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3 Jan. 1984
The Maltese Cow
The Golden Pagoda restaurant is owned by a good friend of the A-Team and they have helped out the Yeng's by bankrolling them, thus making them part owners of the successful eatery. Unfortunately, the Yengs have become a target for the Lung Chin, a Chinese tong that extorts protection money from area businesses. When the Lung Chin take on the A-Team, they kick over a hornet's nest, however, and things get very interesting when the team discovers that the tong is attempting to smuggle an exiled mobster back into the U.S.
3 Jan. 1984
In Plane Sight
When a cargo plane pilot develops engine trouble over Venezuela, he safely lands only to find himself incarcerated by authorities when cocaine is discovered aboard his aircraft. The pilot's parents hire the A-Team to get to the bottom of the situation since their son is a decorated soldier who would never knowingly smuggle drugs. The team flies to Colombia where they discover the true mastermind behind the smuggling operation. The trick, however, is getting him out of Colombia since he has many friends in the Colombian government and can never be convicted there.
10 Jan. 1984
The Battle of Bel Air
Marla Heasley joins the recurring cast as Tawnia Baker, an investigative reporter who infiltrates a security firm on assignment. There, she discovers that the A-Team is about to be captured by Col. Decker and his men, so she clues Hannibal in. Unfortunately, her snooping has made her a target of the firm's management and they attempt to find out what other information she may have discovered about the firm's planned activities which include the upcoming assassination attempt on the life of a prominent middle eastern diplomat.
17 Jan. 1984
Say It with Bullets
Cpl. Brown asks the Team to investigate the death of her older brother, Paul, who was involved in weapons trafficking at a military base. The Team is unaware that she has alerted Col. Decker as to their whereabouts. When Hannibal catches on, he decides to fool Decker into thinking they have taken refuge at the guest house on an Army base - by making the National Guardsmen think they're being fired upon, thanks to an elaborate setup involving a stereo and a war sound effects record. Decker's men wind up destroying the guest house, only to find nobody inside (a victory ...
31 Jan. 1984
Pure-Dee Poison
Reverend Taylor knew Face as a US military padre in Saigon, so when Charles Drew, the criminal king of Arcadia county where he now ministers, even sells his literally poisonous moonshine whiskey to local teenagers, he is quickly accepted as a client by the A-team. They even promise to use minimal violence while putting an end to his illegal booze business, which also uses the 'protection' racket - just the team's ticket in so they can put him and his goons out of action for good, and since the scum won't listen, there's a final showdown.
7 Feb. 1984
It's a Desert Out There
A criminal gang, known as the Scorpions, robs the clients of a small desert casino in armored go-carts. Acting as bait, Face and Hannibal work out how it's done, with an employee 'tipping' a fatal shortcut. But they're too heavily armed to take on mere citizens, and after some research by Tawnia it becomes clear their real purpose concerns their imprisoned former leader Drsicoll, and the A-team comes up with a counter-plan.
14 Feb. 1984
Chopping Spree
The team goes after the crooked car dealer who stole B.A.'s van.
21 Feb. 1984
Harder Than It Looks
A hostage with Cupid's version of Stockholm syndrome.
28 Feb. 1984
Deadly Maneuvers
While the team uses a period without a job to retreat for military-style physical training, a syndicate of crime lords is so fed up with the A-team ruining their business that they pay legendary Major Douglas Kyle a fortune in advance to set up an "evil A-team" of four merciless super-mercenaries to put them out of business for good. Having done their homework, the challengers use three team-members' weak spots to take them out one by one: a girl to bate Face, a dog for Murdock, BA's daily gallon of milk. Thus Hannibal is alone, with no other clue then the dairy firm ...
8 May 1984
Semi-Friendly Persuasion
Kale Sykes and his men are trying to bully the peaceful Society of Men away from Kellisburg because they don't agree with their way of life. Eric, a young Society member, hires The A-Team to build their meeting house, hoping the team can resolve matters without using any violence. The Team goes to work facing dangerous opposition from Sykes as well as objections from community leader Kerl Peerson.
15 May 1984
Curtain Call
Decker learns that The A-Team is taking down cattle-rustler Russ Clayton. When he arrives at the scene the team is gone - but blood is found on the ground. The reason is Clayton attempted to shoot Hannibal but Murdock took the bullet, and the team is desperate to find medical help to save Murdock. As they strain to help Murdock, the members of the team recall his contributions to their success, such as giving B.A. his blood, leading an escape from prison, helping Face pull numerous confidence jobs, and displaying general engaging wackiness. However, with Decker on the...
18 Sep. 1984
Bullets and Bikinis
The team comes to the aid of two young girls whose hotel is being terrorized by thugs trying to force them to sell.
25 Sep. 1984
The Bend in the River: Part 1
The A-team goes to the Amazon Jungle in Peru, to rescue Tawnia's fiancé from a river pirate called "El Cajon" who scares everybody off for the shady Doyle.
