2008
Witness: Deadly Secret
Officers from Sun Hill attend the funeral of murder victim Carly Samuels, which is disrupted by gunfire. Carly's best friend, Alisha, finally discloses vital information about the murder.
30 Jan. 2008
Witness: Protection
Officers from Sun Hill take part in midnight raids to arrest the men implicated in the shooting. Witness Alisha Daniels is placed under police protection.
31 Jan. 2008
Witness: Hit and Run
Sgt Smith interviews the car-jacker involved in the hit-and-run incident. Key witness Alisha Danniels is now too scared to testify. PCs Keane and Roberts interview the car owner, and uncover details of arms dealers on the Jasmine Allen estate.
6 Feb. 2008
Witness: Truth & Lies
When a witness drops out of the Carly Samuels murder trial, Sgt Smith tries to persuade her best friend to testify. PCs Roberts and Noble arrest a man for arranging a brutal assault on his pregnant girlfriend.
7 Feb. 2008
Witness: The Final Act
Sgt Smith is driving the key prosecution witness in the Carly Samuels murder trial when they are run off the road. An investigation into that incident leads to vital new evidence and a dramatic courtroom confession. Rioting breaks out on the Jasmine Allen estate, with PCs Green and Hollis trapped in the mobile police unit.
13 Feb. 2008
Driven to Kill
Inspector Gold is determined to crack down on a surge on hoax calls. Sgt Stone and PC Stamp are pelted with eggs when they respond to one hoax call, and hit with water balloons when they attend the reported sighting of a body in the river. Sgt Wright deals with a call from a boy who claims to have been kidnapped by his father.
14 Feb. 2008
Pay Back
PCs Armstrong and Gayle stop a 12-year-old boy driving a stolen car, and investigate claims that the boy's father is being threatened by a known violent offender. DCs Moss and Perkins investigate the provenance of an explicit DVD featuring a local celebrity.
21 Feb. 2008
Cover Up
PCs Fletcher and Armstrong tend to the victim of an apparent assault. PC Gayle gets emotionally invested when investigating a serious assault on a twelve-year-old boy, and becomes the subject of a DPS investigation.
27 Feb. 2008
The Hit
PCs Armstrong and Fletcher track down the victim of a traffic accident. DC Moss and DS Carter discover details of a planned shooting, and mount a search for the hit man.
28 Feb. 2008
Spilt Blood
Sgt Stone and PC Armstrong investigate an assault on a young woman found in an alleyway outside a club. The officers suspect rape, but the victim insists that she was the victim of a mugging. A drugs raid planned by DS Carter and DCs Moss and Perkins is a bust as they were fed false intelligence.
5 Mar. 2008
Deadly Cocktail
PCs Valentine and Green respond to the reported sighting of a body being thrown into the river. DS Carter leads an investigation into the murder of a doctor, recently exonerated after allegations of professional negligence.
12 Mar. 2008
Heat on the Beat
Supt Heaton decides to go out on the beat with PCs Green and Keane, who are both suffering after a late night out. Insp Gold and Sgt Wright decide to keep an eye on them. PCs Valentine and Roberts investigate the theft of some electrical goods from a delivery truck.
13 Mar. 2008
PCs Fletcher, Gayle and Armstrong, and Sgt Stone, are called to a disturbance at a nightclub. Armstrong comes to the aid of undercover police officer Andrew Tipping. DC Masters deals with a man who is determine to find the drug dealer he blames for his daughter's death.
19 Mar. 2008
Break In
Sgt Smith calls on a pensioner who has been attacked in her home and robbed. DCs Moss and Webb discover that a neighbour is handling stolen goods, and set up a sting operation to trap the thief.
20 Mar. 2008
Beth Undercover
PC Green goes under cover at a party to trap a drug dealer, but gets in over her head when she gets emotionally involved with a suspect.
26 Mar. 2008
Closing the Net: Part 1
PCs Keane and Valentine come across a teenager who has attempted suicide. Evidence of a sexual assault leads DCs Dasari and Perkins to investigate a case of possible on-line grooming.
27 Mar. 2008
Closing the Net: Part 2
DSs Carter and Turner, and DCs Perkins and Dasari, work with officers from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre to break an on-line paedophile network.
2 Apr. 2008
Blood Rush: Part 1
PCs Stamp and Gayle find the body of a missing teenager in a derelict house. DS Turner and DC Moss investigate and discover the girl was hooked on heroin and forced into prostitution by a local drug dealer and pimp.
