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Season 2

20 Sep. 1983
Diamonds 'n Dust
Retired Australia soldier Griffin, who devoted his old age to setting up a diamond mine in a crackpot Southern African state, was murdered before it became profitable. His daughter Toby hires the A-team to get it running and warns they'll be attacked too by local tycoon Jonathan Fletcher's henchmen and just about everybody has been bought by Fletcher, resulting in an effective embargo. Face and Murdock masquerade as officials to scam supplies. They are all terribly exposed carrying a cargo of explosives to the mine, even after overpowering a pair of goons.
27 Sep. 1983
Recipe for Heavy Bread
Face recognizes, although incredulous, the pastry chef in his fancy favorite LA restaurant as Lin Duk Coo, the kind Viet Cong prison camp cook who kept the A team and many other near-starved POWs alive. The team is just in time to prevent him being killed as inconvenient witness by mob prince Tom Anderson, formerly POW camp rat Thomas Angel, and former camp commander general Chow. It turns out the fiends are combining forces to import and distribute Chinese heroin. Face's alias and reputation are ruined as his 'borrowed' designer apartment is wrecked as temporary HQ.
11 Oct. 1983
The Only Church in Town
Face wants to drop the good life aboard a celebrity's yacht complete with doting bikini student girls when he receives a rather cryptic letter for help from Leslie Becktall, the ex 'who got away', from Latin America. As the team doubts the story, Face must hire them. They find her in a nunnery, and realize they aren't welcome and Leslie, now sister Teresa, is allegedly unknown because the nuns are in the grip of a criminal gang whose leader is recuperating hidden inside with some goons. Those are easily overpowered, but far from alone.
18 Oct. 1983
Bad Time on the Border
The young Mexican girl coyotes didn't bother to catch while herding abused illegal migrant workers over the border stumbles upon BA, who promises to find her sick mother. The modern slaves cargo is traced to Presley's 'Casuals' sweatshop, where the boss is pressed to Prince, who runs the trans-border network with a corrupt Border Guard partner. Hannibal, masquerading as Mexican, is soon caught, the others loose track for while.
25 Oct. 1983
When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 1
A young native American enlists the aid of the A-Team in saving a herd of wild mustangs which are being rounded up by a rancher named Carter who is shipping them into Mexico for slaughter despite their protected status. After agreeing to help out, Hannibal and the unit arrive in Arizona and accost Carter's henchmen. Meanwhile, the Army dispatches maverick Col. Roderick Decker to round up the A-Team in the wake of Lynch's failure. Decker turns out to be an overzealous go-getter and will stop at nothing to apprehend the fugitive soldiers-for-hire.
25 Oct. 1983
When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?: Part 2
Hannibal and Face sneak into Carter's estate looking for clues to prove that he's illegally rustling mustangs, but they're discovered and they must kidnap Carter's niece to aid their escape. Reuniting with Murdock and B.A., they stop Carter's train on it's way to Mexico with a load of horses. Now very aware that Decker is hot on their heels, they decide to stick around to make one last ditch attempt to free one more load of horses, but when Hannibal, Face and B.A. are captured by Carter's men, it's up to Murdock and his alter ego, The Range Rider, to save the day.
1 Nov. 1983
The Taxicab Wars
The A-Team is hired to help a small taxicab company beat a villainous rival business determined to drive it to ruin.
8 Nov. 1983
Labor Pains
Hiding in a country small town for Decker's MPs again, the A-team is shocked to see how local magnate Ted Jarrett's foreman Burt Cross and his henchmen terrorize and 'keep hostage' the local land laborers, practically kept in modern slavery. Face starts calling them all to a founding union chapter meeting, which the team must protect against the goons.
15 Nov. 1983
There's Always a Catch
The Mayer family seeks the A team's help when brave son Doug's hand is broken trying to stand up against Garber, whose goons terrorize the whole village's fishermen, racketeering greedily and introducing a brutal fishing technique which will ruin the marine wildlife in a few years. The team must hurry, for colonel Decker's MPs are closely on their trail.
22 Nov. 1983
Water, Water Everywhere
Three Vietnam vets settle in a small desert town and hope to eke out a living with a small hotel they're refurbishing. Unfortunately, a wealthy rancher named Frank Gaines will stop at nothing to force them from the land they bought since the parcel the vets are on has the only local source of spring water. The vets could be sitting on a gold mine if Gaines doesn't get his hands on it first. Of course when the vets find themselves back at the V.A. hospital after being severely beaten by Gaines' men, they meet up with Murdock who convinces them to let the A-Team lend a ...
29 Nov. 1983
Mickey Stern and his construction company have a series of misadventures when he contracts with the city to demolish an old high rise. It seems that a prominent mobster buried his partner there years earlier and doesn't want the building torn down since the evidence will be exposed. Stern hires the A-Team to help him get the project back on schedule. Things take an interesting turn, however, when Face is captured by the mobster and the team must rescue him before taking down the bad guys for good.
