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Season 1

15 Dec. 1983
A computer nerd creates a holographic "man" called "Automan" (AutomaticMan) and uses him (and his holographic car and a talking cursor) to help solve crimes.
22 Dec. 1983
Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever
When an informant providing information about the Mob's attempt to buy a casino in Las Vegas is kidnapped, Walter and Automan probe electronic records and discover the trail leads to an influential judge who happens to be the best friend of the police commissioner.
29 Dec. 1983
The Great Pretender
To get a criminal, Automan assumes the guise of Mr. Otto a mobster who sets out to take over his business by getting all of his associates to defect to him.
5 Jan. 1984
Ships in the Night
A businessman goes missing in San Cristobal so Curtis and Roxanne are sent to find him. Walter finds out that others have disappeared and 1 was found dead so he and Auto rush down to warn them.
12 Jan. 1984
Unreasonable Facsimile
A helicopter crash prompts a businessman to look into possible defective parts. He gets killed and it looks like a mugging. In the meantime, Walter asks Auto to look at some criminal profile tapes but Auto views a soap opera instead and realizes he's never felt love or passion.
19 Jan. 1984
Flashes and Ashes
Walter's friend, Frank Cooney, is killed by fellow cops who steal from an armory. However, they make it look like he was the thief so Walter does his own investigation to prove otherwise.
26 Jan. 1984
The Biggest Game in Town
Ronald Tilson, a former computer expert for the city fired for embezzlement, threatens the city of Los Angeles with total chaos and destruction if his ransom demands are not met.Walter and Automan have to work out who is behind the demands.
5 Mar. 1984
Renegade Run
Crooked Sheriff Horton tries to force biker Chico Fuentes to sign over half his land so the Sheriff can run illegal immigrants over the border. Fuentes is put in jail and forced into manual labor. Automan and a motorcycle gang have to come to the rescue.
12 Mar. 1984
Murder MTV
Sid Cole, record producer and manager of his daughter's up-and-coming rock band "Sweet Kicks", is blackmailed. An explosion rocks a music video shoot and it is down to Walter and Automan to find out who is behind this.
19 Mar. 1984
Murder, Take One
Former movie star Veronica Everly is suspected of the murder of gossip columnist Keith Gillette. Automan discovers a Hollywood producer Michael Hagedorn has a greater motive for the murder, as Gillette had discovered Hagedorn was financing a movie with drug money.
26 Mar. 1984
Automan goes undercover as a stripper in a ladies-only strip club. Exotic dancers Gary Baxley and his partner Stanley are suspected of making wax impressions of the owners' keys and burgling their houses when they are out.
2 Apr. 1984
Death by Design
When a friend of Jack's, another cop, is killed while working with him, they think that the killer is a professional hitman, but because of insufficient evidence, they can't hold him. However, Walter comes up with a plan to get the man to turn on the ones who hired him, by planting stories about other criminals who escaped prosecution because of technicalities or insufficient evidence, ended being killed by a vigilante. And when a reporter suspects it's Jack, Walter has Auto pose as a rogue cop. And Jack learns that the killer is working for a loan shark who is trying...
Club Ten
Walter, Automan and Roxanne travel to an exclusive Caribbean resort called Club Ten. Roxanne gets a panicked message from her missing writer friend. They find they are all caught up in a diamond-smuggling racket.

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