3 Apr. 2008
Blood Rush: Part 2
Sgt Stone and PC Fletcher arrest Danny Peters for the attack on DS Turner. Turner is devastated to discover that the needle might have been infected with the HIV virus. DC Moss goes undercover as a heroin addict to investigate a major heroin smuggling operation.
9 Apr. 2008
Sins of the Father: Part 1
Sgt Smith and PC Fletcher come to the aid of Johnnie Jackson, a former East End gangster who has been badly beaten. Smith and DS Carter discover that Jackson's grandson is dealing drugs on behalf of his illegitimate son, who runs a drugs and prostitution racket.
10 Apr. 2008
Sins of the Father: Part 2
Sgt Smith and DS Carter investigate the murder of a small-time drug dealer, the grandson of a former East End gangster. The victim's uncle, who runs a drugs and prostitution racket, is a suspect.
16 Apr. 2008
Going Under
Supt Heaton sends DCI Meadows under cover as a dealer to expose a gang trading in stolen antiques.
17 Apr. 2008
PCs Keane and Armstrong are called to a break-in, but the intruders run off, having been fought off by the householder. Armstrong and PC Stamp later come across one of the intruders, who has been badly injured. The evidence suggests that the householder may have used unreasonable force, and he is arrested for attempted murder, but Keane is convinced of his innocence.
23 Apr. 2008
R.I.P P.I.
DC Jacob Banks arrives at Sun Hill, and assists DC Webb with an investigation into the murder of a private investigator, who had been looking for a missing teenaged girl. PC Keane feels she is being singled out by Sgt Stone
24 Apr. 2008
City Slickers
PC Armstrong goes under cover at a City trading house to investigate the possible involvement of one of a group of traders in the disappearance of a missing twenty-one-year-old woman. PC Keane is frustrated that Sgt Stone nominated Armstrong for the assignment, while Keane herself has been landed with more routine work, and is delighted when she gets the opportunity to join her colleague under cover
1 May 2008
Frontline: Shockwave
PCs Keane and Armstrong are on the beat when they are shocked by two explosions. Sgt Stone coordinates the efforts of officers from Sun Hill and Barton Street as they deal with terrified people desperate for information, and the threat posed by opportunist criminals. When police receive a warning about a third explosive device, Keane puts her life on the line
8 May 2008
Frontline: Aftershock
DI Karen Lacy from the Counter Terrorism Unit takes charge of the investigation into the bombings of the day before. Sgt Stone and PC Armstrong search for the man suspected to be behind the campaign. DCs Webb and Walker search his home for clues, little suspecting that danger awaits. Tensions between Sgts Stone and Smith reach a head
15 May 2008
Frontline: End Game
Another bomb warning is sent to Sun Hill. DC Dasari interviews the men apparently targeted in the earlier incidents. As the time of the threatened explosion approaches, officers realise that the person behind the bombs has been in the station throughout the investigation. Sgt Stone and DC Webb race to find it in time. Officers attend PC Keane's funeral service..
22 May 2008
Lucky Lucky Lucky
A grumpy DI Manson returns to work determined to bring some discipline back to CID. He and DC Moss investigate the apparent disappearance of a groom on his wedding day after a burglary. Further investigation leads to a gay-bar and the chase is on to capture a Kylie Minogue impersonator!
29 May 2008
Running Scared
Sgt Wright and PC Valentine come across a young assault victim. They discover that his house has been ransacked and that his father had borrowed money from a loan shark. The officers clash over how to run the case when drugs are discovered in the boy's room. DCs Masters and Moss discover that the victim's father is dealing drugs and is involved in a turf war.
4 Jun. 2008
Cowboy Country
DS Carter and DC Perkins are stuck in a traffic jam when they witness a stabbing. Increasing conflict between the two detectives compromises their subsequent investigation into an international car theft racket.
5 Jun. 2008
We Are Family: Part 1
PCs Armstrong and Green attend to the victim of a serious assault and establish that he had been in an argument with a young runaway. DS Turner and DC Perkins talk to the victim and his wife, and discover that the girl is their daughter. The wife admits to the assault, but the officers suspect that she is covering for someone.
11 Jun. 2008
We Are Family: Part 2
PC Green is called to the scene of a suspected suicide at a motorway bridge and recognises the victim as a teenage runaway. Some sex tapes lead DS Turner and DC Perkins to investigate the victim's boyfriend for her murder.