6 Dec. 1983
The White Ballot
A reporter friend of Amy's enlists the team to aid in defeating a long term incumbent small town sheriff named Dawson who is as corrupt as the day is long. Dawson and his deputies supply protection to an illegal casino and moonshine runs. Of course if anyone runs against him, Dawson finds a way to stop them...or kill them before they become a serious threat to his authority. Naturally, that won't stop the A-Team from having Face masquerade as a small town war hero returning to challenge Dawson for his seat. That is, of course, if Col. Decker and his men don't get wind...
3 Jan. 1984
The Maltese Cow
The Golden Pagoda restaurant is owned by a good friend of the A-Team and they have helped out the Yeng's by bankrolling them, thus making them part owners of the successful eatery. Unfortunately, the Yengs have become a target for the Lung Chin, a Chinese tong that extorts protection money from area businesses. When the Lung Chin take on the A-Team, they kick over a hornet's nest, however, and things get very interesting when the team discovers that the tong is attempting to smuggle an exiled mobster back into the U.S.
3 Jan. 1984
In Plane Sight
When a cargo plane pilot develops engine trouble over Venezuela, he safely lands only to find himself incarcerated by authorities when cocaine is discovered aboard his aircraft. The pilot's parents hire the A-Team to get to the bottom of the situation since their son is a decorated soldier who would never knowingly smuggle drugs. The team flies to Colombia where they discover the true mastermind behind the smuggling operation. The trick, however, is getting him out of Colombia since he has many friends in the Colombian government and can never be convicted there.
10 Jan. 1984
The Battle of Bel Air
Marla Heasley joins the recurring cast as Tawnia Baker, an investigative reporter who infiltrates a security firm on assignment. There, she discovers that the A-Team is about to be captured by Col. Decker and his men, so she clues Hannibal in. Unfortunately, her snooping has made her a target of the firm's management and they attempt to find out what other information she may have discovered about the firm's planned activities which include the upcoming assassination attempt on the life of a prominent middle eastern diplomat.
17 Jan. 1984
Say It with Bullets
Cpl. Brown asks the Team to investigate the death of her older brother, Paul, who was involved in weapons trafficking at a military base. The Team is unaware that she has alerted Col. Decker as to their whereabouts. When Hannibal catches on, he decides to fool Decker into thinking they have taken refuge at the guest house on an Army base - by making the National Guardsmen think they're being fired upon, thanks to an elaborate setup involving a stereo and a war sound effects record. Decker's men wind up destroying the guest house, only to find nobody inside (a victory ...
31 Jan. 1984
Pure-Dee Poison
Reverend Taylor knew Face as a US military padre in Saigon, so when Charles Drew, the criminal king of Arcadia county where he now ministers, even sells his literally poisonous moonshine whiskey to local teenagers, he is quickly accepted as a client by the A-team. They even promise to use minimal violence while putting an end to his illegal booze business, which also uses the 'protection' racket - just the team's ticket in so they can put him and his goons out of action for good, and since the scum won't listen, there's a final showdown.
7 Feb. 1984
It's a Desert Out There
A criminal gang, known as the Scorpions, robs the clients of a small desert casino in armored go-carts. Acting as bait, Face and Hannibal work out how it's done, with an employee 'tipping' a fatal shortcut. But they're too heavily armed to take on mere citizens, and after some research by Tawnia it becomes clear their real purpose concerns their imprisoned former leader Drsicoll, and the A-team comes up with a counter-plan.
14 Feb. 1984
Chopping Spree
The team goes after the crooked car dealer who stole B.A.'s van.
21 Feb. 1984
Harder Than It Looks
A hostage with Cupid's version of Stockholm syndrome.
28 Feb. 1984
Deadly Maneuvers
While the team uses a period without a job to retreat for military-style physical training, a syndicate of crime lords is so fed up with the A-team ruining their business that they pay legendary Major Douglas Kyle a fortune in advance to set up an "evil A-team" of four merciless super-mercenaries to put them out of business for good. Having done their homework, the challengers use three team-members' weak spots to take them out one by one: a girl to bate Face, a dog for Murdock, BA's daily gallon of milk. Thus Hannibal is alone, with no other clue then the dairy firm ...
8 May 1984
Semi-Friendly Persuasion
Kale Sykes and his men are trying to bully the peaceful Society of Men away from Kellisburg because they don't agree with their way of life. Eric, a young Society member, hires The A-Team to build their meeting house, hoping the team can resolve matters without using any violence. The Team goes to work facing dangerous opposition from Sykes as well as objections from community leader Kerl Peerson.
15 May 1984
Curtain Call
Decker learns that The A-Team is taking down cattle-rustler Russ Clayton. When he arrives at the scene the team is gone - but blood is found on the ground. The reason is Clayton attempted to shoot Hannibal but Murdock took the bullet, and the team is desperate to find medical help to save Murdock. As they strain to help Murdock, the members of the team recall his contributions to their success, such as giving B.A. his blood, leading an escape from prison, helping Face pull numerous confidence jobs, and displaying general engaging wackiness. However, with Decker on the...

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