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Season 22

4 Jan. 2006
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5 Jan. 2006
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11 Jan. 2006
Two new faces join Sun Hill. Emma Keane & Lewis Hardy. Valentine & Kapoor are assigned to help them. Hardy gets off to a bad start.
12 Jan. 2006
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18 Jan. 2006
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19 Jan. 2006
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25 Jan. 2006
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26 Jan. 2006
Smithy is refused bail and put on remand - Sun Hill try to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Ramani investigates a suspected case of child abuse.
1 Feb. 2006
Ramani and Terry try to locate a missing child. Phil and Jo investigate a robbery that is not as straightforward as it seems.
2 Feb. 2006
A woman comes into Sun Hill and claims she was sexually abused by her father twenty years ago. Zain continues to try to prove Smithy's innocence of Louise Larson's murder.
8 Feb. 2006
Sun Hill investigate a gang-related shooting in a nightclub. Jo's old snout Seth reappears and asks for her help.
9 Feb. 2006
Sun Hill and Trident continue to investigate the shootings between members of rival gangs.
15 Feb. 2006
A seven year old girl is reported missing, and Sun Hill CID believe that she has been abducted.
22 Feb. 2006
The search continues for missing seven year old Amy Tennant, and her father James is the chief suspect. Dean McVerry bids farewell to Sun Hill.
23 Feb. 2006
A disturbance at a snooker hall is the start of more violence between rival gangs in Sun Hill. Amy Tennant is still missing and suspicion falls on her gym teacher. It's Ramani's last day at Sun Hill and Terry throws her a surprise party.
1 Mar. 2006
Ramani starts her new job and asks Terry to assist on a case. Zain receives information that Asher Campbell is planning to buy guns. A reconstruction of missing girl Amy Tennant's last known movements is carried out.
2 Mar. 2006
Emma Keane goes undercover to catch a thief posing as a store security guard. Lewis accuses Roger of being a racist. Gina Gold returns from Australia and visits Smithy in prison.
8 Mar. 2006
Zain meets with Jordan Tomlin again who tells him he knows how to find one of the missing Mach-10s. Shots are fired at a local community centre during a DJ competition. A victim and a witness are trapped inside, but Superintendent Okaro stops anyone from entering until armed backup arrives as the gunman could still be in the building. Lewis is worried his cousin Dominic could be involved as he was meant to be providing security to the event, but apparently left minutes before the shooting occurred. Dominic tells Lewis that a cop from Sun Hill was cutting deals with ...
9 Mar. 2006
Smithy is the victim of bullying in Longmarsh prison. While investigating a dodgy property manager, Jack, Mickey and Zain find a link connecting Pete Larson to the man who claims he saw Smithy run Louise Larson over.
15 Mar. 2006
The investigation continues into finding the link between Carl Caplan and Pete Larson. Smithy is told his application to attend Louise Larson's funeral has been denied.
16 Mar. 2006
Disaster strikes at a nightclub gig that uniform are policing when a balcony collapses onto the dance floor. Phil Hunter bets Sam Nixon that he can reach his crime detection target figure by recording three reported cases by next morning.
22 Mar. 2006
Sun Hill faces criticism over the handling of the nightclub disaster. Sam Nixon and Mickey Webb investigate a case of identity theft.
23 Mar. 2006
A man is found beaten unconscious in his car, and Terry and Suzie discover that he had been assaulted after visiting a prostitute. DC Stuart Turner comes to Sun Hill to assist with the investigation, as he is familiar with one of the suspects from his patch in the West End. Jack is impressed by his performance and offers him the vacant detective sergeant position ahead of Suzie, who is still studying for her sergeant's exams. Dan and Will both apply for the advanced driving course, with only one place available. After a mistake by Dan nets Will three points on his ...
29 Mar. 2006
A prostitute is badly beaten while Suzie and Stuart have her home under surveillance. Terry and Stuart interview her flatmate Kelly as they suspect it was a retaliation attack by well known criminal Craig Fenton. The women had stolen drugs from Fenton, their pimp, to sell in order to make enough money to get out of the sex industry. Terry enlists the help of another prostitute, Leigh Bevan, to convince Kelly to testify against Fenton. Leela is appointed as the new fed rep for Sun Hill, but her joy at winning is short lived when she discovers the only other candidate ...