12 Jun. 2008
New Blood
PC Valentine shows new recruits PCs Leon Taylor, Arun Ghir and Millie Brown around Sun Hill. DC Masters investigates a break-in at a hardware store. Officers are then called to a bank, which has been robbed using equipment stolen from the store
25 Jun. 2008
Landfill Killer
DI Manson and TDC Walker investigate the murder of a woman whose body is found at a landfill site. Investigations lead to three suspects, but all have alibis.
2 Jul. 2008
Gun Runner: Trigger Happy
DC Banks is confronted with a volatile situation when he responds to a call about a young boy playing with a weapon. PC Mel Ryder joins the team and she and Sgt Smith are called to a break-in which leads to an investigation into a double kidnapping.
3 Jul. 2008
Gun Runner: Under Cover
PCs Roberts and Gayle attend to a woman who was the victim of a sex attack at her home. PCs Ryder and Valentine investigate. A suspect is identified, but he claims she was a willing participant. Supt Heaton sends Sgt Smith undercover, with DC Moss posing as his girlfriend, to expose a gun running racket.
9 Jul. 2008
Gun Runner: Kick Off
PCs Green and Fletcher arrest a teenager after a box of fireworks explodes in front of their patrol car. The fireworks are part of a consignment to be used at a forthcoming football match, where Sun Hill officers will be in attendance on crowd control duties. DI Manson mounts an observation at the stadium, as Sgt Smith is due to meet the man behind an arms smuggling operation.
10 Jul. 2008
Gun Runner: Spray and Pray
Sgt Smith has infiltrated a gang of arms dealers, and comes across a gun that has been used in a recent murder. DS Carter and DC Moss have to get the gun without blowing Smith's cover.
16 Jul. 2008
Gun Runner: Fire Fight
Sgt Smith, working undercover for an arms dealer, meets the gang leader who is funding the latest deal and witnesses the beating of the dealer's nephew. Smith is sent alone to collect the shipment, while the gang detain DC Moss, who has been posing as Smith's girlfriend. The nephew's unexpected arrival ahead of the exchange threatens to undermine the deal and to expose Smith's cover.
17 Jul. 2008
Jack of Hearts
DCI Meadows's God son calls to collect his father after a poker game and is knocked down in a hit-and-run incident outside the DCI's home. Meadows assumes he was the target, and clashes with DC Banks and DC Webb, who suspect that one of the DCI's friends may have been the intended target. Meadows is shocked to discover how little he knows his oldest friends.
23 Jul. 2008
Body of Evidence
DCs Webb and Banks investigate a suspected arson attack on the home of a man who had helped out on an observation some years before. The victim's son, his neighbor and his landlord are among the suspects, and Banks's wife, Naomi, is the landlord's solicitor.
24 Jul. 2008
PCs Armstrong and Gayle are called to attend when a teenage girl is knocked down in a hit-and-run incident. Sgt Stone and PC Stamp track down the owner of the vehicle, who denies responsibility. Officers discover that the key witness to the incident is a missing person who is hiding a family secret.
30 Jul. 2008
Teacher's Pet
PCs Armstrong goes to the aid of a teacher who is being harassed by two former pupils. She and PC Stamp discover that the teacher has been having an affair with a third girl, who is now missing. PCs Ghir and Brown investigate a series of break-ins. PCs Gayle and Stamp assist with a sting operation at a local car-wash company.
31 Jul. 2008
Seize the Day
Sgt Wright and PC Fletcher attend the scene when a piece of scaffolding is driven through a car, impaling the driver. Wright comforts the driver while Fletcher tries to establish whether the incident was an accident. The case leads both officers to re-evaluate their careers.
6 Aug. 2008
Street Kid
Sergeant Rachel Weston joins Sun Hill and investigates a break in at a jewellery shop with DCs Walker and Webb. PCs Ryder and Roberts attend the scene of a two-car road traffic accident. Weston and Ryder realise that the getaway vehicle was one of those involved in the accident.
7 Aug. 2008
Blind Alley
Sgt Weston and PC Roberts come across what appears to be an assault in progress, but the suspect escapes, dropping a stun gun. DI Nixon and DC Banks suspect that the victim was raped, but she claims not to remember anything. TDC Fletcher joins CID and assists DC Perkins as he attempts to trace the supplier of the stun gun.
14 Aug. 2008
Getting Personal
PCs Brown and Roberts pursue a female joy rider and discover a body in the boot of the stolen car. DI Nixon and DC Banks discover that the suspect in an earlier rape case was seen arguing with the victim the night before.
