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Season 3

18 Sep. 1984
Bullets and Bikinis
The team comes to the aid of two young girls whose hotel is being terrorized by thugs trying to force them to sell.
25 Sep. 1984
The Bend in the River: Part 1
The A-team goes to the Amazon Jungle in Peru, to rescue Tawnia's fiancé from a river pirate called "El Cajon" who scares everybody off for the shady Doyle.
25 Sep. 1984
The Bend in the River: Part 2
The team goes to the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, to rescue Tawnia's fiance from a river pirate called "El Cajon".
2 Oct. 1984
Despite Col. Briggs, the Army's new head of A-team hunting, the veterans accept female Fire Chief Annie Sanders's plea to help her keep the contract for a small town's privately run fire department which Roy Kelsey wants to get at all cost for Tristar, a new, larger and better equipped company, even using violence on her firemen and arson. It takes some research, but they find out that arrested mobster Vince Rogan is behind this apparently hardly profitable scheme, and sense it has something to do with his impending trial...
16 Oct. 1984
Siblings John and Samantha Lawrence hire The A-Team to help out as lumberjacks and stand up to crooked union organizer McEwan and his men. Murdock relishes the opportunity to search for Bigfoot while B.A. bonds with Samantha's son Billy.
23 Oct. 1984
Double Heat
A young girl named Jenny Olson has been kidnapped. Her father, who used to work as an accountant for mob boss Tommy Largo, hires the A-Team to find her. It soon turns out it's not Largo who's behind the kidnapping, but his rival Eddie Devane. Once the A-Team has made fools of both crime bosses, the two of them decide to team up despite their differences.
30 Oct. 1984
Trouble on Wheels
Plant Foreman Rudy Garcia, who was found out about to tell the police, and his honest hard-working colleagues are tired being terrorized in their small car factory, so they hire the A-Team, and the thugs are good - barely has Face set them up as a new car part supplier, or 'thief' Hannibal is abducted and recruited, but a wire allows the team to localize the contraband warehouse, so they can check out their adversaries and mount a 'reverse frontal attack', although this involves Murdock catching BA on the wrong foot even worse then usual.
13 Nov. 1984
The Island
Dr. Fallone once saved BA's life as medic in Vietnam but left the US Army to retire on a small fishery island. When it is invaded by a small army of thugs who want to abuse its sovereign status as cover for their criminal activities and treat the inhabitants as their slaves, he sends a young boy to LA where a simple ad gets him in contact with the A-team, which quickly shakes off Decker and rushes to the rescue. Without any help from Murdock's new friend, baby crocodile Wally Gator, they infiltrate and take on the better equipped, more numerous enemy, even after ...
20 Nov. 1984
Captain Winnetka's Wild West Show is being terrorized by a trio of A-Team impostors. The real Team decides to go find out what all the bad press is about. Colonel Lynch has one last chance to catch the A-Team and is expecting them to show up. Therefore, Hannibal joins the circus in disguise as Rufus Cantrell, Murdock as Indian warrior 'Runnin Round, Face as a rodeo clown and B.A. as a shoveler. Meanwhile, Murdock is upset at not being seen as an actual member of the A-Team by the press, nor the impostors.
27 Nov. 1984
Sheriffs of Rivertown
An American company involved in the building of a huge dam to produce electricity in the Southern American republic of San Marcos pays the A-team to act as new sheriffs in Rivertown, where the construction site is but several workers and even the previous sheriffs disappeared mysteriously. Once arrived there they swear each-other in (thus freezing BA's wrath for another drugging and flight) and find the obvious subject Boyle, a poker player, who is also the suspect of missing engineer Craig Monroe's sister.
4 Dec. 1984
The Bells of St. Mary's
The girl group 'The Bells' is being harassed by record company owner Dave Luna. The A-Team finds out by accident because Face and B.A. are coaching the lead singer's kid brother. Hannibal poses as record producer Danny Diamond and soon finds out Luna is getting orders from a bigger fish. Face has to constrain himself not to hit on any of the girls in the group while Murdock takes to hero worshiping B.A.
11 Dec. 1984
Hot Styles
Just when Templeton 'Face' Peck was getting cozy with Hollywood model Rina, she's snatched before his nose by Chicago crook Johnny Turian, but does not exactly appreciate being rescued. Sneeking aboard his yacht during a party she attends, Templeton gets her to confess being Johnny's brother Tony's widow and he blackmails her to spy on fashion designer Jason Burnett so gangster Dubrio's company Revell fashions can produce pirate copies, but not what his hold over her is, so the team fakes designs by- Murdock...
18 Dec. 1984
While BA drives to Hollywood, where Face is having a ball, Murdock's rabbits foot doesn't stop him and the black van from getting hijacked by bank-robber Logan and his mate Malcolm; just chasing them gets both A-team members arrested, and the sheriff believes they initiated the ride, so they're packed off to a work farm too, while BA's fingerprints can't fail to alert Decker. Hannibal impersonates the colonel, but is too late - inside, they see an accomplice free the crooks but handcuff both of them, forced to bring a shot guard to the hospital but they escape there. ...
8 Jan. 1985
Cup A' Joe
When Cactus Jack Slater, who already owns a chain with three nearby diners, adds violence putting Joe in hospital to his offers for his small town family business, his wife, daughter and friend Skeeter, a truck-driver, hire the A-team; Murdock immediately decides to rise to the occasion as- chef. When Face poses as insurances claims-adjuster for the truckload of restaurant supplies the team stole from his headquarters, Slater is awfully suspicious, especially about the plans for his new shopping center- just on Joe's spot. Fortunately he also plants a wire, which ...