30 Mar. 2006
It's Smithy's first day back at work following his release from prison and he is shocked to be investigating former cell mate Morris Leatherhead on suspicion of theft. Smithy is convinced of Morris's innocence and goes to great lengths to clear his name. Brothers Phil and Steve are paired together on an assault investigation. Annoyed by Steve, Phil ruins a surveillance operation by another department when he ignores Steve's phone call to warn him about it. Neil has to tell James Tennant that the investigation into the disappearance of his daughter Amy is being scaled ...
5 Apr. 2006
New DS Stuart Turner gives Zain and Terry a free hand to investigate the beating of a suspected paedophile. Smithy is concerned for Morris's wellbeing when he disappears after receiving some bad news. Phil clashes with solicitor Heather Lees when interviewing suspect Michael Hassan. Steve Hunter is horrifically attacked while driving home from work.
6 Apr. 2006
Tony investigates an old friend for a hit-and-run offence. Phil investigates Steve's attack. Sam and Stuart look into a self-help guru who is suspected of conning widows.
12 Apr. 2006
An elderly man reports an arson attack on his home. Sam and Phil deal with a suspected rape case. Yvonne and Honey go speed dating. Steve Hunter transfers out of Sun Hill.
13 Apr. 2006
A man contacts a local newspaper and claims to have missing girl Amy Tennant. Dan discovers Tony's moonlighting. June and Reg deal with some youths that are harassing a pensioner. Mickey comes clean with Mia about his past.
19 Apr. 2006
Roger Valentine returns to work after his accident. Lewis rescues a man from a burning building. Neil tells Suzie that she has passed her sergeants exams. Adam decides to apply for the borough commander job.
20 Apr. 2006
Two young girls go missing on the way home from school and comparisons are immediately drawn with the Amy Tennant case. Mickey is shocked when he realises that the girls' parents are old friends.
26 Apr. 2006
Charlotte Parker is questioned about the attack on her sister. Andrew Landor is found beaten in his home.
27 Apr. 2006
The officers investigate the hammer attack assault that Roger ran away from. Dan and Will deal with a down-and-out ex-boxing champion who is causing a disturbance at the bar he works at.
3 May 2006
A man is arrested for criminal damage by probationary PCs Lewis Hardy and Emma Keane. Leela allows them to conduct the interview unsupervised, but Gina Gold has to take over when the man confesses to murder. Will receives information from a boxing gym manager about illegal bare knuckle fighting which is connected to an assault case that Zain and Suzie are investigating. The relief discover Roger's neglect of duty and Superintendent Okaro tells Gina that it must be investigated by the DPS. Gina orders Roger to see a psychologist to determine if he is fit for duty.
4 May 2006
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11 May 2006
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18 May 2006
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25 May 2006
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31 May 2006
Terry gets an opportunity to go undercover after an obo fails.
1 Jun. 2006
A boy is found covered in someone elses blood. Will is in trouble for punching Emmas ex-boyfriend as he lodges an allegation of assult.
7 Jun. 2006
A boy is found with gunshot wounds. The team set out to find the weapon and culprit. PCs Keane and Fletcher deal with a theft.
8 Jun. 2006
DC Sim is paired with new Trainee DC Kezia Walker to investigate a rape. Meanwhile, PCs Stamp and Fletcher attempt to use a dog to catch a burglar, and PCs Hardy and Valentine deal with a tricky drink driver.
14 Jun. 2006
A 13 year old is found seriously drugged and the hunt for her supplier. Okaro moves on to be Borough Commander. An investigation into a fight reveals the two arrestees are fighting over an affair with one of their wives.
22 Jun. 2006
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28 Jun. 2006
Harman arrives at a traffic incident that leads to a much bigger case. Yvonne is lying about her job to her new man.