19 Aug. 2008
Game Plan: Part 1
DS Carter goes under cover at some dock yards as part of an operation to foil the planned theft of DVD players. DI Lacy, now with the Intelligence Office, seeks the assistance of Sun Hill CID in intercepting a major shipment of cocaine at the same docks. PC Green goes under cover as a barmaid, in an attempt to get close to the drug baron's daughter.
20 Aug. 2008
Game Plan: Part 2
DS Carter, having inveigled himself into the drug baron's gang, tries to get close to the cocaine shipment. DCI Meadows persuades the gangster's daughter to turn on her father.
21 Aug. 2008
Demolition Girl
Sgt Stone and PC Taylor investigate the theft of a pedigree dog. PCs Armstrong and Gayle police a demonstration at the demolition of two tower blocks. Armstrong gets involved with a young woman who claims to have been the victim of sexual abuse as a child.
26 Aug. 2008
Over the Limit
An off-duty PC Gayle attends a road traffic accident and is shocked to discover PC Armstrong, drunk at the wheel of one of the vehicles. Gayle persuades Armstrong to give false details to the paramedics, and asks Sgt Stone to help, but Sgt Smith and PC Stamp become suspicious.
28 Aug. 2008
Before the Fall
Sgt Weston and PC Valentine are called to the scene of a disturbance and discover a man who has been tied to a chair and beaten severely. DC Dasari and TDC Walker investigate, and discover that the principal suspect is in witness protection.
3 Sep. 2008
After the Fall
DC Dasari feels guilty following the death and possible suicide of her witness. She and TDC Walker try to uncover the events leading to the assault on the drug-dealer, who still refuses to cooperate. A loan shark, suspected of involvement, is trying to leave town in a hurry.
4 Sep. 2008
Secret History: Part 1
PCs Brown and Ghir come to the aid of Naomi Woods, DC Banks's wife, who has been assaulted in a car park. Banks and DI Nixon establish that the assault was premeditated, and try to find someone with a grudge against her. DS Carter and DC Moss interview a man represented by Woods in a recent drink-driving case.
10 Sep. 2008
Secret History: Part 2
DI Nixon and DC Banks investigate a serious assault on the young man who tried to abduct Banks's wife, Naomi Woods. PCs Gayle and Stamp arrest his former accomplice, but the victim believes that the man who knocked down and killed his brother is behind the assault.
11 Sep. 2008
Trial and Error: Part 1
DI Nixon and DC Banks are in court for the trial of man accused of murder and attempted rape. PC Ryder persuades a reluctant witness to testify. Banks's wife, Naomi Woods, suspects the officers of coercing a witness, and successfully argues for a mistrial verdict. When another woman is raped, Nixon is convinced that Norris is to blame but Banks, reviewing the evidence, has doubts.
17 Sep. 2008
Trial and Error: Part 2
DI Nixon is furious at the collapse of the rape and murder trial and accuses DC Banks of colluding with his wife, the defense barrister in the case. Now convinced that their case is unsound, Banks investigates the flatmate of the accused.
18 Sep. 2008
Funny Money
Inspector Gold organises a heavy police presence in a local shopping centre in a clampdown on youth crime. Two young shoplifters are arrested, and the boy is found to be in possession of forged banknotes. PC Taylor is assigned as childminder and bonds with the boy, while his colleagues investigate the boy's estranged father, who has a prior conviction for forgery. When suspicion turns to the boy's aunt, Gold is horrified, and decides to take extreme measures.
24 Sep. 2008
Appropriate Force
Officers are bemused when Insp Gold orders the use of stop-and-search powers in her clampdown on youth disorder. Sgt Weston and PC Brown attend a disturbance at a bank by a female customer who smells of petrol. Sgt Stone believes he recognizes the m.o. from a series of aggravated burglaries, and he and Sgt Smith go to the woman's house, where they find her family bound and gagged and doused in petrol. Convinced he knows who is behind the incident, Stone is determined to bring him to justice.
25 Sep. 2008
An Honour to Serve: Part 1
Sgts Stone and Smith investigate the stabbing of a man who insists that he was attacked by a jealous husband. The wife insists that the stab victim has been harassing her. Officers discover that the man has been deported to the UK after allegations of sexual assault, and events take a sinister turn when he disappears with the woman's daughter.
2 Oct. 2008
An Honour to Serve: Part 2
Supt Heaton mounts an armed response operation at a school, where a gunman has shot Sgt Smith and is holding two schoolgirls hostage.
8 Oct. 2008
Hide and Seek
Newly-promoted Insp Weston coordinates a raid on a suspected crack den, where PC Taylor discovers a young girl hidden behind a fireplace. Weston and Taylor interview the girl's mother, who agrees to help them bring down the dealer behind the operation.
