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Season 5

26 Sep. 1986
Dishpan Man
After having a little accident on the set of his latest monster movie, Hannibal has to spend the night in a hospital. From there he is kidnapped and brought before the mysterious retired general Hunt Stockwell, who proposes a mission to free the passengers of a high jacked plane. One passenger in particular interests them both: Captain Curtis, the one man who could prove the A-Team's innocence in the '72 Hanoi bank job. Hannibal decides to take along the young special effects man who was responsible for landing him in the hospital, 'Dishpan' Frankie Santana. As the ...
3 Oct. 1986
Trial by Fire
Betrayed by Josh Curtis, the A-Team has finally been captured and is put on trial for the murder of their commanding officer in Vietnam, Col Samuel Morrison. In court they recall exactly what happened during that fateful bank job on 27 January 1971. New evidence implies that Morrison was working with the Viet Cong and that Murdock may have discovered it. When The A-Team is asked to incriminate their favorite pilot, Hannibal makes a startling decision.
10 Oct. 1986
Firing Line
The A-Team has been convicted for murder and will face a firing squad within 24 hours. Murdock escapes from the V.A. hospital in a straight jacket. He and Frankie Santana force their way aboard General Stockwell's private plane. Stockwell gives them information concerning Barier Island, where the others are being held. He also visits the Team in their cell, proposing they do a specified number of missions for him (not all of them suicidal) in return for a full, presidential pardon.
17 Oct. 1986
Quarterback Sneak
General Stockwell sends the A-Team on a mission the FBI found too risky; to help Dr. Warner Strasser and his wife Marlena defect from East-Germany. The cover is a friendly exhibition game of football. Hannibal poses as Bily Bob Smith, the team owner and B.A. and Murdock round up some friends to pose as Billy Bob's team. Face learns to speak German, B.A. is on the football team and Murdock and Frankie coach. However even before they arrive, the Germans realize that Murdock's a fake.
24 Oct. 1986
The Theory of Revolution
The members of the A-Team are living the good life with a bunch of bikini clad babes at their private resort in Langley, Virginia when General Stockwell arrives with his assistant Carla and Scout master Murdock. Alexander Martien, Dictator of San Marcos, has taken three U.S. citizens hostage. The Team is dropped off at San Marcos by submarine and hooks up with a group of revolutionaries. Frankie finds a love interest in the shape of a local girl, Bonita Guajevos. When Faceman is thrown into the same cell as the three hostages, they turn out to be American Inteligence ...
31 Oct. 1986
The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
Stockwell is contacted by Ivan Trigorin, aka "Brown Fox", his former partner at the CIA for nearly ten years. The Russian is looking for a top secret stealth bomber the Americans have stolen from the Soviets and starts torturing the General for information. Carla informs the A-Team they have 36 hours to find Stockwell, or the entire operation will cease to be and they will become fugitives once more. Using Frankie's cousin's mobile home as a base, all signs lead to a psychiatric hospital in L.A. So, Murdock has to act insane once more and impersonates Frank Sinatra.
7 Nov. 1986
Alive at Five
Faceman wants to get out of Stockwell's operation, thinking the A-Team won't receive a pardon before dying in action. He plans to make a break after rescuing reporter Sally Vogel from the mansion of mob boss Tommy "The Player" Tedesco. However, once they have done so, Sally informs them that Tommy is about to assassinate union boss Brick Peterson.
14 Nov. 1986
Family Reunion
On Thanksgiving, General Stockwells orders the A-Team to reunite a wanted criminal, A.J. Bancroft, with his daughter Ellen within 24 hours. In return, Bancroft will provide evidence that could bring down half the crooked politicians in Washington. Bancroft, who is terminally ill, has not seen his daughter in twenty years. However, Ellen knows all about him from the papers. But the old man has another reason to hire the A-Team specifically: he tells Murdock that Templeton Peck was born Richard Bancroft, his son.
21 Nov. 1986
Point of No Return
Using the call sign Empress 7, Hannibal Smith has disappeared on a solo mission for General Stockwell in Hong Kong involving a plutonium theft. Naturally The A-Team wants to go get him, but Stockwell, an expert on the region, insists on leading the mission. They soon find Alice Heath, who was working with Hannibal on the case, but no sign of the Colonel himself. Face and Murdock (Empress 8 and 9) do some investigating of their own and meet a young street peddler called Bobby.
28 Nov. 1986
The Crystal Skull
In the Australian outback, the A-Team has acquired a Crystal Skull that some believe generates bad luck. Murdock, Face and Frankie have to bail from their plane and land between two feuding Aboriginal tribes. Seeing the skull, the Toga tribe proclaims Murdock to be their 'King Murdocka'. As such, he has to choose a wife and prove his immortality. During this last ceremony, the rival Toga Toga tribe, aided by a couple of Uzi carrying 'monks', steal back the religious item. Meanwhile General Stockwell is breathing down Hannibal's neck to finish this 'simple find and ...
12 Dec. 1986
The Spy Who Mugged Me
The A-Team is assigned to Monte Carlo to flush out the worlds most dangerous terrorist, known only as "The Jaguar". To Faceman's chagrin, Murdock poses as special agent Logan Ross. The main suspect is the wheelchair bound Charles Jourdan, so Murdock puts the moves on Jourdan's companion, Dominique Cordé. The Team soon finds out the Jaguar has been hired to assassinate both Ambassador Moore and Prince James.
30 Dec. 1986
The Grey Team
The A-Team has to find Paula Anderson, a young girl who's run away from home with her fathers briefcase containing a top secret Star Wars process report. She thinks her father Randy is about to sell this information to the Russians but does not know the documents are fake. An old acquaintance of hers, Bernie Greene, decides to hide the girl in the local old age pensioners home. Meanwhile, Murdock, posing as a professor, is kidnapped by a female SDI agent.
8 Mar. 1987
Without Reservations
Just back from a mission, The A-Team insists Stockwell gives them two weeks off. Murdock invites the guys to the restaurant he waits tables at, Villa Cucina in Washington D.C. Face and Frankie accept, but Hannibal and B.A. would rather watch Monday Night Football. The guys notice a trio of mobsters carrying guns. When they try to disarm them, Faceman gets shot. The crooks decide to take everyone hostage and wait until their real target, attorney general Liebster, arrives.

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