29 Jun. 2006
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6 Jul. 2006
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18 Jul. 2006
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19 Jul. 2006
DS Turner and DC Webb investigate a bungled armed robbery on a corner shop, Meanwhile, Supt. Heaton's latest Zero Tolerance policy leaves uniform run off their feet as they undertake a beat sweep of the local market.
20 Jul. 2006
An operation to arrest a drug baron fails to obtain the necessary evidence.
26 Jul. 2006
Valentine and Hardy are called out to a burglary. Smith and Reg Hollis arrest a drunk driver who is an accomplish of a drug baroness.
27 Jul. 2006
A teenager out with a friend that collapses turns out to be DC Perkin's estranged daughter, but drugs are discovered and it emerges they're linked to an on-going undercover operation involving DC Nadir.
2 Aug. 2006
Under pressure from Gold, Heaton calls the team together. Nadir is gutted when Kristen Shaw tells him the deal is off.
3 Aug. 2006
As the Detective Sergeants work on a factory robbery, Stuart talks to Sam about moving into her place. Elsewhere, TDC Walker is furious when the case against rapist Keith Durante is dropped, whilst Tony and June investigate a missing person report.
10 Aug. 2006
A Hijacked van is found woth the driver gagged and bound in the back. Manson is surprised to see Amy Tennants mother at the station.
16 Aug. 2006
Sgt Smith and TDC Walker attend to a rape victim who's convinced she's being stalked by her perpetrator. Upon PC's Valentine and Hardy delivering her baby, DC Perkins investigates the mother for possession of cocaine, in addition to dealing with a violent offender he is monitoring.
17 Aug. 2006
Using PC Will Fletcher undercover, Sun Hill infiltrate the 'Racial Defence Army'.
23 Aug. 2006
Senior officers see an opportunity and reinstate PC Fletcher in his undercover role infiltrating the RDA.
24 Aug. 2006
DSs Nixon and Hunter investigate the death of a pensioner and his cleaner, accused over his missing possessions. Meanwhile, PCs Casper and Hardy arrest a man on suspicion of stealing from employee lockers.
30 Aug. 2006
After an infant ends up in hospital for ingesting heroin, the dealers are unexpectedly found to have a connection with the on-going case involving DC Nadir. Meanwhile, Holly decides she'll have to come clean to her father about her relationship with PC Hardy.
31 Aug. 2006
As they investigate a suspicious fire at a clothing warehouse, a disgruntled DC Walker finds herself repeatedly forsaken by DC Nadir as he flees to assist Kristen Shaw. Meanwhile, a transgender woman facing harassment continues to receive help from PC Valentine, but Sgt Ackland becomes increasingly concerned about his mental health.
6 Sep. 2006
Following his revenge attack on Louis Drake, DC Nadir is desperate to convince his investigating colleagues that he's innocent. Meanwhile, PC Valentine deals with a troubled woman attempting suicide.
7 Sep. 2006
As Detective Sergeants Turner and Nixon investigate a stabbing, Sam is focused on pregnancy. Meanwhile, Superintendent Heaton instructs Inspector Gold to remedy the negative publicity surrounding crime-spots in the area with more officers on patrol. PC Stamp is troubled with looking after his father.
13 Sep. 2006
Sun Hill raid a crack house, but Inspector Gold doesn't see eye-to-eye with Superintendent Heaton. Elsewhere, PC Noble arrives at Sun Hill and assists Smithy with an assaulted elderly drunk, whilst DS Nixon suffers from a miscarriage.
14 Sep. 2006
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19 Sep. 2006
An Eastern-European man is arrested on suspicion of arson on a B&B. Elsewhere, the case against rapist Keith Durante is in jeopardy, PC Stamp is concerned for his job, and DS Nixon ends her relationship with DS Turner.
20 Sep. 2006
PC Fletcher returns to work and is paired with PC Keane, who tells him about her engagement to Matt. Elsewhere, PCs Stamp and Hollis are paired to investigate a dog-napping case.
21 Sep. 2006
When PCs Casper and Fletcher find an unconscious man overdosed on hospital-grade morphine, Sun Hill are determined to keep the fatal drug off the streets. Off-duty, Will is concerned about Dan's use of steroids, prior to his fight.