9 Oct. 2008
First Strike
Insp Weston and PC Taylor attend to a drug dealer who has been stabbed. PC Fletcher and DC Dasari investigate, and two brothers independently confess to the crime. Taylor defies Weston to investigate a break-in at the home of a mugging victim.
15 Oct. 2008
Hold Me Tight: Part 1
PCs Valentine and Gayle deal with the reported disappearance of an eight-year-old girl. Valentine suspects the girl's father, but when DCs Dasari and Webb investigate, a schoolboy implicates his own father.
16 Oct. 2008
Hold Me Tight: Part 2
DI Manson and DCs Dasari and Webb interview a schoolboy in connection with the murder of an eight-year-old girl.
22 Oct. 2008
The Rookie
TDC Fletcher struggles to adapt to DS Turner's leadership style as they investigate a series of attacks on a developer. Suspicion falls on an anti-capitalist protester, but the officers soon uncover a protection racket.
23 Oct. 2008
Fools Rush In
Patrolling the Bronte estate, PCs Ghir and Brown break up an assault on a young couple. The officers' contrasting approaches bring them into conflict, and Ghir's impetuosity quickly gets him into trouble.
30 Oct. 2008
Loved and Lost
Sgt Stone and PC Taylor attend a report of a missing fifteen-year-old, then discover her, beaten unconscious. Their investigations into her last known movements lead them to suspect two boyfriends of her assault.
5 Nov. 2008
Walk on By
PCs Roberts and Ryder are called to a stabbing on a bus. DC Perkins is concerned to discover that his daughter, Holly, the key witness to the crime, had tried to intervene.
6 Nov. 2008
In Deep
PCs Roberts and Stamp witness a young woman being pushed out of a car. DCs Perkins and Webb discover that the victim, a barrister's daughter, has been dealing in significant quantities of cocaine. Perkins goes undercover as a minicab driver to investigate.
12 Nov. 2008
Proof of Life: Part 1
DC Perkins, under cover as a taxi driver, is a witness when a young German woman is abducted at gunpoint by his boss. DCI Meadows leads a joint investigation into the kidnap with officers from the Leipzig police, assisted by DCs Webb and Walker
13 Nov. 2008
Proof of Life: Part 2
DCI Meadows, DC Webb and DC Walker accompany officers from the Leipzig special task force as they fly to Germany in pursuit of the gang that kidnapped a young German woman in London. The team fears for the safety of DC Perkins, who has been working undercover with the kidnappers.
27 Nov. 2008
One Day, But Not Today
PC Stamp takes PC Roberts for his advanced drivers' assessment. The officers pursue but lose a stolen vehicle that is later involved in a hit-and-run incident.
10 Dec. 2008
Forgotten Child: Part 1
DCs Masters and Webb deal with a suspected heroin overdose, but fingerprints on the the needle suggest that the victim was murdered. Investigations uncover a network involved in trafficking underage girls.
11 Dec. 2008
Forgotten Child: Part 2
DCs Masters and Webb attempt to crack an operation trafficking teenaged girls. Webb goes under cover as a punter at a brothel suspected of providing under-aged prostitutes.
17 Dec. 2008
Santa's Little Helper
DC Moss and DS Turner investigate a spate of burglaries. The victims had all entered a competition at a grotto in a local market, and the officers pose as customers to set up a sting.
18 Dec. 2008
Too Hot to Handle: Part 1
DC Moss goes back under cover to investigate a convicted drug dealer, recently released from prison. Her target, a man she helped send down three years earlier, is delighted to see her, and DS Turner becomes concerned at the apparent closeness between the two. TDC Fletcher tracks down the woman whose assault led to the earlier conviction.
22 Dec. 2008
Too Hot to Handle: Part 2
DSs Turner and Rutherford race to track down the fugitive drug dealer Rob Towler and undercover DC Moss before a gang from Manchester catches up with them. Turner is shocked when Moss appears to have decided to go native.
23 Dec. 2008
Too Hot to Handle: Part 3
DC Moss explains her recent behaviour to DS Turner, and the pair attempt to expose DS Rutherford and his involvement with the Tameside Crew.
31 Dec. 2008
Second Chance
PC Ryder is concerned about the welfare of her brother and his girlfriend who have come to London to celebrate New Year. PCs Brown and Valentine are called to an incident at a night club. Ryder is shocked when Sgt Smith arrests her brother on suspicion of stabbing.

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