15 Jan. 1985
The Big Squeeze
When loan shark Jack 'the Ripper' Lane, who is too violent even for his mob extortion boss Nathan Vincent's taste, breaks Italian restaurant owner Gino Giani's fingers, he and his daughter Theresa hire the A-team, but get cold feet after threats to their entire family. So Hannibal, alias Sean O'Shea, deliberately takes a loan from Lane to start an Irish pub cum restaurant, The Naked Lady (where busboy Murdock's new vocation is that of union representative), and then doesn't even give him a seat, thus provoke him to a sniper assault, and then takes on Vincent's by own ...
22 Jan. 1985
Face decides to invest some of the teams funds in 60% of a boxer, Billy Marquette, but looking him up the team finds his sister Tina bend over his miserable body after Sonny Monroe's ruffians beat him up to force him to lose the fight of his life against a certain Dixie Joe so the gangster can earn enough money to finance a lucrative drug deal with a Columbian. Hannibal enjoys concocting one of his more elaborate plans. First Gabriel is taken out of the equation because of a 'hand wound' fighting BA, who thus becomes his obvious successor, managed by Hannibal, who ...
29 Jan. 1985
When Kenyan game warden Kim is shot dead by poachers after refusing to take the customary cut for turning a blind eye on 'harvesting' animals hides and elephant tusks, his sister and colleague Kamara Kaboko travels all the way to LA to enlist the A-team. On arrival Murdock makes it his mission to reacquaint BA with his 'roots' (which are probably in West -, not East Africa). They stop a poach raid, plant a wire to find the local smuggle king and order him to hand over all his stock and pay nearly half a million dollars for his past catches; when he tries to evacuate, ...
5 Feb. 1985
Road Games
When the otherwise decent manager of a home is forced to take a run on account of his personal debts in illegal gambling, the A-team is hired to put the criminals out of business. In no time Face, who naturally takes to the flashy lifestyle as a duck to water, is set up to meet and ingratiate racketeer Johnny Royce, who soon hires him and comes to trust his new brightest boy, so they can find out all about his current operation: a long truck is converted into a casino on wheels...
12 Feb. 1985
Moving Targets
The A-team is hired to test the security in the royal palace of a North West African country; as they easily break it, they are put in charge of the impending, politically important wedding of the princess, but terrorists who want to continue the strife with a neighboring country are clearly tipped off from the inside. The plane crashes, just when BA was promised a revenge for having to fly again, and the princess is suspiciously uncooperative during the attempted escape on foot...
26 Feb. 1985
Knights of the Road
Mr. Corson and his daughter Jenny run a small towing truck company in a New Mexico town. When another company resorts to violence against their trucks and even threaten them physically to force them out of business, the A-team is recruited, to Murdocks delight: a chance to adopt the chivalric code of the 'knights of the road', while Jenny is the first female in ages to seem unresponsive to Face's charm- that can't be waning, or is it? Since the Corson firm even needs the contract for towing US cars over the Mexican border just to stay viable, the thugs must be after ...
5 Mar. 1985
Waste 'Em!
Former military helicopter pilot A.J. runs a delivery service, Speedy Express, with his blind sister Lisa Perry. Garbage collection company manager Ike Hagen wants them to sell to him, and pulls all the stops to force them, including threats and violence against both vehicles and staff, so they hire the A-Team. When Face springs Murdock from the asylum, he believes his hand 'Lefty' has a vicious will of its own. Hannibal pretends to be the new owner, is swiftly abducted, hears they mainly want the building so he pretends to plan a six-store on the spot, and plants a ...
2 Apr. 1985
Two hillbilly types, Royko and Tanen, visit the VA Hospital to see Murdock. When they go to his room, Royko produces a sawed-off shotgun and blasts open the door. The two hillbillies take Murdock hostage and drive off in a pickup truck with an Indian companion. When Face hears of the kidnapping he learns that the Army has been alerted, and barely escapes when Colonel Decker arrives at the hospital. Royko, Tanen, and the Indian drive over 100 miles upstate and arrive at the house of their pappy, Darrow, a famous bounty hunter who sees Murdock as his ticket to the ...
9 Apr. 1985
Beverly Hills Assault
When Paris-trained painter Steven "Speed" Miller disappears (actually he's beaten into hospital for refusing to work on command), his painting friend Peggy and her best friend who never used his uncles inheritance to go to an Ivy League college hire the A-Team to find him. By his style Peggy indicates as likely suspect Steffan Shawn's Beverly Hills gallery. It takes Face a jiffy to get a foot in as 'arts magazine critic'; he soon manages to plant a wire and makes the crook believe "H.M. Murdock" is the new talent he looks for- indeed he is soon seized and ordered to ...
7 May 1985
Trouble Brewing
The sisters Cathy and Maryanne Rodgers enlist the A-team to keep their Hi Brite Soda company, which a certain brewer Webb wants to buy by all means, presumably for the mineral water spring. Murdock decides to get the team in shape by natural produce health food. Face whips the company in commercial shape. They also sabotage the unfair competitor, and find out his intentions, which concern the whole valley, with the help of a bank- his fate is sealed...
14 May 1985
Incident at Crystal Lake
Face was falling for a foxy girl in a 'broken down' sports car lure planted by MP Colonel Decker, but fortunately Hannibal spotted her in advance, and decides they need some quiet time- by Crystal Lake. Some thieves who found the union payroll armored car empty because of a strike but still get chased -in it- by the local sheriff. While Murdock concentrates on fishing, with a dummy as partner 'to get the bad luck', Face finds himself a lovely Park Ranger- whose post is taken by the fleeing robbers and tells them the best getaway vehicle is the teams van, actually ...

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