27 Sep. 2006
Sun Hill investigations into a badly beaten woman lead to the discovery of a squalor full of trafficked women. A UK base is set up and DSs Nixon and Hunter are sent to Romania to meet the authorities leading the investigation on human trafficking.
28 Sep. 2006
After being ambushed the night before, the impassioned DSs Hunter and Nixon err on the side of caution as they continue investigating.
4 Oct. 2006
DC Perkins is asked to supervise an ex-con, and PC Hemmingway deals with a boy bullying a homeless man. Meanwhile, PCs Noble and Hollis are called to deal with a drunk man at hospital, only to realize that it's troubled PC Valentine.
5 Oct. 2006
DC Perkins and TDC Walker set up an operation to intercept an illegal operation from Spain, whilst PCs Kapoor and Hollis attend to a beaten man, discovered to be an illegal immigrant.
11 Oct. 2006
PC Hemmingway finds herself in a hostage situation, but as he deals with it, Superintendent Heaton has other things on his mind, much to her annoyance.
12 Oct. 2006
DC Webb is arrested for rape, so DC Nadir and DCI Meadows must prove his innocence in a case building against him by the arresting station. Meanwhile, PCs Harman and Fletcher attend to a cycle courier hit by an inebriated car driver.
18 Oct. 2006
PCs Harman and Keane are sent to clear the red light district and end up arresting two girls, one having connections to drug dealers in an on-going operation. Meanwhile, PCs Kapoor and Casper deal with a man who they discover was mugged and collapses, and the relationship between TDC Walker and Sgt Smith is rumbled by Insp Gold.
19 Oct. 2006
A prostitute is reported missing to PCs Keane and Harman, but upon discovering that it's someone he knows, DC Webb investigates. Elsewhere, DC Nadir confronts Kristen Shaw over the beating that landed a drugs mule on life support, and seeks to know about the supplier.
25 Oct. 2006
PCs Hemmingway and Harman deal with a break-in at a doctor's surgery, and encounter a young man they had recent dealings with. Elsewhere, with the help of DC Perkins, PCs Fletcher and Keane investigate when a man reports a friend being blackmailed by a cowboy builder.
26 Oct. 2006
As DC Perkins investigates the assault on PC Fletcher, Will's determined to ensure that PC Keane doesn't marry CPS lawyer Matt Hinckley, who was responsible. DC Nadir grieves for his sister on the anniversary of her death, but hesitantly assists PC Hemmingway in following up an allegation of underage sex.
2 Nov. 2006
DSs Nixon and Turner attend to a fire at a foster home, but find the involved parties cagey. Elsewhere, a money scam is uncovered, whilst Sgt Ackland is wishing that she can move in with Rod.
8 Nov. 2006
Sergeant Wright arrives new to Sun Hill after finding an unconscious man and defusing a hostage situation during a robbery getaway. Elsewhere, James Tennant is arrested on drink-drive and assault charges.
9 Nov. 2006
Working with her in a previous case, DC Webb is assigned to investigate the beating of a prostitute, who was left for dead. Elsewhere, Billy Aldridge's mother inquires to her children's whereabouts, unbeknownst to recent events.
15 Nov. 2006
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22 Nov. 2006
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29 Nov. 2006
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6 Dec. 2006
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7 Dec. 2006
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19 Dec. 2006
Jo explains to DCI Jack Meadows and the team that she is working undercover on an operation which is much bigger than trading counterfeit goods.
20 Dec. 2006
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21 Dec. 2006
Christmas Special. Sun Hill faces a busy Christmas shift as Harman and Noble investigate an assault on one of Noble's former army colleagues. Plagued by a former grudge, Noble's opinion of the victim clouds her judgement when she begins searching for a motive for the attack, but soon realises that the most likely suspect may be in fact be the man's wife. Meanwhile, Webb and Walker investigate an arson attack on a flat set for demolition on the Aldbourne estate but have to contend with an action rights protester, who decides to go lone ranger and steal a digger ...
27 Dec. 2006
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28 Dec. 2006
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