25 Sep. 1984
The Bend in the River: Part 2
The team goes to the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, to rescue Tawnia's fiance from a river pirate called "El Cajon".
2 Oct. 1984
Despite Col. Briggs, the Army's new head of A-team hunting, the veterans accept female Fire Chief Annie Sanders's plea to help her keep the contract for a small town's privately run fire department which Roy Kelsey wants to get at all cost for Tristar, a new, larger and better equipped company, even using violence on her firemen and arson. It takes some research, but they find out that arrested mobster Vince Rogan is behind this apparently hardly profitable scheme, and sense it has something to do with his impending trial...
16 Oct. 1984
Siblings John and Samantha Lawrence hire The A-Team to help out as lumberjacks and stand up to crooked union organizer McEwan and his men. Murdock relishes the opportunity to search for Bigfoot while B.A. bonds with Samantha's son Billy.
23 Oct. 1984
Double Heat
A young girl named Jenny Olson has been kidnapped. Her father, who used to work as an accountant for mob boss Tommy Largo, hires the A-Team to find her. It soon turns out it's not Largo who's behind the kidnapping, but his rival Eddie Devane. Once the A-Team has made fools of both crime bosses, the two of them decide to team up despite their differences.
30 Oct. 1984
Trouble on Wheels
Plant Foreman Rudy Garcia, who was found out about to tell the police, and his honest hard-working colleagues are tired being terrorized in their small car factory, so they hire the A-Team, and the thugs are good - barely has Face set them up as a new car part supplier, or 'thief' Hannibal is abducted and recruited, but a wire allows the team to localize the contraband warehouse, so they can check out their adversaries and mount a 'reverse frontal attack', although this involves Murdock catching BA on the wrong foot even worse then usual.
13 Nov. 1984
The Island
Dr. Fallone once saved BA's life as medic in Vietnam but left the US Army to retire on a small fishery island. When it is invaded by a small army of thugs who want to abuse its sovereign status as cover for their criminal activities and treat the inhabitants as their slaves, he sends a young boy to LA where a simple ad gets him in contact with the A-team, which quickly shakes off Decker and rushes to the rescue. Without any help from Murdock's new friend, baby crocodile Wally Gator, they infiltrate and take on the better equipped, more numerous enemy, even after ...
20 Nov. 1984
Captain Winnetka's Wild West Show is being terrorized by a trio of A-Team impostors. The real Team decides to go find out what all the bad press is about. Colonel Lynch has one last chance to catch the A-Team and is expecting them to show up. Therefore, Hannibal joins the circus in disguise as Rufus Cantrell, Murdock as Indian warrior 'Runnin Round, Face as a rodeo clown and B.A. as a shoveler. Meanwhile, Murdock is upset at not being seen as an actual member of the A-Team by the press, nor the impostors.
27 Nov. 1984
Sheriffs of Rivertown
An American company involved in the building of a huge dam to produce electricity in the Southern American republic of San Marcos pays the A-team to act as new sheriffs in Rivertown, where the construction site is but several workers and even the previous sheriffs disappeared mysteriously. Once arrived there they swear each-other in (thus freezing BA's wrath for another drugging and flight) and find the obvious subject Boyle, a poker player, who is also the suspect of missing engineer Craig Monroe's sister.
4 Dec. 1984
The Bells of St. Mary's
The girl group 'The Bells' is being harassed by record company owner Dave Luna. The A-Team finds out by accident because Face and B.A. are coaching the lead singer's kid brother. Hannibal poses as record producer Danny Diamond and soon finds out Luna is getting orders from a bigger fish. Face has to constrain himself not to hit on any of the girls in the group while Murdock takes to hero worshiping B.A.
11 Dec. 1984
Hot Styles
Just when Templeton 'Face' Peck was getting cozy with Hollywood model Rina, she's snatched before his nose by Chicago crook Johnny Turian, but does not exactly appreciate being rescued. Sneeking aboard his yacht during a party she attends, Templeton gets her to confess being Johnny's brother Tony's widow and he blackmails her to spy on fashion designer Jason Burnett so gangster Dubrio's company Revell fashions can produce pirate copies, but not what his hold over her is, so the team fakes designs by- Murdock...
18 Dec. 1984
While BA drives to Hollywood, where Face is having a ball, Murdock's rabbits foot doesn't stop him and the black van from getting hijacked by bank-robber Logan and his mate Malcolm; just chasing them gets both A-team members arrested, and the sheriff believes they initiated the ride, so they're packed off to a work farm too, while BA's fingerprints can't fail to alert Decker. Hannibal impersonates the colonel, but is too late - inside, they see an accomplice free the crooks but handcuff both of them, forced to bring a shot guard to the hospital but they escape there. ...

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